Artistically Disappointing

Hey, It’s Jet Here.

Besides excluding K9s from attending Art Basel week exhibits, I learned that we were seriously underrepresented at:

Five opportunities and what, three paintings?  What happened to MAN”S BEST FRIEND?

Jet, if it makes you feel any better, felines appeared with lower frequency.  Only elephants appeared in equal percentage to the glorious K9.  Here are the K9 subjects from all 5 venues. 


Really Mom, that’s the best they could do?  At least one creative soul had the sense to capture one of my relatives!

Another great and art critic day.

I Can Cross Train

Hey, It’s Jet Here.

Mom went to her first event of that Art Basel thing yesterday.  She and my Aunt Liz attended Scope and Art Asia.   Mom described the event as similiar to Food and Wine with the big white tents.  I politely listened to Mom share details about what she saw.  However, only one thing perked up my ears.

Mom said this print was the ONLY dog featured in the whole exhibit thing last night, what were those artists thinking???

The famous photographer, William Wegman donated this print, “Cross Training”, to raise money for up and coming photographers.  Mr. Wegman, I can cross train, I’ll let you take my picture.  Jet, Mr. Wegman only photographs weinmaraners, you’re too fluffy my boy!  I’ll photograph you anytime, your photos make me smile and laugh, just like you do in person!  Thanks, Mom.

Another great and photographic day.