Wordless Wednesday – In Honor of My Boys

Hey It’s Jet Here.

Lately, JJ (she starts it) and I have given Puffy a rough time. He’s always called “under Mom’s bed” his “man cave” or safe spot. Well, with Little Miss “I’m So Slender, I Can Fit Under Mom’s Bed, Too” camping out under there, Puff’s suffered some added feline anxiety. He’s also come out of his “man cave” more lately to hang with Mom on top of the bed and even attempts to remain when JJ hops up. Gotta give him props for that!

Fluffy, still chatting away, has deteriorated for awhile now. He’s a sweet guy, nothing more to add.

So, in honor of my boys (who many fondly call Pluffy), with thanks mostly to Auntie Liz (she sent many of these pics), I present Adorable Felines:

Another great, I love my boys, day.

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Wordless Wednesday – Mango Week Continues…

Hey It’s Jet Here.

Many readers commented on JJ’s prowess (vocab builder) in carrying one large mango in her mouth.  Well, JJ has some competition!

Another great, how many mangoes can you fit in your mouth?, day.

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Progress in Harmonious Living

Hey It’s Jet Here.

Ever since JJ arrived, Puffy, (former head of the fur family), dragged his paws on the subject of harmonious living.  Puffy vacillates (vocab builder) between hissing at, fleeing, and avoiding JJ’s presence.  JJ, who thinks the felines belong in the toy basket, only wants to “play”.

When my golden sister, Koko, may she be frolicking over the Rainbow Bridge, was alive, all four of us shared Mom’s bed each night.  Each of us laid an unspoken claim on our section of the bed:

  • Koko – either Mom’s right shoulder/upper torso or if I took that spot then right leg/thigh,
  • Fluffy – Mom’s tummy in such a way he could peer over her reading material,
  • Puffy – Mom’s feet, usually with tail facing Mom’s face and head facing the tv. (I know, I mentioned the non-functional box again!)
  • Me – Mom’s right shoulder/upper torso or parallel to Mom’s head sharing her pillow.

These days, typically JJ visits Mom at bedtime, and usually not for the whole night. Sometimes, when Mom reads on her bed during the afternoon, if JJ is otherwise engaged, Puffy will visit and curl up with Mom.  Over the last month or so, we’ve noticed Puffy coming out from under the bed more frequently to visit Mom. (Could it be after JJ’s surgery??)  He’s even jumped up when Little Miss “What Have I Done” rests beside Mom.  If JJ’s still, Puffy may even stay for a chin rub.  The second she flinches the Puffster is OUT OF THERE!  Mom tries to show Puffy that both he and JJ can coexist on her bed by petting them simultaneously and speaking to Puffy in her calm, sweet voice.

So this morning, you can imagine her surprise when she saw the following:

Another great, step toward family harmony, day.

P.S.  For those of you attending the Blogpaws Conference, hope you have a great day, wish we were there!

Wordless Wednesday – Office Characters

Hey It’s Jet Here.

Mom’s friend, Sue, sent her another good one.  In light of the financial meltdowns… did I just dictate that? Wow, my Scooby Doo Academy economics class is really paying off!… bailouts, not so spiffy jobs reports, we wanted to ask all the humans … and furry friends where appropriate… can you relate?

Another great office environment day.

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Wordless Wednesday – “Home” Land Security

Hey It’s Jet Here.

A firefighter friend of Mom’s reads our blog and often sends us group emails with lots of great K9/feline/animal photos.  With the naughty shenanigans:

  • At Miss Mary Ann’s house,
  • Our neighbor across the street,
  • And further down our streets (we live on a corner) within the last few months,

We thought a huge poster of this photo would teach the naughty humans a thing or two!

Another great, more secure, day.

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Wordless Wednesday – Graceful Swimming…

Hey It’s Jet Here.

We found another awesome picture from our friends at PhotoBotos.  We selected this photo by Jody MacDonald because the elephant almost looks as if he’s smiling underwater.  He reminded Mom of her favorite sea mammal, the dolphin, for some reason.

Now retired, Rajan lives the life he deserves.

Another great swimming day.

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Wordless Wednesday – Thai Massage

Hey It’s Jet Here.

One of the first bloggers to follow us was PhotoBotos.  Each day they offer one amazing photograph with a narrative (vocabulary builder) from the photographer.  Mom thought we could handle that and followed them.  Recently, they posted this photo from Romain Mattei taken in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Mom felt a little envious of the feline, feeling the need for a Thai massage herself!

Another great, can you massage a little to the left, day!

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Wordless Wednesday: JJ’s New Princess Pillow

Hey It’s Jet Here.

Last week, Miss Mary Ann kindly shared an oh-so-gently-tried bed/pillow that Miss Dixie did not resonate with.  As mentioned a few weeks back, JJ needed a day bed of her own, since she’s been cozying up in mine lately, so the timing was perfect.  Since Miss Mary Ann calls JJ Princess Jasmine, we thought calling the new bed (conveniently placed by Mom’s office chair) the Princess Pillow.  Until… 

Princess Pillow, Shmrincess Pillow… Puff for Puff has a better ring to it!  Oh and by the way… you’re blocking my royal sunlight!

Another great, who’s sitting on my pillow? day.

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Not the Valentines Paparazzi

Hey, it’s Jet Here.

We’re participating in our first Blogpaws.com Wordless Wednesday Blog Hop.  Mom and I find silence a challenge, so, we went to the master, Puffy.  Man, he can give you one look and you know exactly what he means.  Mom tried to give him a Valentines kiss and look what he did.   

  Then he asked for Mom’s protection from the Valentines Paparazzi.  I think he was more worried about being caught by the feline fashion police for the pink leopard print!

Another great and slightly less wordy Wednesday.!

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