Little Miss Gotcha Day

Hey It’s Jet Here.

We’re participating in the Channukah Crawl this year, whoo hoo! Today, share the last Hannukah (I know, I spell it differently!) post with Cat Wisdom 101.

Technically, Mom and I will complete this post on JJ’s official Gotcha Day, December 14th.  Due to Mom’s cold/flu thingie and flow of posts, we’re posting Saturday.

Can you believe a year ago today, Little Miss JJ joined the family?  Here’s how it happened:

Koko 10-16-08 2After my golden sister, Koko, crossed *OTRB* in September 2011, we grieved.  As you know, starting my blog lifted our spirits and has now become a treasured part of our lives.  In November, 2011, Mom and Rachel thought they could no longer live in Casa Jet without A) another girl to even the odds (Puffy, Fluffy and I v. Mom and Rachel) and B) a GOLDEN!

Mom and Rachel began compulsively checking Golden Rescue South Florida’s website and FB page.  They found a possible situation, visited the K9 in question and then… icky stuff happened.  Let’s say the universe wanted us to wait.  Rachel was crushed, Mom saddened and me… truthfully, I didn’t know any better.

hannukah 2011 008Inner workings aside, Mom received a call from Miss Lisa at GRSF on December 13, 2012, that a 5-6 year old female was sprung from Miami Dade Animal Services and Mom could meet her the next night.  Mom didn’t want to disappoint Rachel, so, she went alone.  Two minutes in the door and that was that, JJ came home for a sleepover FOREVER!

Mom opened the garage and told Rachel to get something in the kitchen after school the next day.  Rachel did NOT show enthusiasm.  Mom did the usual “beg the teenager thingie” and Rachel went in to find a golden tail swishing.  Mom heard the expected squeal of delight.  She and Mom named JJ, Skylar on the way to Dr. Schaffer’s to get Skylar checked out.

skylar and dr. schaffer

jasmineWhen we announced Skylar’s arrival, our blogpals did not join in agreement over the name.  What did Mom do?  She asked for submissions!  Miss Wendy, (no doubt you’ve seen her in our comment queue), recommended both Joy and Jasmine.  Since Mom liked Jasmine first and Rachel preferred Joy, they compromised with JJ.  Mom thinks JJ fits way better anyway and she liked having another K9 with a “J” name.  Little Miss Sweet, Spunky and Sassy quickly exhibited many personality traits on a daily basis, and we learned more and more about her as the time passed.

We’ll share more memories throughout the week.

Another great, JJ’s first Gotcha Day Celebration.

Thanks to Life With DogsConfessions of the Plume and Two Little Cavaliers for hosting the Saturday Blog Hop.

saturday blog hop

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73 thoughts on “Little Miss Gotcha Day

    • Hey Sugar, Jet here.

      Mom promised to stay in the house almost the whole day and nap when she felt the urge.

      Sugar, you remind Mom of Koko, wonder how she would have reacted to JJ! Gotcha Days, well, gosh, they mean so much. Little Miss Gotcha Day looks like a baby deer sleeping to the right of Mom!

    • Hey BJ, Jet here. Hi Miss Lynda.

      *OTRB* means Over the Rainbow Bridge where furfamily members go to live pain free and send love and light back down to their families. 🙂

      Thanks for reading about JJ’s Journey.

  1. You know, I didn’t know your sister’s name until now… happy gotcha day to her! Off subject, but I was just wondering what kind of dog are you Jet? A flatcoat retriever?

    • Hey it’s Jet here. Hi Miss Ann.

      Really? That’s so funny!

      Oh Miss Ann, you are a smart human. We think I’m a blend of flat coat retriever (that’s what Golden Rescue told Mom I was over the phone!) and a border collie. They call us follies. It took Mom about 9 months to figure this out… when she google photos for follies, K9s who looked similar to me popped up! I exhibit many collie traits: I like perimeters, I herd a little, I’m anxious, I’m smart (if I do say so myself!), I protect my herd etc… my retriever traits: I love to swim in the canal (swampy and everything!), I’m sweet and loving to my family and fun and goofy.

      • Hey Everybody! First off, Happy Gotcha Day to JJ! Second, I always wondered what kind of dog you are Jet. I think you are gorgeous, but thought you might be some sort of an Afgan hound..and my spell check tells me I’m spelling that wrong, sorry but Aphgan isn’t right either…I’ve been out of the loop most of the week…baby sitting the pTiny. Back to JJ–Rachel must have been sooooooooooo thrilled to find her pup in the garage. Bet she does anything Mom tells her too nowadays! LOL Happy Saturday. P.S. Hope you’re feeling better really soon!

      • Hey Y-Bo, Jet here. Hi Miss Loy.

        From JJ: Hi and thank you for wishing me a Happy Gotcha Day. Rachel squealed really loud that first meeting! Miss Loy… between us gals… while Rachel loves us… she really prefers more petite K9s… Mom hangs out with us more.

        Oh, Miss Loy… an Afghan… wow… that would make me quite a runner! Here’s the thingie… when Mom saw me on Golden Rescue South Florida’s website, they listed me as a Flat Coat Retriever… when Mom met me… she knew something fishy was going on… after about 9 months, Koko and I were frolicking in the local bark park and Mom saw a mini-me! She asked the human and she said she thought her K9 blended terrier with BORDER COLLIE. Well, Mom had that lightbulb moment and googled flat coat/border collie mix and POOF… pics of Jetty-like K9s appeared. We’re called Follies (really we’re Heinz 57s, however, I like the name Follie, so, I’ll go with it.) This is all speculation, however, it’s the best we’ve come up with. I fit the character traits, too!

  2. Still sick – so sorry. Sending you lots of get better thoughts and wishes. They may take a bit of time to get there – long way to travel – but you’ll get them and feel much better when you do.
    Such a sweet story about JJ. So sad we have to ever lose any of our beloved pets but very glad JJ came into your lives.

    • Hey Lady Litchi, Hey Sabre, Hey Boks, Jet here. Hi Miss Susan.

      Guess what? Because you sent Mom your get better thoughts and wishes via cyberspace, she got it right away! Yippee…

      Indeed, however, as the Lion King memorialized forever, it’s the Circle of Life. Mom believes that her Angel fur family members send the next ones… and that they have the characteristics Casa Jet needs right at that moment. 🙂

    • Hey Mollie and Alfie, Jet here

      From JJ: I’m so happy to get the chance to write to you. Thanks for your wonderful box a few weeks back… I loved wearing my new bandanna. I jumped up on the counter to help Mom investigate your cool box. While I do enjoy treats, I love toys, playing and human attention even more! Mom says that’s how I keep my girlish figure!

      Mom promised to stay in the house today with the exception of our walks and shuttling my human sister! She will make some chicken soup to help the cause, too!

  3. Happy 1st Gotcha Day Little Miss Birthday Girl! I usually write to my pal Jetty but today I want to tell you that got really lucky when you got to go home with Miss Lori. Jetty has got to be the best brofur ever and you have a super family that loves you. Have a super happy day pretty girl! *gotchasnoogles*

    • Hey Giz, Jet here. Hi Miss JG.

      From JJ: Thanks Gizmo, I’m so happy you wrote to me!

      I do love my new forever home. Jetty plays with me whenever I want to, he lets me win a lot! He gave me all of Koko’s toys and his toys as well. Mom appreciates how much I want to help around the house, how funny I am, and bears with my most favorite thing… CHEWING!

      I feel pretty on the inside and out because of my family and Jetty’s blogpal friends, like you! Sending JJ hugs your way Gizmo. xoxoxo

    • Hey Emma, Jet here. Hi Katie.

      From JJ: Thanks so much Emma, I quite agree. I’m happy, happy right now chewing a hoof! BTW, thank you for serving as such a wonderful role model in the kitchen and in the photo studio. 🙂

    • Hey Socks, Hey Scylla, Hey Fenris, Hey Tuiren, Jet here. Hi Miss Alasandra.

      From JJ: Thanks so much. I’m so happy happy you think my name fits me purrfectly! (I like it too!) I’m pretty happy happy all the time!

      thanks, she’s sneezing right now!

  4. JJ happy Gotcha Day! Lucky girl!

    We are glad the blog was able to help you find comfort at a difficult time. We found the same thing. It is amazing the difference even “virtual” relationships can have.

    Have a great party!

    • Hey Lee, Hey Phod, Jet here.

      Thanks so very much… we thought it was pretty cool that Phody and JJ found their forever home around the same time. 🙂

      So true, Mom continues to be awed by it!

      Thanks guys. 🙂

  5. Hi sweet Jetty – please send Mom many hugs and feel better very soon wishes!

    I just loved hearing about JJ’s Gotcha Day ans seeing her pretty face! – I can;t believe it has been a year already! I remember when things didn’t work out as planned originally but I think it was fate and JJ was meant to be with you, Mom and Rachel! I know Koko is watching her from RB and smiling and laughing at her silly, joyful ways!

    sending Gotcha Day hugs and Kisses to you, JJ, Mom and Rachel

    • Hey it’s Jet here. Hi Miss Wendy.

      Thanks Miss Wendy, will do.

      Miss Wendy, without you, JJ would not even have her proper name! We love the image you paint of Koko… bet she’s hangin’ with Barkley too. xoxoxo

    • Hey Doggy, Jester here.

      Most welcome. Hey Doggy, check out our reblog from Princess Zena… this past Thursday, we think you would enjoy it!

      Thanks for your kind wishes for Mom, she’s “over it already!”

    • Hey Jack, Hey Ginger, Jets here. Hi Miss Rebecca.

      From JJ: Hi Jack (you handsome manly man… that’s what Jet calls gentlemen). All of us owe so much to GRSF… without them, we wouldn’t have found the happy, happier, happiest forever families. 🙂 Thanks for wishing me a Happy Gotcha day… (same to Ginger and Miss Rebecca of course.) 🙂

  6. Happy Gotcha Day, JJ! Thanks for sharing your sister’s story, Jet! I absolutely love hearing happy adoption stories! And kudos to your mom for considering an older pup to adopt. Your mom is one special lady! Please give your mom some puppy love for medicine to help her feel better! Have a great weekend, guys!

    • Hey Buddy, Hey June, Hey Cooper, Jet here.

      From JJ: Thank you ever so much. Jetty’s friends are so thoughtful! Mom wanted a fursibling for Jetty that matched his energy. We think Jetty is between 4.5 and 6, so, I fit right in!

      Mom asked me to share that puppy love is just the ticket… (plus she made chicken soup last night!!!)

    • Hey Dog Daz Zoo, Jetty here.

      Love you too, I take the comment in the way intended! 🙂

      From JJ: I’m so happy, happy, happy today because all of Jetty’s blogpals are taking the time to wish me a Happy Gotcha Day. 🙂

      I think it’s funny when he gives me all my nicknames; I know it means he loves me to pieces! Since I arrived, Jetty became super laid back according to Mom. I keep him up to snuff wrestling, (he’s so nice to let me win at least half the time if not more), he lets me have all the toys, he licks my paws when something hurts, he’s a really great brother. We think he’s slightly younger than me, so, considering that, he’s not an annoying little brother type, either!

    • Hey RA, Hey Isis, Hey Nanuk, Jet here.

      We couldn’t comment on your post today, however, we wanted you to know we felt the power of it.

      From JJ: Thanks so much, I’m so happy, happy today… play curtsy. 🙂

    • Hey PZ, Jet here. Hi Raffles.

      From JJ: Hi Pricess Zena. May I call you PZ too? I have a bit of a royal connection in that (according to Mom) my first name is Jasmine, who, Rachel tells me (being a Disney professional!!!) is a Princess!

      Thanks for your Gotcha day wishes and thanks for writing the BEST story about Jetty… he really is a Prince of a brother. 🙂

  7. OMC!!! Did I know this???? the shame of it!! I did not send special greetings and cards and stuff…MOM!!!….runs upstairs to tell Mom to get out that plastic card thingy…we have shoppin’ to get done!! paw pats and blessings, Savvydo and Mom

    • Hey Savvy, Jetty here. Hi Miss Linda.

      Savvy, no worries… breathe… We know how you feel about all of us and how could you know about JJ’s Gotcha Day date? (you’re a pawesome blogspondent, but, sheesh you’re not a mind reader!!!) No need for gifts… please, just having you in our lives is the gift of the year. 🙂 xoxoxoxox

  8. It sounds like the perfect happy ending for everybody! I’m so glad JJ came to your house and became who she really is. Here’s hoping her story continues for a long time to come!


  9. Mowzers, JJ! Happy Gotcha Day! (pee ess, mommy ‘betrayed’ us wif a doggie just like you last night named Penelope. She came home smelling SUSPICIOUSLY like dog, and didn’t even bring home any noms from the pawty for us. *sniffle*)

    • Hey FaRaDaY, Hey Maxwell, Hey Allie, Jet here.

      From JJ: Thanks so much, Jetty’s friends are so thoughtful and kind to me. Uh oh… it might not have been her fault. You see, golden girls like me have this uncontrollable need to attach themselves like this stuff called velcro to any human, particularly a nice, kind human like your Mom. It was beyond your Mom’s control, trust me. Now as to the noms… can’t defend your Mom as fervently (VBP) on that one! 🙂 You know, she will ALWAYS return to you … you are her dear, feline family. 🙂

  10. What a happy blog about JJ n how she came to be wif all of youz!!! Jet you iz a sweet boy fer sharin yer home wif another doggie n me iz so proud to know a doggie like you!!!
    JJ is a pretty girl doggie; gib her a kiss frum me.
    ~~head rubz~~ Nylablue

    • Hey Nylablue, Jet here. Hi Miss Sherri-Ellen.

      Awww, shucks, Nylablue, thanks… Little Miss Happy Happy has raised our spirits after losing my golden sister, Koko. Her spunky energy is good for Casa Jetty. I think I’ll let Mom give her a kiss for you… I prefer to wrestle with her! 🙂

  11. Hey Jetty,

    I so loved reading JJ’s gotcha story and how she got her name, you’re so lucky to have a doggie pal who actually lives with you Dude and she’s SO pretty!! 🙂

    Big wags,

    Your pal Snoopy 🙂

    • Hey Snoopy, Jetty here. Hi Miss Annette.

      From JJ: Thanks for the compliment Snoopy, I think you’re quite handsome… and… you have great taste in hair accessories! 🙂

      Yes, I admit, I enjoy having Miss Happy Happy around, she keeps life at Casa Jetty upbeat and energetic! 🙂

      Must be nice having a manly man best bud next door, right?

    • Hey Sampson, Hey Delilah, Jetty here. Hi Miss Jodi.

      Glad you enjoyed… we’re glad the story ended with Little Miss Happy Happy in our house!

      From JJ: Thanks so much Sampson, Delilah and Miss Jodi… Jetty has the best friends! 🙂

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