We Love When Mom Teaches

Hey, it’s Jet Here.

On the day before Mom has a scheduled Kitchen Counselor class, lots of food enters the house through the garage/kitchen door.  As Mom’s Kitchen K9s, we must inspect the merchandise!  Oh, the scents, we struggle with our patience button for Mom to unpack.

Today, she will teach a diabetic support group cooking ideas for Valentine’s Day.  Plus, she accepted a dare from the group last quarter that she could cook collard greens in 5 minutes.  I’m betting on Mom!  Then, in the afternoon, she teaches this thing called an interactive cooking class at the University of Miami.  Mom loves working with IEP, the Intensive English Program, because the students come from all over the globe.  Today’s theme – How Americans Celebrate Valentine’s Day.

Anyway, Mom often does this “prep” stuff to make her classes run smoothly.  Koko and I LOVED prep time.  After all, as her Kitchen K9s, we had jobs to do like quality control!  Yesterday, JJ experienced Prep initiation.  At one point, Mom had beets (for chocolate beet cake?) and broccoli roasting in the oven (separately), turkey bacon in two skillets on the stovetop (oh the aroma!), collards rinsing in the sink while she cut pineapple on the cutting board.

Little Miss Helpful had two paws on the counter repeatedly to see:

  • How to drain turkey bacon.
  • How much rinsing is necessary per collard leaf.
  • How much tin foil must you cut to properly wrap three beets.
  • What size floret works best when roasting broccoli.
  • How close should you get to Mom when she chops three onions.

When Mom dropped the first tidbit of collard leaf, JJ snapped it up before Mom even knew what happened.  All we heard was crunch, crunch, crunch.  Knowing how much I LOVE collards, Mom immediately invited me to sit for a stem.  JJ then scurried over for her first stem.  Mom tried to capture us chewing collard stems like stogies without success, we chomped too fast.  After three or four attempts, she worried our tummies would get upset.  So, no pictures this time.

Another great Kitchen Counselor Prep day.


Green Stripe, Blue Stripe

Hey, It’s Jet Here.

Hmmm… our first post for the Mischief Monday Bloghop.  So many choices… so few Mondays!

Ok, to get started, let’s try a recent, little item.

JJ and I both enjoy relocating clothing items in hopes of providing creative fashion advice for Mom and our human sister, Rachel.   Since Rachel leaves more selections on the floor, we usually help her.

Mom likes to wear sneakers.  She tells everyone how uncomfortable her feet can feel.  A few years back, a nice human named Byron at The Runner’s High fit her feet properly in a shoe called “The Beast” from Brooks.  Brooks changed the name to something more lady-like, except now Mom cannot remember the name.

When she gets a new pair, she keeps the old pair to take us out for our walks.  Currently, the old pair has a blue stripe and the new pair has a green stripe, not that JJ and I can tell since we’re color-blind.  On Saturday, Mom went out to lunch with Auntie Liz.  When she returned home, and took off her sneakers, she realized SOMEONE had relocated the sneakers and she had worn one of each color!  One of each color had been lined up in the usual way in the usual location.

I cannot divulge who may have carried out this prank to protect the innocent.  (Hey, we know a lot of lawyers and Mom and Rachel watch lawyer and crime shows on TV with us on the couch!)

Don’t tell Mom – when she left for lunch, we had a good K9 laugh before our nap.

Another great and minor mischievous day.


Hey, It’s Jet Here.

Bet you thought the title would be Superbowl, huh? (Go Giants.  See yesterday’s post.)

Last night, JJ, Mom,Dixie, Miss Mary Ann and I headed out for a pack walk.  I’m still having residual boom issues causing a strange preference of altering Mom and Miss Mary Ann’s evening route. Dixie required a few rests in Miss Mary Ann’s arms as JJ and I stride at a ratio of probably 1:10 ish.  We try to walk at a leisurely pace to allow Dixie an easier way to keep up.  Her Mini-Dachshund paws are adorable to watch trot along.

Since JJ didn’t finish her ahem… solid business and I STRONGLY desired to return to the warmth of my hearth (the kitchen), Mom brought me inside and returned outside with JJ and the ladies.  Of course, Little Miss Easy Going, (Jet… Yes Mom? You know.) my sister finished her business quickly and the ladies hung out by our STOP sign chatting.

Soon thereafter, Miss Beverly and Neve joined them for more Girls’ Talk.  I heard through the windows lots of laughter, talking, and only a few barks from Dixie.  Mom says Dixie still needs final adjustments to JJ while Neve and JJ are already good friends.  I think Dixie just misses Koko a lot, which we totally understand.

Jet? Yes, Mom? Would you mind if I finish the story because I’m not sure you could hear what happened next. Sure Mom. You’re a sweetheart, Jetty.  Aw shucks, Mom.

Imagine a picture of JJ here.

Beverly, Mary Ann and I ended our conversation and as the custom goes said our goodbyes to each other’s dogs.  We try to pet them as we do so and try not to look like Twister with the leashes.  Mary Ann and I,  absorbed with our goodbyes, did not pay attention to Beverly petting JJ and wishing her a good evening.  Next thing we heard was a burping sound fit for a burly man at pub on St. Patrick’s Day!  The three of us burst into hysterical laughter realizing the sound emanated from my slender, feminine, sweet, girlie girl!   Mary Ann reminded JJ of her family’s motto… always let it out.  Mary Ann, clearly JJ has that covered!  Think I can teach her some movement for Excuse Me?  Back to you my boy.  Thanks Mom.

Another great (let it out?) day.


Hey, It’s Jet Here.

While aggregating (vocabulary expansion) articles for her Kitchen Counselor newsletter, Mom learned about this thing called farmcations (farm + vacation).  Humans can choose to visit for a day or stay for a while on different types of farms.  They can help the human farmer work their land, help with the animals, or just take in the atmosphere.  After Mom described her visit to Ish’s In The Genes Farm two days ago, this K9 wants in!

Ish used to work for Dr. Schaffer, Koko loved him.  Ish left Dr. Schaffer’s office to pursue a degree in Animal Sciences at this place called University of Florida in Gainesville.  Plus, he became a dog trainer.  (In my view, he visits us K9s while really training the humans!)  Now he lives with his human family, five K9s, chickens and goats.

I heard Mom tell Auntie Liz that two of Ish’s K9s are distant relatives of mine, called Anatolian Shepherds.  They help protect the animals from these nasty things called predators like: raccoons, opossums, and HAWKS!  One Anatolian weighs 178 lbs, that’s one mighty K9!  Mom took a few pictures of the shepherds at work… and at rest.

Mom?  Yes Jetty.  Can I visit Ish?  Can I? Can I?  I can exercise those things called instinctive talents Mom, Can I?  I’m part herder Mom, I’m part bird dog, Mom.  (ooh, guess I shouldn’t mention that part, huh?)  Jetty, I can totally understand the appeal, plus, Ish has delicious bananas from his banana trees and the most beautifully colored eggs which you would love.  In fact, I brought some eggs home for us.  Hmmm… we’ll see, Jetty, we’ll see.  Thanks Mom.

Another great day in the burbs and on the farm.

K9 Dance Styles

Hey, It’s Jet Here.

This week our evening constitutionals migrated from about 7 p.m. to 9-10 p.m.  Mom’s extended  work/meeting/transportation schedule caused these delays.  She usually tinkers with our daytime schedule to take the changes into account.

JJ and I decided to practice our special dance style creativity during these walks to cap Mom’s night with some fun and exercise.  I’ve heard that young humans call their style the Potty Dance.  JJ prefers the circle dance and I specialize in line dancing.  I’ll describe the moves in case you want to try.  Ladies’ first:

JJ’s Circle Dance:

  • Zig or Zag off the path when the scent calls to you.
  • Make a wide circle at a slow trot.
  • Reverse direction and circle back.
  • Reverse direction making a tighter circle.
  • One more reverse, do a little wiggle.
  • Pretend you are a kangaroo and make your body look like one.
  • Do your solid waste business.
  • Wag your tail vertically 1-2 times. (no tail?  No problem… stamp your foot instead!)
  • Paw the ground.  (no paws? No problem… scrape the ground with your feet 2 times.)

Advanced Circle Dance:

  • Do moves around a tree or pole.

Jet’s Line Dance:

  • Find a house with a straight line of hedges or plantings under their windows or the edge of a lawn by a driveway or right by the street.
  • Trot up to the windows.
  • Pace to the left to the count of 15 to 20.
  • Reverse direction removing a few counts.
  • Continue pattern until you pace to the count of 2 in each direction.
  • Pace to the left, pace to the right.
  • Pivot 2-4 times in place.
  • Pretend you are a kangaroo and make your body look like one.
  • Do your solid waste business.
  • Wag your tail vertically 1-2 times. (no tail?  No problem… stamp your foot instead!)
  • Paw the ground.  (no paws? No problem… scrape the ground with your feet 2 times.)

Advanced Line Dance:

  • Do the moves in a circle around a tree before you pace by the edge of a driveway or street.

Pawnote:  Humans, go with the flow, you may think you look ridiculous; your rhythm will improve over time.

Jetty, I must cut in.  You are right, our rhythm does improve.  I now smoothly transfer leashes since we always have a 3 partner team requiring extra coordination.  For us humans, your dance styles make us laugh and sometimes dizzy as we follow the steps.  Human spectators think your Mom has lost her mind! 

Mom, you’re a good sport.  Thanks Jetty.

Another great dancing day.

Melatonin Mishap

Hey, It’s Jet Here.

Glad to be back today.  Thanks to my feline brother, Puffy, for acknowledging an appreciating my interventions between JJ and the felines.

Yesterday, I snoozed through my alarm duties twice.   I typically wake up between 4 and 5:30 depending on whether I emptied my tank before bed the night before.  If you’ve read my posts since Christmas, you will know that I’ve struggled mightily with the booms after dark in my neighborhood.  At worst, I nudge Mom with my wet nose or lightly brush her left arm with my paw at 6, give or take 5 minutes either side.  My back up belly alarm somehow knows that 6 is the magic number for breakfast.

6:24 – yup, that’s what Mom’s telephone said when her eyes flipped open.  JJ and I, unfazed by the hour, were both sprawled out on the bed.  Mom sprung out of bed, speed walked to the kitchen, fed the felines and K9s, tapped my human sister, Rachel’s door, let her know the time, and zipped back to the kitchen to leash us up.  JJ and I enjoyed a leisurely stroll with carefully selected (meaning – took them FOREVER) solid waste sites.  Mom kept urging us to hurry up; she had to walk Rachel into school for some reason and needed to shower and leave the house before 7:10.

Mom had a 6:00 appointment in the evening. She set her phone alarm for 5:40  to mark the end of our power nap.  My belly alarm got stuck in the off position again, like mom’s phone alarm setting.  Mom woke up at 6:12.  I NEVER miss my 6 p.m. internal dinner bell.  Mom changed outfits and quickly fed us before she left.   Upon arrival, the ladies in the group gently told Mom that her shirt seemed inside out!  Whoops. Mom laughed right along with the ladies.

Mom mentioned that this thing called my melatonin cycle might have gotten off track because:

  • of all the booms,
  • causing me not to empty my tank before bed,
  • causing me to rise earlier than normal,
  • causing me to need more naps.

Maybe Mom’s melatonin cycle fell off track, too.  I think we both need a reboot!  Sorry Mom for disrupting our schedule.  No worries Jetty, part of life, we do our best.  I appreciate your thoughtfulness my boy.  It’s 6:01 a.m. and you just nudged me with your nose, I’d say that’s a good sign!

Another great back on time day.

I Can’t Believe I’m Writing This…

Yo, Puffy the Cat here.

When I gave my K9 brother a snapshot of what I had to say, he told me to go ahead and dictate to Mom by all means.

I can’t believe I’m going to say this publicly.  After all, you all know the story of how Jet and I met.  When Mom forced the new golden K9 on us in December, I gotta say, Jet stepped up to the plate.  Read this.

Well, seven long weeks have passed and that golden K9 still thinks Fluffy and I are TOYS.  EVERY DAY AND EVERY NIGHT SHE:

  • Jumps up on our Mom’s bed and chases us off; leaving us precious little Mom time or soft napping spaces.
  • Jumps up on our the bathroom vanity disturbing our fresh water drinking.  No matter how many times I hiss and swat her, she comes back for more.
  •  Chases Fluffy and I throughout our the house until we reach the gate of protection at the entrance to the laundry room.
  • At breakfast and dinner time, she chases us into the laundry room and then jumps up on our the countertop watching our feeding process, pawing at our hind quarters.  This lasts for a few minutes until Mom pours the kibble into Jet and JJ’s bowls.  How humiliating!
  • If Fluffy or I try to take our proper positions of TEN years on top of the family room couch, she hops up and chases us off, how rude!
  • Fluffy and I enjoy afternoons in the sun lounging in our the office chair.  “You know who” sniffs us out and annoys us until we must exit or pull our fur out.

The ONLY and I do mean ONLY upside – my boy Jet continues to have our backs by diverting her attention:

  • Jet will start wrestling with JJ which takes her off countertops.
  • Howls and/or barks some sort of K9 warning to let us eat in peace.
  • Jet places his body broadside so SHE cannot jump up on the vanity and disturb out water imbibing.
  • At times, Jet will lie on the bed in a way that blocks us from JJ’s attempts to “play” with us.

Considering this Sunday (Superbowl)  is a day to hang with the guys, I thought I would send a shout out to my unlikely pal, Jet.

Another reasonably fine day, I guess.

Afternoon Action

Hey, It’s Jet Here.

Wow, my house hopped yesterday afternoon.  I loved it!  Usually, JJ and I patiently wait for Mom and my human sister, Rachel, to return to the house in the afternoon.  We enthusiastically greet each other, visit a bit and then the house returns to a routine hum.  Not yesterday.

Rachel’s rehearsal got cancelled allowing her to return home earlier than anticipated.  We learned that Mom stopped by the grocery store on her way home from one job to purchase the few items remaining for her University of Miami Authentic Northern Italian cooking class.  Oh did those grocery bags smell divine, nice and fishy! Jet, may I share something?  Sure Mom.  We prepared tilapia with an orange sage sauce topped with toasted almonds.  Thanks for filling in the details for our readers, Mom.  Welcome Jetty.

Next, the bell rang and Rachel unlocked the front door for one of my favorite humans, my neighbor, Ruby.  She’s 6 ¾ and gives JJ and I hugs, belly rubs, gets in my day bed with me, pretends to dress us and other stuff!

Rachel rocks with young children; she played with Ruby and then they baked sugar cookies.  Over the weekend, they baked dozens of cheesy rolls and homemade yeasted crescent rolls from Rachel’s new cookbook below.

As Mom prepared to leave for class, Ruby chatted with her a lot. Mom somehow answered her questions and loaded her car simultaneously.  All of a sudden, Mom saw another golden feathery tail in the garage; Simba pulled his human sister so hard, she let go.  Of course, he wanted to join the festivities, so Mom invited another super wagger into the house with his human sister.

Oh, while this next item gets a little personal, I’ll share to convey the essence of the activity level in the kitchen.  Turns out, while everyone told Mom JJ was this thing called spayed, whoops, they made a mistake.  Angela and Rachel fashioned a hind-quarter cover-up with this pad thing inserted out of an old t-shirt to keep the surfaces below JJ stain free.  (Mom said you can read between the lines!)

K9s, kids, Angela, Mom – happy energy…

Another really great day.

She’s Got the Symptoms

Hey, It’s Jet Here.

As I learn more and more about JJ’s personality for my Scooby Doo Academy independent study course, I’ve noted the following symptoms unfolding:

  • She enjoys her pink accessories – leash, collar, and now scoop the poop holder and bags.
  • She appreciated the invitation (well, invitation is a teensy stretch), participating in wardrobe selection with my human sister, Rachel.
  • She CONSTANTLY jumps up to the counter, (in K9 terms – counter surfs) when:
    • Mom’s cooking.
    • Mom’s washing dishes.
    • Mom’s feeding the felines and K9s.
    • Mom’s doing the laundry.
    • Mom’s taking care of personal grooming tasks.
    • Mom’s reviewing a knitting item.
  • She hangs out with Rachel when she watches What Not to Wear, Toddlers and Tiaras, Dance Moms and other similar shows which Mom and I try to escape.

Add to the list, yesterday morning’s occurrence.  Mom, JJ and I took our usual weekend morning walking route.  Towards the end, we must cross a major intersection.  We practice listening to Mom’s “Wait (I count to 10) … Ok” command as we cross from east to west and again as we cross north to south at the traffic light.  While waiting for the second cross, JJ grabbed a dark item out of a littered food container.  Speedy Mom dropped the scoop bags and pried her mouth open and retrieved the item before JJ could close her jaws for the second time.

I heard an “Ewww” and saw Mom toss the item and then wipe dark goo off her hands on the dewy grass.  Mom gave JJ a “Naughty” synchronized with a two finger swat to the muzzle.  Can you guess what the item was?  Here’s a clue:

Aside from chocolate topping the dangerous for K9 list, this proved my prior observations…

SHE’S A GIRLY GIRLJet?  Yes Mom?  Making generalizations about a being does not allow the fullness for who they are.  While JJ indeed possesses many traditional feminine qualities, she also loves to wrestle, play, fetch & retrieve, carry items, chew, and other traditional masculine traits.  Remember, you do not like when some humans think you’re just one thing (scary – because of your coloring and size), right?  Also, you have quite the gentle side and we still consider you quite the manly man.  Wow, Mom, you opened my eyes, you’re right.  Ok, I’ll amend my observation, how’s this?  JJ balances her character with equal parts girly girl and masculine traits making her a great sibling.  I LOVE it Jetty, A+!

Another great observational day.

Style Opinions

Hey, It’s Jet Here.

Yesterday, my human sister, Rachel, had a special event to attend.  She wanted to look lovely and asked Mom to visit her room to review outfit possibilities.  Mom, JJ and I shook off the leftover fogginess from a late afternoon nap since I woke everyone about 4:30 a.m.

JJ pranced into Rachel’s room and headed directly into her closet to determine options.  Then, she stood still as Rachel held up two choices for Mom’s opinion.  JJ sat politely on the floor waiting her turn to express her views.  No offense to Rachel, however, unless the clothes adorn my fur, fashion doesn’t do much for me.  I felt that staying at the door showed sufficient support.  Mom and Rachel laughed because usually, I cannot wait to enter Rachel’s room and my self-imposed restraint fascinated them.  The three females agreed quickly and disbanded.

You know, now that I think about the subject, I do have a few opinions about human fashion.  I believe scents make the clothes.  When Rachel sprays perfume on herself and the scent permeates her garments, my interest perks up.  I think I’ve previously shared that I enjoy the smell of shampoo, creams and lotions.  Mom has this stuff called chemical sensitivities.  She does not add much scent to her clothes except the natural essential oils in her personal grooming products.  I like her current shampoo which smells like chocolate mint.  Whoops, I digress.

Mostly, I enjoy relocating garments, particularly Rachel’s.  (She provides endless opportunities;  after all she is a teenager!)  Sometimes finding a garment in a location other than where you left it allows for increased creativity. I help her think of new pairing combinations.  I’ve watched enough What Not To Wear episodes with Rachel on the couch, so, we’re on the same channel page.

Another great, stylish day.