Wordless Wednesday…JJ Wants Mom Home

Still no Mom, maybe in a day or so. I am doing OK, but I am the Big Guy Jet…so I keep my strong manly dog face on…but it is getting hard…


Yes, someone keeps my food bowl filled at meal time and I get a bit of walking…its hard helping JJ, Little Miss No One Has It Better Than Me, keep her spirits up.  She mostly keeps something stuffed in her mouth to help her feel better…sort of like Lionel’s blankie…only kind of more substantial (VBP)…


I just hope that antler doesn’t become a permanent part of her mouth…Mom won’t be pleased.

Another lonely without Mom day here at Casa Jet

29 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday…JJ Wants Mom Home

  1. Jetty pal you look so sad there…Momz & I are thinking of you and JJ and Miss L and hoping Miss L gets to come home to you really soon Here’s your dose of *healingsnoogles* for today

  2. I am sure you guys are sad, we are sad when mom is just gone a few hours. Mom and I hope she is back soon and well on her way to recovering from what ails her.

  3. Hey Efurryone…this is Savannah and Auntie Linda…yup, now “Mom Linda” has become our “Auntie Linda”…we hear…just a rumor so far, that Mom is COMING HOME tomorrow or Friday. Auntie Linda and my BFF Savvy will let us know more soon…keep those healing purrrsss and tail wags coming…woo hoo…Jetty and JJ slurpy kisses

  4. Things never feel right when Mom’s away for a while, I agree completely. I can see how lonely you both are and I really hope your mom feels better and comes home SOON. She is in our prayers.

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