We’re Being Good But…

Hey It’s Jet Here.

JJ and I have maintained “Best Behavior” status as far as Mom knows. She zipped in yesterday after Job 1, organized for Job 2, grabbed an hour of sleep, unloaded and packed all of the frozen fruit for Job 3 in addition to packing items for Job 2 and loaded car. JJ accompanied Mom during each loading trip. She thought Mom might like her to stay in the car to make sure nothing moved. I waited at the door in case they needed last minute assistance.


Six hours later, when Mom returned, JJ kept Mom company while she unloaded items from Job 2. My human sister, Rachel, thoughtfully with a few chuckles thrown in (because we had MORE fruit), placed the now frozen bananas in the freezer for Job 3 today. Mom said that Miss Mary Ann graciously allowed Mom to fetch the bananas even though the clock reflected a late hour.


The three of us then headed out for an abbreviated constitutional. JJ and I did our business faster than usual and sniffed and smelled the wonders of outside less than usual. We sort of understood not receiving our dental snack because of the late hour and Mom had a few other things to do before sleeping.

Then… I learned that Mom’s class made Moroccan Chicken in Puff Pastry, Arugula, Feta Triangles with Cilantro and Puff Pastry with Strawberries and Cream. What did she bring her faithful family? ZIPPO! REALLY MOM!

Jetty, the class participants eat what they make and take any leftovers home. I did not eat any of the items either if that makes you feel better. Just slightly Mom, just slightly. After this week concludes, we need to have a CHAT!

Anytime after Thursday my boy…

Another great but left out of the tasting loop day.