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Hey It’s Jet Here.

We’re participating in Blog the Change Day today.

Blog the Change

Today, we’re saluting breed rescues.   Often, when a movie highlights a particular breed, like the Airbud series, a dumping of that breed occurs when humans realize that puppies = lots of work, the breed does not suit the human’s situation, or the K9 does not act like the K9 in the movie.

Mom waited almost 30 years to share her life with a Golden Retriever, like my Great Aunt Harriet’s K9, Brandy.  When Mom learned about breed rescue in the summer of 2004, she could not believe that four Golden Retriever rescues existed in the South Florida area.

Mom and I have shared our gratitude for Golden Rescue South Florida many times.   We support GRSF because they:

  • Kept my sister, Koko, (may she be frolicking over the Rainbow Bridge), out of the pound when her human went to jail in 2005,
  • Saved my life with 4 days to spare from Animal Services in 2008, even though I was not a golden. (Thank heavens Miss Carole thought my face was handsome!)
  • Plucked JJ out of Animal Services when she got dumped in 2011.

Three women, Miss Carol in Miami Dade County, Miss Lee Ann in Broward County and Miss Lisa in Palm Beach County have dedicated and committed themselves 1000% to help save and find forever homes for Goldens, mostly Goldens and a few honorary Goldens!  We appreciate them with all our hearts and paws.


Remember, if you feel deeply connected to a particular breed, no worries, you can STILL rescue!  Google your breed of choice with the word rescue plus your state and see what happens.

Another great Blog the Change Day.

Three Minutes of Your Time?

Hey It’s Jet Here.

Ok, well I might need a few more than three minutes…

Thanks to Confessions of the PlumeLife With Dogs and Two Cavaliers for hosting the Saturday Pet Blog Hop. 

Item 1:

Did you know April 4th was World Stray Day?  We didn’t either.  Mr. Caesar brought this to our attention in his newsletter article.

Since Golden Rescue South Florida saved my life at the “you know where” almost four years ago, and those folks didn’t know my whole “before” time story, Mom does not know whether I was one of the Strays that Mr. Caesar speaks of.  All I know is that my fellow K9s and Puffy/Fluffy’s fellow felines would surely appreciate any support.

Item 2:

Wowee! Miss Rachael (Ray) has a 100K Challenge going in conjunction (vocabulary builder) with the ASPCA.    Think of the biscuits, the toys, the spa days, the blankies, the kibble, and other good stuff that biscuit money could provide for so many animals in need.  Go ahead and VOTE!

Item 3:

Our pal, Miss Mel, from No Dog About It Blog alerted us to yet another really scary pet treat warning.    We signed the petition and everything! Please make sure K9s like me have safe yummies to eat.

Another great, kind of serious, day.

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Happy Gotcha Day Mom!

Hey It’s Jet Here.

According to my Nana, today is Mom’s Gotcha Day.  I wanted to make sure she didn’t miss one extra minute.  JJ and I let her give us belly rubs and brushing from midnight to about 12:30 a.m. and then I woke her up at 4:38 a.m.  We snuggled until about 5:17 and then off we went to begin the day.

Mom’s day started to resemble this guy named Murphy, as in Murphy’s Law.  She told my Auntie Liz via the phone that she thought she should crawl back into bed and start over!  Lots of kind people including Nana, my human sister, Rachel, Grandpa etc… have wished her Happy Birthday.  What’s a birthday?

Jetty, that’s the day you were born, which sometimes differs from a Gotcha day.  If you do not have that information, the day you joined your forever family becomes your Gotcha Day.  For example, Koko’s Gotcha Day was 2/7/05, however, her birthday was sometime in 2002-2003.  JJ’s Gotcha Day is 12/14/11 and yours is 10/28/08.  

On behalf of me, JJ, Puffy and Fluffy, HAPPY GOTCHA/BIRTHDAY MOM!  More snuggles tonight to celebrate, after you feed us, walk us, give us snacks, walk us again, play with us etc…

Thanks so much Jetty, you four bring great joy, love and laughter into my life. 

Another great Gotcha/birthday.

Mom Got Mushy, Ok, I Got Mushy

Hey, It’s Jet Here.

To maintain my Manly Man reputation, I will lead you to believe that celebrating Valentine’s Day, well, it’s mushy.  The whole kiss thing, lovey dovey stuff seems artificially elevated for one day in February.

However, if you read between the fur, you will learn the truth; I love when Mom gives me lovies.  Before GRSF rescued me, I … too painful to write about… let’s say I did not receive lovies.  Here are the lovely things Mom does with me:

  • She stops everything when I nuzzle her a certain way and gives me a short massage and tells me how much she loves me in a soft voice.
  • She understands when I’m too scared to leave the house.
  • She will take me out at whatever time my courage returns to keep me comfortable.
  • She permits me to cuddle up on our her bed.
  • She calls me all sorts of special names.
  • She makes sure I receive yummy, healthy kibble, delicious dental treats and tidbits when she cooks.
  • She pampers me during spa day with special treats and manly man smelling shampoo.
  • She opens the windows for me when we ride in the car, even if she would prefer the a/c.
  • She brought JJ into the house so I did not stay an only dog after Koko passed.
  • She generously transcribes my thoughts for my blog posts.
  • She brings us to places where we can run leash free and have play dates.

For all these reasons and more, I love you Mom.

Jetty? Yes Mom.  May I write a bit?  Sure, go ahead.

Your list brought tears to my eyes.  You and I truly bonded after about 10 months.  I’m so grateful to have you in my life.  You possess equal parts humor, sweetness, kindness, and energy.  My list would occupy pages and pages; I’ll continue to tell you and show you how full my heart feels every day.  Happy Valentines Day my boy, I love you, too! 

Another great and mushy day.

Showing You Know Who the Ropes

Hey, It’s Jet Here.

Who knew my Scooby Doo Academy mentoring class would engulf my life?  When You Know Who (renaming almost finished) joined our family last week thanks to Golden Rescue South Florida, Mom emailed the Academy and enrolled me in Mentoring 101.  My Nana taught Kindergarten for 27 years, Mom educates people as the Kitchen Counselor and now I’m a MENTOR.

My teacher says to share a personal anecdote to establish a bond with your student.  I told You Know Who (renaming almost finished) about my first three weeks in the family.  The first week I ate the arm off the couch, the second week I ate a basket and the third week I ate a bag of treats and THE BAG.  You could see her relate.

Here’s what we’ve accomplished so far:

  • We sit by the door after our walk so Mom can remove our leashes.
  • Mom and my human sister, Rachel, have a particular hand signal for sit.
  • We wait forever (Jet, I count to 10 in my head) to cross big streets.  Mom takes a loud breath and a strong first step when we can move forward.
  • We wait for Mom to finish breakfast or dinner before we signal we need to go outside, most of the time.
  • We sit to receive tidbits of veggies.  (You Know Who isn’t really food driven, most puzzling.)
  • We receive yummy treats (dental treats my boy!) after our long night walk if we’ve done all our business.
  • We wait while I Mom delivers Mary Ann’s paper to her porch.
  • We do not pull while Mom scoops the poop.
  • We like when Mom brushes and massages us.

This girl has SO much energy, Mom says (grown up humans, do not read this next part to young ones.) it looks like I’m on Valium.  I remember not feeling safe or fully settled for a long time, too.  I think that’s why I chewed, panted, and drank like a fish, just like she does.

Don’t worry, You Know Who (renaming almost finished), I, Mentor Jet will stay with you through the whole process, you are not alone.

Another great and educational day.

Tail Talk – Pt. 1

Hey, It’s Jet Here.

We K-9s do not always use our voices to communicate, we use body language too.  Case in point – our tails.  My sister, Koko, was a wagging professional.  She wagged at the door before Mom even entered the house (show off!), she wagged at Dr. Shaffer’s office (show off again), she probably wagged in her sleep she was so doggone happy.

I have several tail positions.

  • There’s the perfect curlicue.  I use this when I want to show Patches (prior post) what a catch I am.  The ‘cue tail also works when I’m alert to new noises, an approaching something or other or want to show how big and tall I can be.

  • There’s the sideways question mark.  The art of crooking my tail just so to create the “curious and comfortable-in-my-paws” position which took lots of practice I tell ya.
  • There’s the stretch and ‘cue.  My tail straightens out as I listen or see something that catches my attention.  Next, after determining the safety level, I ‘cue it up to let the world know that… Hey, It’s Jet Here.  Example:  This morning, I discovered that the human time change thing (see prior post) may not bode poorly after all.  You see, with the extra light, I can identify more squirrels on the telephone wires.  They know about my chasing prowess, they’ve heard the rumors, they know they can’t (Uh, excuse me Jet, I’d tone down the bravado, since, those squirrels outfox you time after time…no offense)  Mom, that’s because you do not let me run free to bark and jump on the trees making them shiver in fear all the way down to their little teeny claws.  Ok, Jet, if you say so…
  • There’s the cozy tuck.  You know the head dog in the sky designed us K-9s well when we use this one.  My tail wraps around my behind parts and tucks under my back paws perfectly to create a cozy position to rest and sleep.
  • There’s the downtrodden.  Before I met Mom, I employed this position often.  My tail slumped down between my back legs and hung there, sad and scared.  I would tell mom to delete this one except you should know about it in case you ever see one of my brethren in this state.  Please help them if you do, ok?
  • Finally, there’s the well known wag.  Several factors affect this position; speed, direction and feelings.  You can rev up or slow down the wag depending on what you want to convey.  I vary the direction of wagging by going side to side or in a circle.  When you walk, trot, or run the coordinating wag takes on different cadences as well.  My excited wag when Mom asks, “Jet, do you want to go out?” starts at the tip, and then quickly envelops my whole tail until I’m wagging like a madman.

Jet, I know you will conclude part 1 in a moment, if I may, I would like to comment on your wag.  After you lived with us for about six months, it dawned on me that you did not wag your tail much.  I realized you had suffered so greatly before, you may have forgotten how.  I never took/take your wag for granted.  You now wag like your sister used to, which lets me know you trust us and can freely and joyfully enjoy your days.  Your wagging makes my lips turn up at the edges – that means we’re both happy.  Wow Mom, I didn’t know all that, thanks for sharing.

Ahem…Pay attention to our tails, humans; you will learn a lot!

You Can Call Me Jet, You Can Call Me Jetty, You Can Call Me…

You know you have arrived when you get a nickname.  Mom called my sister, Koko, many names, like: Koko Puff, Koko Loco, Koko-la, Jelly Belly Girl, Sweetness, Honey Girl, and on and on and on and on…

About two, three years ago, during one of my first few playdates with Samson, the Golden Doodle, his Mom, Denise, looked at me and said, “Jetty, get out of the bushes.”  I wasn’t sure how I felt when I heard Denise sayJetty.  However, Jet likes Denise and each time she called him Jetty, he would saunter over and nuzzle her.  During one of our walks with Mary Ann and Dixie, Mary Ann called me Mr. Handsome.  Ooh I liked that.  Then the floodgates opened.

Mom began to experiment.  She started out slow, she called me Jetty Boy.  If I demonstrated my Scooby Doo detecting skills after a rainshower for example, she would call me Mr. Sniffy.  When she wanted me to come into a room with her, she would call me Jet-a-la.  My “Jetster” nickname appeared one night during a walk with Mary Ann and Dixie, when I showed particular swagger.  Since Mom is a Jersey girl, Mary Ann  called me Jettylicious during a walk once; I remember Mom laughing.   Over the two years Mom contemplated writing this blog, she tried to think of a good title.  On a splendid morning walk, she looked over at me and said, Jetty Spaghetti.  Really Mom, that’s the best you could do?  That name still makes me smile, Jet. Oh, and when I sucker Mom into a belly rub or two or three, she calls me Mr. Belly Boy.

When Mom calls me Boo Boo, I can tell from the tone in her voice she’s happy with me.  She usually says this when it’s time to get ready for bed, or cuddle up on the couch, or get brushed.  My favorite name? Member of the family.