Wordless Wednesday – My Ball!

Hey, it’s Jet Here.

Remember that Art Wynwood thing I shared with you a while back? Mom knew JJ and I would appreciate this piece of art.

Another great and artistic day.

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K9s in Repose

Hey, it’s Jet Here.

Mom and Auntie Liz went to this new art exhibit called Art Wynwood last Friday night.  As soon as they entered, they saw a poodle, looked at each other and almost spoke at the same time.  Auntie Liz said, “Jet will not be happy about this.”  Mom replied, “Who knew dogs could attend?”  Lucky for them, no other dogs crossed their paths, so… perhaps the poodle had special permission.

Anyway, Mom found a painting of my fellow K9s and humans enjoying a great beach day.  She told Auntie Liz that she would hang a painting like that in our house… except … too many zeros followed the number by the word PRICE!  She took a few pictures instead to keep the memory in her mind and share with JJ and I.   

Full painting

Closer view - first third - left to right...

Closer view - middle section

Closer view - final third

As they continued to the next gallery, Auntie Liz thoughtfully reminded Mom that Miami Beach… where SHE lives and thinks we SHOULD move has a dog beach that JJ and I would like.  MOM????

Another great beach day?