My New Moniker (VBP) – Zig Zag Jetty

Hey It’s Jet Here.

(My BFF, Savannah, wrote this reminder, and ahem… I hope she does not mind me borrowing it!) It’s THURSDAY and that means another VBP Blog Hop starts all over again!!

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10My young neighbor, Ruby, stopped by this past Saturday night to give us “cuddles”, to check on Mom, and to join us for our evening constitutional.  Mom suggested a right route towards Miss Mary Ann’s house, except for crossing the main street to walk parallel to our usual side.  We then cross back over at the end of the long block to return to the balance of our weekday morning route.

The paramount (VBP) sniffs on the opposite side of the street derive from a highly scented traffic light pole, and a swath (VBP) of softer grass variety (our native grass is scratchy) which feels like pillows under our paws.  Little Miss Twirl and Poo loves to deposit her evening solid waste in this area.  I find myself unstoppably drawn to the poofy grass mounds surrounding the soldier straight line of royal palm trees for what Mom and Ruby call Potty 92, 243 and 517!

Anyway, Ruby had custody of Little Miss Straight and Narrow while I walked a different pattern.  As I did, Ruby busted out a rap… here’s the “chorus” Mom and I can remember…

Hey… I am Zig Zag Jetty and I’m here to stay, I go back and forth when I walk this way!  Cause I’m Zig Zag Jetty and I’m (ok, here’s where we forget!)

dog rapper

I’ll ask Mom to see if Ruby will repeat or recreate her rhymes for Mom to write down.  All I can tell you is that they both end up laughing really hard out on the walk.   Mom, Little Miss Songbird and I already enjoy Ruby’s regular singing (she’s in Chorus you know) and Mom tells her how talented she is.  She often serenades (VBP) us on our walks.

Mom update:  She saw her Dr. V for the first follow up… she got an A for following directions and her instincts.  Lots more medication planning, tests to do, monitoring to continue – a positive visit and the beginning of a VERY close and FREQUENT relationship with Dr. V!

Thyroid update:  Dr. Schaffer gave me an A+ (ok, Mom too) for my 3lb. weight loss, my great test results and said the tiny dose is perfect, keep going!

thanks from bottom of heartTHANKFUL THURSDAY:  Mom:  Thank you from the bottom of my heart and G.I. track for your incredible comments to Saturday’s post.  I’ve read most of them and will answer more soon.  Your feedback helped me immensely (VBP) and the fact you took such care and time to send words of support and understanding, well… that’s precious to me.  I took many of your comments to the dr. with me yesterday, so thank you. 

I was able to write my Kitchen Counselor newsletter, plan and execute an amazing Diabetic Peer Support Class in the inner city on top of my regular job since Friday.  I still need more rest than usual; however, I’m incredibly grateful.

Another great Zig Zag day!

We joined the Thankful Thursday Blog Hop hosted by Pepi Smart Dog (formerly by Cokie the Cat!)



54 thoughts on “My New Moniker (VBP) – Zig Zag Jetty

  1. Mom says to tackle life and what it gives us one day at a time so it is not overwhelming! Keep moving forward and we hope you will keep doing better and better!

  2. Jetty pal – or should I call you DJ ZigZag now -good to see you here today…it made my Momz smile too…Sounds like you and Miss L are both doing much better and that’s great to hear…sending you my best *happysnoogles* to share with Miss L and JJ

  3. Woof! Woof! Good to see a post from you. Glad you an A and lost some weight. Mom was happy to receive your mom’s newsletter. Continue to send your mom Golden Healing Thoughts. Golden LOVE. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

    • Hey Sugar, Jet here.

      Oh thanks so much for the golden healing, works like a charm according to Mom! Thanks for letting us know you enjoyed receiving the newsletter… 🙂 About 5 minutes ago, we made her take a lovey break… she resisted at first, however, once she began petting us, well, you know… she melted and loved the break!

    • Hey Clowie, Jet here.

      Mom asked me to say thank you for the wise advice. We’re watching her and making sure she rests here and there. Since you always give such wonderful counsel, we really appreciate you leaving words of wisdom for Mom!

    • Hey Roxy, Hey Torrey, Mr. ZZ here.

      Thanks, you too… Mom was chatting about your Mom and those cool events you go to to Rachel. She’s into finding a Civil War reenactment to attend. (We think she’s all about the fashion!)

  4. WOOT WOOT!!! hey Jetty! How’s my big guy?? And of course Little Miss I’m So Sweet JJ….and warm purrrrs to Miss Lori. So happy to find your post in my in basket this morning. I also saw you wheni added my post to the linky tool so looks like you did as well as me!! Paw hugs, Savvy

  5. WOOHOO so happy to see a post from you Jetty! Love your new rap name – made me smile! That Ruby is such a special one! love the pic of her next to JJ! Of course most importantly is Mom is feeling better – thank her for her e-mail and updates, but please remind her to take it easy and not overdo!! – and tell her I think of her everyday and and am sending her so many continue to feel better wishes and lotsa lovies!!! xoxoxoxo

    • Hey it’s Jet Here. Hi Miss Wendy.

      I feel pretty proud of my new nickname, too! Ruby is a keeper for sure! She’s trying to listen to her body and not overdo… we must remind her at times to take breaks. She says thanks so for the lovies and care and we send you all Jetty kisses, JJ hugs and lovies from Mom! xoxoxox

  6. Hey Jets, Jack here. Dude you have a rap name and a doo rag. Bro you are all set for the big time. Maybe you could learn to zig and zag in time to the rap song, stand on your hind legs and throw up some front paws. Wish I had a rap name. We are all grateful to hear all the good Dr. reports, both human and canine. Rap paw shake to you (bump paws) and kisses to the lovely Miss JJ. Mom sends hugs and love to all and special belly rubs and scritches to you and JJ.

    • Hey Jack, Hey Ginger, Jets here. Hi Miss Rebecca.

      Dude, with your talent and charm, you could be my manager! Great advice on dance moves… gotta reflect on that… Mom’s smiling as she reads your choreography! Yeah, Casa Jetty is moving in the right direction, health wise.

      Rap paw shake & bump paws back bro, and kisses to Ginger and Miss Rebecca!

  7. Hey Jet, So glad your Mom is getting so much better that you all can go on regular walks! Keep up the good work…and keep singing those songs!

    • Hey Y-Bo, Jet here. Hi Miss Loy.

      We’re happy about that too, Miss Loy… Mom’s reclaiming her pack leader status slowly but surely and we’re beginning to behave like our old selves outside.

  8. Yo, yo Jetty…wassup?!? How nice that you have such wonderful company that will serenade you on your walks. I bet that makes them much more fun. Please give your mom lots of *Cairn cuddles* from me. We are so glad she did so well at the Dr. and have high hopes for her to be back to 100% real soon.
    *high paws*

    • Hey Oz the Great, Jet here.

      Mom says thanks so much for the cuddles (she’s such a sucker for them) and sends belly rubs back! Wassup? Improving stuff at the crib!

      Hope all is well in PB county!

      • BOL! Improving stuff at the crib. I have been cleaning up the blog, so yes. Other than that, I been hangin’ ’round da ‘hood…you know how it goes down.

        Thanks for the belly rubs, Miss Jodi. So glad you are back around!

    • Hey Austin, Jetty here.

      Thanks Dude… I knew my swagger would pay off some day! Now I have a tag!

      Mom appreciates the purrs and hugs so much, especially when she thinks of the boys… still weird not to have felines in the house anymore. She sends back your favorite ear scritches.

      Thanks so much for sticking with us and understanding our new posting routine.

  9. It’s BJ. Mom and I are very happy Jen is doing so well. Keep up following the doctors orders. Jetty, take care of Mom and give her lots of kisses and cuddles. Those always make a person feel good.

    • Hey BJ, Jetty here.

      Mom says that all the nursing instruction from Scooby Doo Academy have really paid off. She says I’m a superior care giver. Thanks so much for the words of motivation and caring. Mom sends you belly rubs and me, manly man chest bumps.

  10. I love that moniker, Zig Zag Jetty. I gave you some linky love in tomorrow’s FUF post and I certainly am hoping mom shares my sense of humor and is not offended. If she is, please let me know.

    Please tell mom I got her e-mail this morning and am pleased she is so happy with her Dr. I will be responding to it, I was just super busy today. I do hope she is feeling better though and I bet you and Little Miss Twirls and Poops are just very thankful to have her home. Please take care of her for me. I wish I was closer so I could help.


    • Hey Sampson, Hey Delilah, Jetty here,

      Oh Miss Jodi, Mom loves your sense of humor and knows anything from your heart is well intended! No worries about responding, she wanted to make sure everyone who has so generously reached out was kept updated. 🙂 Oh yes, we like having Mom around and she keeps saying on the phone how much she treasures having us in her life.

      Mom says the miles melt when you reach out with such love, care can support… please take care yourself, we understand you are in for a big storm with that white stuff I’ve never seen! xoxoxo

  11. Congrats to you and your mom for getting your health under control! We know it isn’t easy a lot of the time. I think I use a lot of vocabulary that might be considered VBP, but I don’t keep track of them all! BOL!


    • Hey Bunny, Jet here.

      We’re grateful that our efforts are having the desired health improvements, Bunny.

      No worries, VBP is meant to be fun, not a chore… we look forward to having the stamina to get back to seeing your lovely photos and great posts. xoxoxo

  12. Love the rap! My Lily just had a choir concert tonight at her school – no rapping though :/ Glad the mom is doing well with everything it seems. And congratulations on your weight loss Jetty!

    • Hey it’s Jet here. Hi Miss Ann.

      Ah, you must have been such a proud Mom tonight, Miss Ann. Do the fur family members enjoy her practicing?

      Thanks for your support for Mom, she is so appreciative of the positive energy from pet blog world, she tells EVERYONE!

      Thanks Miss Ann, I’ve got about 4 lbs more to go ish… Mom tells everyone I’m taking a “little blue pill” but… not THAT kind and all the humans laugh!

  13. its so great to hear you are doing so much better Jetty and Jj’S mom is doing so well, makes me feel a little better today. Sorry I haven’t written to much I seem to have lost you somehow on my reader but it says I ma following you so who knows. Anyways glad you are getting much better . Remeber as it is one of my d=favorite quotes: Let yous smile change the world, but never let the world change your smile. hugs and kisses lea and kirbyxoxoxo

    • Hey Kirby, Jet here. Hi Miss Lea.

      Thanks so much for checking in on us and sending your kind words of support. Oh we love that quote, yes we do… Hope Kirby is still getting out and about considering the snow situation! xoxoxoxo

  14. Yay for all the good grades you guys are getting from the doctors! Tell Ruby that’s one mad rap song, too! MOL! Purrs for everyone’s increasing health at Casa de Jetty – with many successful and yummy recipes that work for you!

  15. hey jet its ruby that post was amazing. the rap is im zig zag jetty and this is my story i move ah round and swish my butt swish my butt im zig zag jetty and thats my story. well i have to say goodbye soxoxoxoxoxoxoxooxoxoxooxoxoooxooxoxooxooxoxoxoxoooxoxoxooxoxoxooxoxooxoxooxoxooxiixooxoxoxoxooxooxooxoooxooxoxixooxoooxoxoxoxoxooxoxoox

  16. Hey Ruby, Jetty here.

    Thanks so much for completing the words to my special rap… Mom and I could not remember them! When you rap about me I feel so special… I send you super duper hugs and I’m so glad you took that cool picture with me a few minutes ago. Mom saves all your pictures in a special file! I don’t have to say goodbye, since you are in my house right now! xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo Zig Zag Jetty!

  17. LOL dat singin Hu’man soundz like alot of fun!!! me lubz when Mum singz her songz to me she made up!!!
    me iz hopin yer Hu’Mum iz on da mend n doin better….
    Soundz like you iz in da pink yerself witch iz fabuluus newz!!!!
    Sowwy it haz bin so long since we pawed a note to you. Me Mum haz had sum truublez too…we gotta keep dese hu’manz in one peace so dey can blog fer us!!!!
    nose kissez to me Jetty furend frum Nylablue. xo

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