Thankful Thursday: The Next Big Thing

Hey It’s Jet Here.

So, there we were, minding our mischief on Monday when we saw a comment from Kirby bestowing an award on us called:


What made this award incredibly meaningful was the way Kirby described my blog; he captured my essence to a “J”! Talk about making a manly man blush!

kirby with reindeer sweater“This is a dog blog of a wonderful black fluffy beauty called Jet. This blog is full of lots of doggy fun, including the odd recipe or two you might want to try making for your own furry one! But not only that Jet often goes out of his way to give lovingly in-depth and heartfelt sometimes hilarious replies/comments to everyone who comments on his blog or makes a post on their own blog he finds, and I think that good-natured personality alone has and will help Jetty stand out from the many blogs on WordPress”

thank you in many languatgesTears welled in Mom’s eyes and she had to pause a bit as she read this to me.   Profound gratitude almost covers the feeling when others truly understand your intent without spelling it out.  For that Kirby, you have endless supplies of Jetty manly man chest bumps, JJ hugs and belly rubs from Mom.

The Rules:  Nominate 5 blogs I think are amazing and could be the next BIG thing, in one way or another.  (We agree and will quote Kirby on the following: “Some of the nominations I already consider successful blogs, but in which I believe will even grow more!”)

  1. img_0040Savannah’s Paw Tracks – I know, she’s my BFF and I’m her Champion… however, I promise you, I’m choosing Savvy’s blog for the right reasons:  Considering she burst onto the blog scene less than a year ago and has already made a memorable impact is only one reason.  Savannah courageously shares her recovery process.  As a talented and gentle blogspondent for her series, “Real Rescue Cats and Dogs are Talking – LIFE CHANGING INTERVIEWS WITH SAVANNAH,”  Savannah illuminates inspiring stories of adult K9/feline experiences.  Savvy writes with a clever wit and has developed a special new project for 2013!  (I cannot divulge (VBP – vocab builder project) the details, you’ll have to stay tuned!)
  2. img_3056The Princess Tails – Sadly, Princess Zena  (or PZ as I fondly call her) began her blogging career as a result of her beloved blogging brother, Zac, crossing Over the Rainbow Bridge.  I can empathize with her feelings.  PZ and her Producer set off on a course to make PZ a star.  Shortly after, the family grew with the addition of her standard poodle brother, Raffles.  Generously, PZ, agreed to “raise him right!”  PZ writes with an older sister’s lilt and you absolutely cannot miss her retellings of classic fairy tales/children’s stories.  She graciously included me in her latest retelling of Rapunzel!
  3. litchiLong Life Cats and Dogs – Lady Litchfield (I call her Lady Litchi), her feline brother Sabre, and Miss Susan write highly intelligent, well crafted, witty posts.  We appreciate their efforts to highlight global rescue organizations.  Lady Litchi often finds herself spearheading efforts to unravel global intrigue.  One can hardly imagine their blog has not celebrated one year yet.
  4. nerissaNerissa’s Life – Believe it or not, we just found Nerissa (from a recommendation), last evening.  Blogging for slightly over a year, this feline shows off her prowess in the fields of science, law, psychology etc… with intelligent, imaginatively written posts… For some reason, it seems like Nerissa is well known in the feline blogworld, and not as much with us K9s!
  5. bellas dog diaryBella’s Dog Diary – Bella burst into the world and the blog scene in the spring.  She already had a paw up in blogworld, because her blogging brother, Alfie, co-hosts the Mischief Monday Blog Hop and visits with his sister and her humans on occasion.  Bella shares her puppyhood with us through innocent eyes and pride in her Entelbucher heritage.  Additionally, her human shares beautiful photos of the English countryside as well.

We would have listed Gizmo from Terrier Torrent, however, Kirby bestowed the award on Gizmo concurrently with us!

Another great, The Next Big Thing, day.

We joined the Thankful Thursday Blog Hop hosted by Pepi Smart Dog (formerly by Cokie the Cat!)



49 thoughts on “Thankful Thursday: The Next Big Thing

  1. Jetty, you, JJ and Miss L could not have deserved this award more…Mom & I have enjoyed getting to know you and hope we can do it “fur real” sometime soon…We were thrilled that Kirby included us along with you and other fine blogs, and are honored that you thought of us as well…Thank you so much for befriending us as newbies in the blogging world *manymanysnoogles* to you all

    • Hey Giz, Jetty here. Hi Miss JG.

      Back at ya Gizmo (and Miss JG!) Yes, we would like that as well. We would really like to hike with you. Mom has some family health issue management going on for a while, so… we may get delayed a bit…

      We appreciate and graciously accept your many many snoogles and return Jetty kisses, JJ hugs and belly rubs from Mom!

    • Hey Blueberry, Jet here.

      Gosh, thanks so much and thanks for letting us know about the replies; Mom dedicates hours and hours transcribing my thoughts and reading to me and Little Miss I Don’t Want to Miss Anything, too! 🙂

      We blog to make connection, so, we find the replies and visiting respectful and engaging. 🙂

    • Hey Emma, Jet here. Hi Katie. (and Mom)

      Emma, now you have me totally blushing, which I appreciate today since I’m back in the Cone of Shame/Elizabethan collar. 😦 (More on that tomorrow.)

      Thanks for saying you agree with Kirby’s pawesome description of my blog, you’re gonna make Mom tear again… and with her cold/sinus thingie… then… she won’t be able to breathe and then she will honk with the tissues and then… (only kidding!)

    • Hey Twiggy, Hey Onyx, Jet here. Hi Miss Chloe.

      From fellow gorgeous black fur furiends, your kinds words feel so special. Did I ever tell you that Mom wanted to name me Onyx and Rachel did the big VETO. We tried to select blogs that were slightly over a year and younger. Please let ’em know Jetty sent you!

  2. Hey there Jet! WOW! Oh wow, oh wow, oh WOW!!! Thanks so much for this beautiful new award. I do! I really, REALLY do! I love bling and this one qualifies as super-duper great bling. Do you really think my blog is the Next Big Thing? Wow… my ears have gone all pink from blushing. Thanks ever so much. Ever, EVER so much!

    Nissy from Nerissa’s Life

    • Hey Nerissa, Jet here.

      You are most welcome my new, profound thinking feline furiend! I do, I really do think you are one of the Next Big Things! We could hardly believe our eyes and ears when we read several of your posts. Looking forward to getting to know you better. 🙂

      May I call you Nissy? You can call me Jetty. 🙂

    • Hey it’s Jet here. Hi Miss Flea.

      Miss Flea, I’ve had a rough day… an unexpected visit to Dr. Schaffer’s today for that darn tail boo boo I get occasionally. So, your sweet words really help lift my spirits, if not my tail. 🙂

      • Hey Kirby, Jetty here.

        It was rough, I scratched Mr. Vet Tech really badly by accident when they shaved the ouchie part. I got a shot, a spray, and while Little Miss Annual Exam was in process… ointment… they sent me home with ice packs for Mom to use under my tail. I just wish I could get comfy. Dr. Schaffer said it feels like pins and needles when describing it to Mom. He said the worst should pass after 18 hours. Thanks for asking, Kirby.

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  4. Naaaaaw! You are making Kirby and me blush now! We were only telling the truth, of what we thought anyways, we are so glad it put a smile on your lovely face though Jetty, and maybe your mom’s aswell.You were the first bloggy buddy that really connected to Kirby’s and took the ime to always check us out even though compared to you our blog was such a small frie! And that will always be remembered 🙂 And I will definitely have to check out Nerrisa’s Life, as all the other blogs I have already loved and been following!

    • Hey Kirby, Jetty here.

      Thanks for lifting my spirits tonight with your sweet comments.

      Really? Kirby, you may be small in stature, but mighty in blogness! Do not ever diminish your talents, dude!

      Glad you feel the same way about our selections. 🙂

  5. Congrats Jet! Kirby is absolutely right! You are so thoughtful in your replies to all of the comments that you receive. It is wonderful that you take the time to do this!

    • Hey it’s Jet here. Hi Miss Ann.

      Golly gosh gosh, you’re making Mom and I blush deeply. Glad you enjoy and acknowledge our efforts… that’s why we get so behind. (Mom works multiple jobs, too!) One of our blog goals is to create connection, so, reaching out this way builds relationships. 🙂

  6. Hi sweet Jetty – First a big CONGRATs on your award – so well deserved – you and Mom put so much effort into your blog – it is the highlight of my day! Love seeing pics, learning new recipes, hearing about your neighborhood friends and adventures and just enjoying your witty and clever writings!

    BUT now….. OH NO not the vet! do you have a hot spot on your tail sweet boy? It’s strange because even though it;s not extra hot or rainy at all, Miss Cassie has also been super itchy and last week was at the vet and got put on some anitiobiotics for her itchies and some special shampoo. What did Dr Schaefer say? I’m sorry you had to do the vet thing – Really breaks my heart when you sweet loving souls are in pain or are uncomfortable – hoping you are feeling better already!

    sending many extra comforting feel better soon hugs and kisses to you, JJ, Mom and Rachel xoxoxo

    • Hey It’s Jet here. Hi Miss Wendy.

      Shucks, Miss Wendy, you’re making both of us blush… seeing you in our comment queue is an equivalent (VBP) highlight of our day!

      Miss Wendy? It’s that rotten pyoderma thingie again… only this time, Mom caught it within the first 24 hours. Dr. Schaffer said it can grow exponentially (VBP) even over one night. It was about 3 inches this morning. 😦 They shaved my tail a little, gave me a shot, a spray and a while later, ointment, and even sent me home with ice packs to sit on. (wasn’t a fan)

      From Mom: Jetty and Cassie sure seem to have parallel experiences, don’t they? Please give her extra lovies from Casa Jetty. I still have sinus and stuffiness, however, making small progress… thanks for asking. 🙂

      Sending no more itchies/ouchies Jetty kisses and JJ hugs to you, Mr. David, Jacob, Cassie and Rex xoxoxoxo

    • Hey Bunny, Jet here.

      Well gosh, thanks so much, and… your words about our selections really mean alot. We consider you a blog to aspire to, so, gosh, your words feel super terrific. Now if only Mom could learn about photography like Mrs. T! 🙂

  7. Jet congratulations on your award!!! *bouncer chest bumps* Do you know this was the first time I found where to leave you a comment; *barks at mum for not finding this earlier* You’ve thoroughly earned your award and no wonder your mum was teary. Keep up the good work buddy. Thanks for supporting Thankful Thursday. Happy Holidays! :=o) XXX

    • Hey Pepi, Jet here.

      Dude, may need to keep that bouncer chest bumps! I usually do manly man chest bumps! No worries, so glad you did.

      Thanks so much for saying so, that really means a lot from the guy running Thankful Thursdays!!! Our pleasure, we really enjoy reminding ourselves of how much we have to be grateful for. 🙂

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  9. Happy New Year Jet!
    Thank you, thank you, thank you.
    Lots and lots of puppy licks! We had a break over Christmas and it was Pawsome to spend so much time with my humans. Now I’m back to work, feeling bored and I see this to cheer me up.
    *wag wag wag*
    Thank you! Will acknowledge in my next post *wag wag wag*

    • Hey Bella, Jet here.

      Yippee, yahoo! So glad you had a wonderful holiday time. Happy, healthy and abundant New Year to you and your family, Bella. 🙂

      No worries, you deserve it, we so enjoy your posts, even if we cannot visit as often as we would like. I hope you are not as backed up as we are… 114 comments in the queue… Mom best get busy!

      Sending Jetty kisses and JJ hugs! 🙂

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