Medical Problems…But We Dogs Have Mom Covered

Oh, hi everyone. We just want to let you all know that Mom Lori had to go to Urgent Care and then Emergency last night. She is now in hospital until at least Monday, January 21.  Our good kit-kat friend Savannah and her Mom Linda are helping us paw this message.

Definitely NOT LIFE THREATENING…but she has some stomach problems, but the docs are taking care of her, our huSister Rachel is helping Mom and helping Mom’s good friends make sure JJ and I are just fine.

Little Miss I Can Take Care Of Mom and I are preparing to nurse Mom back to health. I have my Scooby Doo Nurse Academy Backpack all ready and Little Miss I Wanna Be The Doctor has her stethoscope and doctor bag all ready too.


We regret that we can’t respond to all your wonderful comments and hope you will forgive our absence. Savannah and Mom Linda are keeping in touch and if we can get another post pawed later we will.

Thanks lots for understanding and if you don’t mind, send Mom Lori some purrs, healing tail wags and kind prayers and lots of loving thoughts…we sure would appreciate it.

Just another taking care of Mom day at Casa Jet

49 thoughts on “Medical Problems…But We Dogs Have Mom Covered

  1. Jetty pal Momz and I are so very sorry to hear about Miss l but know that with the healing power of you and JJ going for her she’s gonna be just fine…and to help out a little I’m sending you the biggest basket of *healingsnoogles* ever…and we’ll be sending more every day till she’s home safe

  2. Oh my! Give your mama hugs an kisses from me an tell her me an mama will be sendin up prayers for a quick an healthy recovery!

    Don’t worry abouts your blog cos you guys have many friends who will wait for the next post. Just please get wel

    Jet I know you an Little Miss will be busy doin your take care of mom thing so keep us posted only when you can

  3. Oh my CAT! We’re soooo sorry to hear this – and ALL our paws will be crossed that your mom gets well REAL REAL soon!

  4. OH NO – I;m so sorry to read this – I was afraid something was wrong – sending so many feel better wishes to your Mom and lotsa hugs and kisses to you,JJ and Rachel

  5. Oh no, we’re so sorry Mom Lori is so ill! We’re sending many healing prayers her way and Daisy sends puppy kisses too. Mom Lori sure is lucky to have so many caring people in her life. 🙂 We’ll be thinking of you all.

  6. Oh goodness! This is terrible news! I sure hope that your mom feels better soon and I know you guys will take good care of her when she is back home. No worries about the blog and comments, health is much more important. Your readers will understand for sure. Pawhugs to your mom and get well wishes! Emma and her mom

  7. Lori, sending lots of love, good thoughts and prayers for your speedy recovery. You will be missed (a lot) at the reunion today.

  8. Jets, Jack here. Sorry to hear about your Mom. Dude I was so looking forward to seeing you all at the reunion. I guess that I will just have to wait to sweep Miss JJ off her feet (paws). Take good care of your Mom, she is the best. Lots of Golden love to Mom, manly chest bumps to you, and kisses to the lovely Miss JJ.

  9. Oh, Jetty and JJ…I am so sorry you mommy is sick and in the hospital. I am sending her lots of nuzzes and Cairn cuddles to help her get better. I know when she gets home you both will take very good care of her. If you need anything, just howl!
    Your pal,

  10. We sure hope that Mom Lori is feeling better soon! We are sending lots of healing tail wags from the pack, healing purrs from Gerrard and best wishes for a speedy recovery!

  11. Lord Jetty, are you sure you and JJ are okay? I wish I was closer so I could help mom out. I just sent her a text but when you see her, you tell her I’m thinking of her, okay? xoxo

  12. To Lori: Oh no! I know it isn’t life threatening, but I hope you get better soon Lori! I wish I could go over there and give Jetty and JJ a big cuddle for you in your absence! Im glad your good buddy Savannah is there to help your here on bloggerville.Rest up, and take care of yourself, us faithful bloggy followers will be awaiting your return! Will be thinking about you! Hugs and nose kisses, from Lea and Kirby.

  13. Hey Jet, Gracie here! Hope everything turns out well and mommy is home feeling great soon! You guys look like you are all prepared but I hear doggy kisses make you feel better too! Make sure mommy gets lots of those!
    Tagged you in a Liebster award over at my blog but looks like you guys have enough on your hands!

  14. We are so sorry to hear Mom Lori is in the hospital. We know you all will do a great job caring for her. Glad you have all that good help too. Hugs and nose kisses

  15. Hey Jet, Good heavens–tell your Mom I’m glad she’s getting the help she needs. Take care and give her a big hug from me and Y-Bo. Keep us posted on her recovery. (Tell her she doesn’t need to answer this email–save her strength to get better!)

  16. We are so sorry to hear that your mom had to go to the hospital!! We are sending lots of prayers for a quick recovery…hope she is home with you guys soon!! Xoxo Jeanne, Chloe and LadyBug

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