Monday Mischief…Calling Foul Play

This is MISCHIEF for sure!!

No Mom at home!!  So I, big guy Jetty, am calling “Mischief” on the doctors and hospital who are keeping our Mom AND they won’t even allow us to go visit and give her warm healing cuddles and nose kisses…I call Foul Play!

And even little Miss I Never Call Mischief On Anyone, JJ, is calling Mischief on whatever is keeping Mom away from home.


I want my Mom home as fast as she can get here…BUT…ok, ok…I know…she needs the doctors to make sure she is all fit to come home. So here is what we know so far…she will be in hospital at least until this Wednesday.  She is having lots of tests, procedures done and they are taking so much blood for testing we fear she may need transfusions from us canines…hmmmm…wonder if she would grow a tail as pretty as mine????

Sorry, I digressed…

She appears to have some type of auto immune problem and the doctors are sort of stumped…so that’s why all the tests. My BFF Savannah and her Mom Linda are keeping in close contact with Mom so we know all that is going on, but we miss her lots.


So, keep those healing tail wags and purrs coming to Mom Lori, she needs every one of them!  We appreciate all of our furriends who have called Mom, texted, and sent email to her.  Just so you know, she cannot get on line to look at our bloggy, or to even read all your wonderful comments right now. But she will do that just as soon as she remembers her Apple ID so she can get on line…BOL…you have to love her…not a tech savvy Mom…but she belongs to me and JJ and we love her.

Another fretful day of medical Mischief at Casa Jet

30 thoughts on “Monday Mischief…Calling Foul Play

  1. Hey Jetty! Hi JJ! Hi Miss Lori (when you get here)!
    My goodness, I didn’t think those doctors and nurses would be keeping you mom so long. I hope she can get home to you real soon!!! I have my paws crossed and am keeping her in my thoughts and prayers.
    If you need me, just howl!

  2. Hey Jet, Will continue to send warm, furry thoughts to Mom Lori until I hear she doesn’t need ’em any more! (No need to send a reply, either! I’ll just look forward to reading her take on her hospital imprisonment when she feels like writing again!) Please thank Savannah for the updates!!

  3. Mom and I have your mom and you guys in our thoughts. Hope she gets home soon. Mom always says that if she is ever really ill they need to let us visit her as we keep her going, but not sure how we will get into a hospital, 80 and 40 pound dogs are not really invisible!

  4. Oh Jetty, I’m so sorry, I had hoped she would be home by now! I wish I was closer so I could help Mom out and make you and JJ feel a little bit better. Hugs and kisses!

  5. OH No Jetty – In was really hoping Mom would be home today – I;m sorry she;s still not feeling good. I;m thinking about her and sending her so many feel better soon wishes and lotsa hugs and kisses to you and JJ too

  6. I hope your momma gets back to you guys reallll soon!!!! Our thoughts are with all three of you! Glad SAVANNAH’S mom is able to catch up and let us all know how your doing Lori. Lots of love xoxoxxoxoxoxoxo Kirby and Lea

  7. Oh we send MANY healing purrs to mom Lori! You guys are very brave, hanging in there without her. (ANd of COURSE she’d be getting better faster if they’d just let you IN there to SEE her!!!)

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