My First Blogspondent Assignment – Part I

Hey, It’s Jet Here.

Mom receives weekly updates from a wonderful place called Best Friends Animal Society.  Their mission:  No More Homeless Pets.  Mom volunteered there for 3 days with my human sister, Rachel, about five years ago.  Their experiences changed both of them.  They still brag about having three doggie sleepovers!  Guess what?  Now the Best Friends folks permit cat, rabbit and PIGGIE sleepovers, too!

On Monday, Miami Dade County will vote on a law which could cause neighbors to turn in neighbors who own pit bulls.  Click here to see the legislative activities occurring in your state.

Mom emailed Best Friends because she wanted to post the petition link on her facebook page without her personal information.  Ledy Vankavage, Senior Legislative Attorney, wrote back trying to help.  Mom, ever the go-getter, asked Ledy if we could interview her regarding breedism, a “hot topic.”  She graciously agreed.  When I dictate MOM, please know I mean Mom asked the questions that she and I previously agreed upon.   

MOM:  How did you get into this field?  

LV:  After law school, I learned that where I lived, Madison County, killed animals for research.  (In the ‘80s…)  Upon learning this fact, I recruited five people to work on changing the policy, which we successfully did in 60 days.

I then learned that the shelter took in 4,000 animals/year and adopted out 78 with the remaining animals euthanized or sold for research.  Working within the shelter, after forming an adoption agency, we adopted out 900 animals the first year!   Click here to find out more amazing positions Ledy created/held to help my fellow pets.

MOM:  In alignment with Best Friends Mission of No More Homeless Pets, what areas currently top your “to do” list?

LV:  Breed profiling/breed discrimination, community cats and puppy mills.

Tomorrow: Part II – More specifics on breed discrimination legislation and adoption stats.

Another great journalistic day.