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Hey It’s Jet Here.

We need some guidance today regarding a situation that occurred earlier in the week.  Here’s the scenario:

6We went out for our evening constitutional hoping to finish before the fireworks began.  Mom disconnected Little Miss Adjustable Leash’s six foot option to a four foot option so Ruby could walk JJ.  Ruby had joined us a few days in a row and did a great job with Little Miss Happy Happy.  Ruby even scoops my poop in addition to JJ’s!

Little background… of late, when Ruby feels like she cannot control JJ, she hands the leash over to Mom speedy quick or sits down.  Every now and then, she lets go, however, she knows that’s not a safe idea and tries hard not to.

lightstickOk, back to the walk… Mom wore her usual flashlight and off we went, exit left.  We’ve taken Ruby this way often and due to the holiday, the streets had less traffic than usual.  We crossed the canal, made a left, then the first right.  (We live in suburbia.)

More background… on the next corner lives a middle aged man who keeps lots of feral cats.  He spends many nights outside sitting, drinking and chatting with his friends.  Mom, Miss Mary Ann, Miss Beverly and the pack have passed them many a time, say hi and chat.  The gentleman has even refilled Rachel’s flat bicycle tires!  Little Miss Cat Chaser and I do bark when the ferals run across the lawns and at times pull Mom really hard.  Sometimes, Mom turns onto that street and sometimes she continues another block.

dog chasing catOk, back to the walk.  As we approached that corner house, JJ spotted a cat before me and Mom and Ruby screamed and let go of the leash.  JJ zoomed after that feline and the men started shouting.   I got quite excited and Mom couldn’t snatch JJ because she was trying to manage me.  The feline was zooming around which intuitively created the urge to chase.  One of the men grabbed JJ and brought her to Mom and me.

The Homeowner started yelling in a threatening manner that Mom’s dog better not EVER do that again and cursed a bit.  Mom tried to yell over an apology and that Ruby got scared and let go.  Ruby felt horrible and worried she did something naughty.  The Homeowner kept yelling.  The feline was unhurt and never touched. (Oh, this Homeowner has a fully fenced in yard, which is NOT where this feline was.)

sad faceMom was concerned that Ruby thought that everything was her fault, so, quickly, while tightly holding both JJ and I, kept walking towards home.  Mom felt angry that the man spoke meanly to Ruby, cursed in front of Ruby and seemed to forget he and Mom knew each other.  Mom wanted to step away for a bit and decide how to handle the next meeting with the Homeowner.

Mom’s info and thoughts:

  • We’ve lived with cats, however, outside running cats feel different.
  • The neighbors have repeatedly asked this Homeowner to trap and neuter if he intended to keep the quickly growing colony. Refused to the best of our knowledge and several of the felines have been run over.
  • This feline was outside the gated yard; if inside, Mom would accept total responsibility.
  • Mom could have asked for JJ’s leash in this area, although Ruby had walked with JJ in this area many times before without incident.
  • Mom was bothered most by the Man’s harsh reaction to Ruby.
  • When a loose feline runs free, many dogs will instinctively chase and that should be understood by Homeowner.
  • Mom didn’t see the cat due to darkness and therefore didn’t prepare for or anticipate the situation.


Another sensitive experience day.

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63 thoughts on “Dear Blogville

  1. That is not a good story, what a mess! For one thing, us dogs feel that cats we don’t live with are fair game…honestly I chase my own cats too sometimes, we just can’t help it. Second, if there are any control issues on a leash, mom says we cannot walk on the retractable type because they provide no control, you need to use a short 6 ft least until the dog learns to mind on the leash. If Ruby always drops the leash when she gets scared that is dangerous for everyone, maybe you can somehow have a second leash that you mom holds just in case or something…sounds like quite a few messy issues you have there. Emma 🙂

  2. Hey Jetty its your old friend Me’chell here I haven’t seen you in so long and i miss you tons and tons. I know you miss me too send my love to Jay Jay for me she is my little princess. Give Lori a Big Kiss for me. I’m so very sorry I heard you had a very rough night on the 31st. But i Know you Got through it you big Boy. I’m sending all my love your way i hope you catch it and spread it along your beautiful day

    Love , Me’chell

  3. While the man’s reaction was definitely wrong, in the future if Ruby is walking I would steer clear of the house. He shouldn’t have reacted in that manner.
    Cats can climb fences and gates so if it had been inside of a gate it still could have gotten out.
    I would try to avoid an assumption that the man isn’t spaying/neutering the cats unless people know for sure.
    It is a natural reaction for a dog to chase a cat but Ruby is young and in the future I would just avoid that home. YES the man’s reaction was way out of line.
    If you are in doubt about walking by that home again, just remember…”when in doubt, DON’T”

  4. This clearly was a big chain of circumstances, when putting common sense in here your the man was wrong, but then you are under a bit of stress you snap and bang. I don’t think your mom should make much of it, luckily no one got hurt, the man should apologize for his reaction, but I don’t think it would happend, so is better to let go.

  5. First, feral cats are by definition not kept by anyone…Your neighbor may feed them but they are not his, and if he is not getting them spayed & neutered he is plainly irresponsible and isn’t truly concerned for their welfare…Second, you were not on his property, nor was this feral cat…Third, no harm to to anyone or any animal…Fourth you mentioned he was drinking…not good…IMHO there is no excuse for a grown man to scream & curse at a child, and alcohol consumption can not excuse this behavior…I might return, in daylight, alone and try to speak with this man and maybe mend fences? Or maybe it’s time to contact animal control and them explain to this man about spay & neuter?

  6. Don’t be upset, that’s what dogs do..CHASE ..kitties 🙂 That owner was rude and out of order.. If he doesn’t want his cat chased, keep it in doors.. Mollie chases cats, when she gets the chance, Alfie gets chased. It a natural instinct. Don’t think about it any more 🙂 No one was hurt. Big hugs xx00xx

    Mollie and Alfie

  7. That is a tough one. Even I the wonderful Fenris will chase my cats if they run. I don’t hurt them IF I catch them. Ruby does need to learn not to let go of the leash because it puts the dog she is walking at risk. But we think the man was totally out of line yelling at her like he did. We thinks we would just avoid that street. ~Fenris

  8. As a guardian of four cats, all my little ones are indoors and spayed or neutered. I think the homeowner should understand that dogs will chase cats and if he truly cared, they should have been inside an enclosure and spayed or neutered. A fence isn’t going to hold them, for obvious reasons. It’s sad to know they are being run over and not truly taken care of. Good luck!

  9. Difficult situation. That man shouldn’t have acted so harsh around Ruby, or got mad at her. You are her responsibility in the end. She couldn’t help it, you two didn’t saw the cat (which wasn’t in the inclosure). But the man is wrong (in my opinion) for keeping his cat roaming around. If you have free roaming cats ouside, things like this will happen, whether dogs escape or not — i know from experience.

    Maybe she and Ruby could go back to the man (or without Ruby) and explain why you’re angry with it, and that it is not her fault?

  10. Hi Jet and Lori, Miss Rebecca here. Unfortunately Miami-Dade has no leash law for cats. If you live in a community with a homeowners association they might have some regulations. Some people are just ___ (naughty word) and if the man had been drinking he was possibly drunk. I would explain to Ruby that she did nothing wrong and that some people are just mean, take her out to walk JJ again so that she feels that Mom trusts her. I would avoid the cat area on all walks. If Mom meets the man again, I would apologize and then tell him that it is instinctive behavior for dogs to chase running cats, squirrels etc. that you and JJ lived with cats and would never hurt them. As harsh as it seems, the law say that dogs must be leashed and under control at all times when they are off the owners property, cats on the other hand nada. So sorry that this happened. I know that Mom feels bad on all levels.

    • Hey Jack, Hey Ginger, Jet here. Hi Miss Rebecca.

      We do not live in a community… individual homes.

      Mom did just that and had Ruby take JJ back when we returned to our block. We have ferals who zoom out periodically on all our routes…, so, hard to avoid… although we can avoid that man’s house.

      Miss Rebecca, Mom had that instinct, too, apologize and then tell him that it is instinctive behavior for dogs to chase running cats, squirrels etc. that you and JJ lived with cats and would never hurt them.

      The law does seem somewhat skewed, doesn’t it?

      Thank you for taking the time and care to write back, much appreciated.

  11. I’m going to have to agree with mom on this one. The man should A-not have so many cats, B-Not have yelled in front of Ruby, C-Not gotten so overly worked up about the incident, The cat wasn’t hurt, it was not in his yard, and JJ just did what dogs do. He was probably drunk, and didn’t care about the fact that Ruby was there, and he obviously doesn’t care about the cats either. Or he would take care of them. It’s too bad that happened at all, and I hope Ruby is feeling better about the whole thing. I would avoid the house for a while.

  12. Wow! That is an awful experience. Still,the facts remains that nobody was hurt and the animals were just being animals. Maybe by laying the blame on Ruby, that yell-y man just didn’t have to acknowledge that his cat was in the wrong place. So sorry it happened. Have a Happier Saturday!

  13. That is a hard one. On the one hand, I can certainly understand being upset if someone’s dog (who should be on leash) was loose and chasing my cat. Since there are not leash or containment laws for cats in most places, but are for dogs, legally speaking you guys were in the wrong (as I am sure you realize). (You might look and see if your local laws put limits on the number of cats a person can have at a residence- most places only have dog limits, but some include cats as well.)

    That said, it sounds like this guy totally over reacted, given that the cat was okay, and while it was happening, it is certainly not productive or helpful to the cat to just yell at the owner of the dog, making it even more difficult to catch a running dog.

    I think, if it were me, and I wanted to maintain a friendship with this person, I would go over there the next day without the dogs. Apologize for JJ getting loose, explain that Ruby didn’t mean to drop[ the leash (maybe offer to hold the leash going past his house in the future, so he knows it won’t happen again), but add that Ruby feels really bad about it and you think he was inappropriate toward her during the incident. Who knows, he may have just been super upset at the time and regret what he did later. I’d say that at that point, the ball would be in his court- I would expect that he would apologize to you at least, or ask to apologize to Ruby about it. If he isn’t interested in talking about the incident with you, it is probably best to simply move on and realize that he is a pretty unstable person that you would be better off not having in your life at all.

  14. Oh my! I am sorry you guys had a stressful evening! In my opinion, that man did everything wrong! First and foremost, it is very irresponsible to have a feral colony that continues to grow unchecked. Also, allowing the animals to run free is dangerous for them. They could be hit by cars, attacked by raccoons, or stolen. I am assuming they are not current on vaccinations either!

    I think there are several things you could do. First, don’t walk by his home anymore. I avoid walking by one house in our neighborhood because they yelled at me not to let my dog poop in their yard….we were on the street by the way! Also, you might want to consider calling animal control. They can maybe talk to the homeowner or take the feral cats to the shelter where they can’t continue to reproduce.

    And poor Ruby! This very much isn’t her fault, but I do have a suggestion for your next walk. While Ruby can still have control of the main lead, I would maybe hook a secondary lead to JJ and hook it to your belt or hold it just in case she gets scared again. This way everyone is safe and happy in case there is another incident.

    I hope my opinions help a bit! At least I hope you all don’t feel bad! The blame lies with the homeowner.

    P.S. Are you guys having issues entering the blog hop this week, or is it my computer? Just wondering!

    Have a great weekend!

  15. Ummmmm…what a conundrum! (VBP)…first, I am a cat and would be terrified having a dog chase me. Of course I am indoor only, so not a problem. Miss Ruby is a child and no adult should scream at a child in anger, IMFO. Feral cat colonies must be TNR’d, period. Probably, Miss Lori might visit this person, and offer again an apology, then make a request that he not treat Miss Ruby badly, as he has now frightened her to pieces, perhaps he could make apology to her to reassure her she did nothing wrong OR don’t walk by his house for a month and it will blow over …whew! Jetty, you asked I tried to answer…sorry for such long comment!

    • Hey Savvy, Jetty here. Hi Miss Linda.

      Oh you are wise, my BFF… we looked forward to your opinion with great anticipation. Thanks for taking the time and care.

      As usual, Mom and Miss Linda are on the same wavelength… 🙂

  16. Wow – that’s a big and difficult situation to address. I think the most important thing is to get Ruby to understand she didn’t do anything wrong and the man should not have yelled at her like that. Everything else is secondary. Adults should never scream at young people like that. Sorry, they just shouldn’t.

    I don’t think I actually have any suggestions as to how to deal with the man for you because I would be much too angry and emotional to be civil but he was wrong to yell at Ruby and he is doing a disservice to the very cats he wants to help by not controlling their population.

    Dogs chase cats. Dogs also occasionally get loose. It happens. It wasn’t intentional. It wasn’t mean-spirited. It was an accident and a young person might have been hurt had she reacted any differently. If he can’t understand that, there’s not much you can do about it. If it were me, I would probably just take another route for a little while until things blow over. 😦

    • Hey Bella, Jet here. Hi Miss Leslie.

      Mom did just that, Miss Leslie… for the next 3 blocks!

      We agree with your perspective completely…

      Thank you for taking the time and consideration to write such a well thought out response. 🙂

  17. Oh I forgot after you meet him and apologize I would tell him that you realize that he was unset but his language and threats in front of a little girl was inappropriate.

  18. Hey Jet. It’s Oz. Our thoughts; do what you want with them (BOL):
    1) “spends nights sitting and DRINKING with friends” – so even if he is nice most of the time, maybe he gets cranky/rowdy when drinking (if not drinking say, iced tea)?!? I would avoid walking by there as it gets later in the evening/night just in case he’s had one too many;

    2)Yes, outside cats feel different and inspire the old hunting instinct. I, as well, hang out with indoor cats and have a fab time but maybe this is another reason to avoid walking that way – if only to limit your hunting urges;

    3)How many feral cats are we talking about? You know most of S FL has a problem with many feral species. Did you know there is an organization in Miami called The Cat Network? They have spay/neuter & release programs for feral cats though there is a fee (but maybe you can work something out) – I would hate to see them collected up and then not get a decent forever home (because then you-know-what happens) and I hate to hear that they are getting run over by cars;

    4) I am not sure about meeting with the homeowner to “discuss” the events, his behavior, etc. We have seen that turn really ugly here in our neighborhood where (the crazy neighbor) ends up calling the police, trying to “stir up” the other neighbors, etc.

    Those are our thoughts, Jetty. Not sure if they help you any…but maybe The Cat Network can help to at least spay/neuter them so they don’t roam as much?!? Good luck, pal.

    • Hey Oz the Great, Jetty here.

      1. Yes, we doubt the beverages contain water, however, we pass by between 6:30/7:15… too late???
      2. We have ferals that pop out here and there, periodically on all our routes, truthfully.
      3. We adopted from CAT NETWORK! That’s where my brothers Puffy and Fluffy found refuge before meeting Mom. I’m not sure how many… sometimes Mom and Miss Mary Ann count the ones that happen to be behind the fence… we think we’ve counted 6-8 over the summer.
      4. Yes, you’re probably right about speaking with the homeowner. Sad but true.

      We really appreciate you taking the time to contemplate our dilemma.

  19. So sorry to hear this happened to you guys. It sounds like you are doing a lot of good things to make sure your walks go well. I’m glad that your Ruby lets go of the leash if she feels like JJ is going to pull her down. I met a woman once who broke her jaw because her dog pulled her down with a leash… a full grown lady! Anyways, if a person has cats that are allowed outdoors, they need to know that outside is not a safe place for cats. At the same time I realize that it’s hard to keep some cats inside, like my own KKMM – she never would stay indoors. It wasn’t right for the man to be so mean but maybe he was just concerned about the cat. Glad everyone in the incident is safe and not injured!

    • Hey it’s Jet here. Hi Miss Ann.

      We’re so glad to read comments with friends who have outdoor felines…

      We know he cares about his felines, so, no doubt that was part of it. We agree that outdoors is not the safest idea for felines, however, as you say, some felines seem to need the exposure?

      The outcome physically ended safely, however, emotionally, not as much. 😦

  20. Dogs definitely react differently to cats outside the home rather then inside the home. Bob, our bulldog, is very peaceful with our kitties and loves them. I wouldd not be afraid to introduce him to a cat inside, however outside he is very angry towards cats and violent

    urban hounds

  21. Wow, I hate when things like that happen. That man was totally in the wrong. I don’t know about where you live but here it is against the law, if he is claiming them they have to be neutered and registered as a pet colony. If he is not, and they are outside his fence, tell him to mind his own damn business!

    Okay, got that off my chest! I think I would either speak to someone is law enforcement or if you know someone who knows an officer and just mention what happened and that you felt threatened by this man, by his behavior and actions. What advice would they have for you. That or I would write him a note and mention the thoughts you had above, it was dark, an accident, and the cats were outside the fence. And again mention that you did not appreciate his behavior and felt threatened and if it happens again you will report him to the proper authorities.

    Hope it helps and you don’t have to be in a situation like that again.

    • Hey Gracie, Hey Henry, Jet here.

      Mom generally tries to be an affable (VBP) neighbor. Good point about checking into the feral laws, since we live in a picky, picky area…

      Mom did not feel threatened, just verbally attacked at the moment. We like the idea about writing the facts… Thank you.

  22. That homeowner was totally out of line. I would have chased that cat too. Or tried to if I could get my leash free. But it’s a sticky situation because you can’t control what people do and you certainly can’t control cats.

    • Hey Bongo, Jet here.

      Dude, they are irresistible for sure! Mom usually anticipates their presence, however, we have ferals here and there on other routes now and again, so we must confront the situation and learn the best way to deal. Mom does not yell at us when we bark at that moment, because she finds our reactions natural. She will try to divert us, though.

      Well put… a sticky situation.

  23. Sounds like he overreacted a bit! Sometimes people yell when they are frightened without really thinking. I hope that he felt bad after you all walked away, especially since he knows your mom!

    I don’t know if I would want to have another interaction with him, since he does not seem a reasonable person. If he was reasonable and responsible, he would trap and spay/neuter the feral cats.

    Sorry about your bad experience 😦

    • Hey Cali and the felines, Jet here. Hi Miss Julie.

      Yes, that’s why Mom didn’t want to overreact at the moment herself.

      We’re not sure why he doesn’t spay/neuter, however, he does seem quite fond of the cats and has agreed to put a box or two on his driveway for them.

      Thank you for your understanding…

  24. Woof! Woof! first so sorry that this happened. We can relate as there are many feral cats here and our neighbors have 4 of them. They kind guards our street and they move immediately when they see me but they are not afraid of cars and humans (strange).
    Well, can you totally avoid that route on your walk, if so that’s great. Proper leashing is definitely a must. My mom likes a shorter leads(leash) a 1/2 leather is good as you can get a stronger grip (if anything happens). I got my for almost 7 years and only use for long travels on crowded areas. Is there a law in your area on how many feral cats can you have? If there’s is I would report the incident. Harsh tone and words was not appropriate for Ruby to hear. Golden hugs n Kisses to her. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

    • Hey Sugar, Jet here.

      Yes, we can totally avoid the route, however, we have ferals that poke out and zoom on other walks, too, periodically. We remember you telling us about shorter leads before. Definitely an option. Great inquiry about laws, as we live in a very fussy area.

      We will most definitely share your golden hugs, Sugar, we know that will make Ruby smile. 🙂

  25. Hi sweet Jetty – so sorry that happened! What a grumpy man! So not right of him to yell at little Ruby. I read that Mom let her walk JJ so she would get her confidence back, that was my first thought and my second thought is that I would avoid his house at all costs. Dogs are going to lunge at, chase etc cats when they are outside and I would be afraid (but then again I am a kind of a baby!) it might or something worse might happen and who knows how that man might react – not worth finding out! – we live in such a crazy world now – I try to be as non confrontational as possible!

    sending wishes for a peaceful rest of the weekend xoxoxo (plus lotsa hugs and kisses xoxox)

    • Hey it’s Jet here. Hi Miss Wendy.

      We try to be good and friendly ambassadors, as well. The only thingie… there are many ferals that pop out no matter which way we go! 😦

      Thank you, we’re trying… sending lots of hugs and kisses right back. xoxoxoxox

  26. I definitely would have chased the cat in JJ’s shoes! When I was younger I was so determined to chase a squirrel I pulled so hard mummy lost her grip on my lead. She now knows my warning signs unfortunately and I haven’t been able to do it again:-(
    Poor Ruby though. Sounds like the guy overreacted: the cat wasn’t hurt so alot of fuss over nothing.
    I think you said there were lots of cats about, so I guess you could try walking JJ on her own and practice the ‘leave it’ command everytime you see one to discourage her from trying to chase in future…hopefully it will work better for her than it does when I see a squirrel!!
    Hugs and licks xxx

    • Hey Misaki, Jet here.

      Yes, we think he did as well.

      Great idea about desensitizing JJ… can’t build that into the schedule exactly at this moment, however, that’s a super goal. Thank you for taking such time and care to write your thoughts. 🙂

  27. Ugh its people like that that really irk the crap out of me- This is lea talking lol. Firstly I have a outdoor cat who was a rescue, and grew up outside so it was impossible to make him an indoor cat at that point, but since that is the case I made sure to neuter him right away. This man should be a million times more worried about the fact that he is the one causing misery to these cats by taking enough ownership to feel he can yell at you (which is just stupid but I’ll get to that) but not helping them himself.
    Cats are cats, dogs are dogs. If my cat was chased by a dog who’s owner dropped the leash by accident, I wouldn’t bat an eyelash it happens, especially with outdoor cats its apart of life for them, and the likelihood of the dog catching the cat anyways would be slim to none.
    Okay now, the fact that he has been friendly with you before is just infuriating that then he would suddenly yell at poor little Ruby (adorable name),but clearly his reaction is so ridiculous that yea I’m guessing he was drinking, I bet he wouldn’t have been talking to you two like that if there was a man with you, seems like the type.Don’t feel like you guys did anything at all wrong Jetty, its life stuff happens, dogs get loose,chase cats, he should of just had a laugh and helped you catch JJ. Once when I was probably about Ruby’s age me and my mom were walking our dog at the time (very friendly) and being a little kid I don’t always do the most responsible thing, and wasn’t paying attention when he (he was leashed) sniffed this mans shoe who was taking out his garbage. Well you should have heard him, you think the dog tried to attack him. He started yelling how I shouldn’t be letting my strange dog go up to people and sniff them. Well him and my mom started yelling at eachother (she has a bit of a temper too, so not a good match), but yea point is people are just plain old stupid sometimes, sometimes its hard to realize it yourself though when it happens to you (especially if the guy was even friendly with you before) so in that case you need people to let ya know the truth.And the truth is he was being plain old dumb Jetty, some humans unfortunately are like that, that is one more reason why I often prefer doggies like you so much over people (well especially people like him!)
    You should let Ruby know all these people on your ma’s blog all think the same, Ruby did absolutely nothing wrong, as I’m sure that will help outweigh one drunk mans crazy rant!:) Anyways love you guys,done ranting now 😀 – Lea

  28. hi Jet…
    That’s quite a story…poor Ruby, that man shouldn’t be that harsh.
    I have caronce and always played outside, it’s his nature I can’t blame anyone if something happens to him

  29. It’s BJ. I hope Ruby is okay. The man should not have yelled at Ruby. He may have been upset but he has to learn self control. I would let things cool down a bit and then continue your walks; however, I would take JJ’s leash from Ruby until she gets a little stronger.

  30. Are you ready to explain to Ruby that peoples – who can be very nice most o the time, can be totally different when they has had a couple of drinks?
    Me is sure the man will be very sorry the next day (if he remembers) and that it is his problem, not Ruby’s.
    Ruby did no wrong, she was startled and her reaction was normal. Possibly his reaction was seen through a few glasses of a mind altering beverage.

  31. What a distressing situation. You’ve been given great advice by everyone and I hope Miss Ruby is feeling better now and knows it wasn’t her fault.
    Makes me glad that in our part of OZ cats need to be kept in their own gardens and if they are out they can be caught and taken to the pound, just like dogs.
    I have only seen a cat once or twice in my life and since moving to this house – never. But I know for sure I would chase one because I chase possums if they end up in our garden. As everyone has said, if something moves fast our instinct is to chase and if there are lots of people shouting that just makes us want to run more.
    Doesn’t sound like the man really knows much about animals which is kind of sad for the cats he’s looking after 😦

  32. Hmmm…this is quite the dilemma…sounds like the drinks might have had something to do with the reaction. Is it possible to try and discuss this in a civil matter…or possibly avoid this part of the road altogether for a little while just to give the parties time to cool off?

  33. Hi Jet! What a horrible and awkward experience. I’m so sorry, especially for Ruby’s sake. I too think the man may have been drinking too much. That plus being dark, perhaps he didn’t realize it was someone he knew?? No excuse for his behavior of course. I hate confrontation of all kinds and would probably just take a different walking route for a while, and especially at night. We live in the suburbs too and you might be considering a call to your town’s Animal Control if you feel the feral cats are a danger and/or nuisance, or are themselves at risk. You mention that some have been run over and I take that to mean that if the cat had dashed into the street JJ could have run into traffic too. I don’t know – it sounds like the cats are important to this man and what is your town’s Animal Control like, i.e. would the cats be taken and euthanized? You all sound very kind and nonjudgemental about this man’s lifestyle, live-and-let-live. Personally I would just stay away for awhile and let things cool down. Last thought I have is, unfortunately not all adults act like grownups at all times. It hurts to see a child exposed to such unfair, rude actions by those who should know better. Ruby needs to know that this man’s bad manners are not her fault in ANY way. They are HIS problem.

  34. Well, we agree that any kittehs outside need (*NEED*) to be TNR’ed!!
    We wonder how well informed the guy is about outdoor kittehs…? [Knowing our mommy she’d prolly try to capture them without being caught and get them TNRed behind his back (MOL!).]

    We, too, wonder if he reacted poorly because that’s (unfortunately) how he reacts when startled. We think a wise, mature person would, however, understand that certain words are to be censored around young ones.

    Sounds like you have some really pawesome advice from previous comments, so we won’t repeat them, we’ll just second, third and fourth the motion!

  35. As an outside observer I see a man who over-reacted because of adrenaline. And you had an accident happen. I think this is a learning experience for you all. Ruby has learned she needs to be in charge, and what can happen when she’s not. She’s also learned not everyone in the world is nice. Maybe a good choice would be to avoid the street. If not possible, apologize to the old man. Not because you think you’re in the wrong, but because it will melt the hostility for you both.

    • Hey Rumpy, Jet here. Hi Miss Jen.

      That feels accurate, adrenaline over-reaction… Oh, Rumpy and Miss Jen, you are both wise; your take resonates with us. Thank you for taking the time and care to ponder our situation.

  36. Hi Jet! We agree with everyone that said the most important thing is that Ruby know she was not at fault. As for the man, well, our first thought is that he over-reacted. That’s what some people do. One time the ACD that started it all, Cairo, chased a squirrel in a park and a person yelled that if the dog caught the squirrel, The Mom would be responsible. Uhh…like to get another squirrel? (Cairo was about the chase, only the chase)

    Although not the best solution, perhaps avoidance would be best. We do that with neighbors who have dogs that are threatening and scare the blind girls. Sometimes it’s best to just pick your battles and avoid others.

  37. Well it sounds like you have some very good advice here Jetty, I’m just so sorry that this happened to you all. You are all so very nice and kind and to be treated that way when you were just doing what dogs do, well it’s wrong. If JJ had jumped the fence, totally different story. I probably would have done what mom Linda would have done. I also might have called the county and see what their zoning laws say about animals. Many towns have animal restrictions and if he’s got a huge colony that keep reproducing, it could be consider a nuisance, especially in Suburbia. 😦

    • Hey Sampson, Hey Delilah, Jetty here. Hi Miss Jodi.

      We so appreciate all the folks that took the time and care to think about this on our behalf… you should see the queue… Mom’s typing fast, but, gosh, stuff keeps interrupting her. hmpf…

      Our pal, Miss Rebecca looked up some legal stuff for us… we have to be totally under control and leashed at any time we are off our own property… so, we are in the wrong. 😦

      • But what about the cat colony? Do they have a household limit of animals? Where my daughter lives (NE) they can only have 4 domestic animals. I’m thinking the cats are the nuisance, not you and JJ. 🙂

      • Hey Sampson, Hey Delilah, Jetty here. Hi Miss Jodi.

        Yes, we think there might be a feral cat colony law of some kind, have not had the time to deeply investigate!

        Awww, shucks, thanks…

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