Our Seventeenth Black & White Sunday: An Unexpected Visit with Austin

Hey It’s Jet Here.

Austin’s Mom called my Mom yesterday morning to see if she could swing by in the late evening to let Austin out.  Of course Mom said no problem and stuck around to give Austin lovies and… play with the Hannukah toys she gave him!

6 bw

2 bw

4 bw

Another great Austin playdate.

Thanks to My Life in Blog Years ​and Dachshund Nola for hosting the Black and White Sunday blog hop.

black and white sunday


51 thoughts on “Our Seventeenth Black & White Sunday: An Unexpected Visit with Austin

    • Hey Lee, Hey Phod, Jet here.

      Mom is crazy about Austin… he’s always so happy to see her. She sits on the floor and plays with him and gives him lovies. This summer, she figured out he didn’t have many toys… so, she started to purchase some for him during her dogsitting interludes (VBP) Austin’s Mom always remarks that he absolutely loves Mom’s selections! Mom responds… they’re JJ tested and Jetty approved! 🙂

    • Hey Giz, Jetty here. Hi Miss JG.

      Oh I wish! Nope, Mom goes over to Austin’s house. His parents worry that he won’t be nice with other K9s since he does not socialize with others too often. Mom thinks it would be ok, however, she honors their wishes. 🙂

  1. How cool, Austin is such a cutie!

    Hope you’re all feeling better

    Have a wonderful new year

    Big Wags to all,

    Your pal Snoopy 🙂

    • Hey Snoops, Jetty here. Hi Miss Annette.

      Mom says he really is, too… wish we could meet him. Maybe next year?

      Wishing all of you a healthy, happy and abundant new year filled with lots of mischief!!!

      We are so fortunate and delighted to have had the privilege of getting to know you this year. 🙂

      • Oh we could not imagine that you would remember the supporting cast!!! Hopefully Mom linked you back so you could see… Excuse me a moment… Mommmmmm… were you a little curt (VBP) with my friend, Emma? You don’t think so? If you were, you didn’t mean it? Ok…

    • Hey Petal, Hey Lassie, Jet here. Hi Miss Marquie.

      I’m SO excited… we have crossed paths so many times in the blogosphere and never connected. Thank you for reaching out. We just read about all of you…

      Please accept our belated condolences, Jetty kisses, JJ hugs, comfort and support from Mom on Ella Grace’s crossing *OTRB* May she meet up with my dear Golden Sister, Koko, and frolic happily. May you keep her beautiful memories in your heart pockets.

      Guess what? we might be distant cousins! Yup! We think I’m a cross between a flat coat retriever and a border collie. I tend to favor the border collie behavior part of my brain… So very nice to make your acquaintance.

      We wish we could meet and play with Austin… we think he would be a blast!

      Wishing you a happy, healthy and abundant new year… looking forward to getting to know you. 🙂

  2. Hi sweet Jetty – OOOH i love Austin m – what a doll! I can tell he gets super happy to have a visit from your wonderful Mom – how nice of her get him all those great toys and I know he really enjoys her special lovies!!

    hoping to see you guys soon!~

    • Hey it’s Jet here. Hi Miss Wendy.

      According to Mom, he’s a sweetie boy! She’s so happy he now has a few toys to play with…

      After they play awhile, she gives him a belly rub and he’s in K9 heaven!

      Same here. 🙂

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