I was honored and excited to find myself the hero of a royal fairy tail today… PZ, you made our day!

The Princess Tails

Once upon a time there were two TT’s (Tibetan Terriers) who desperately wanted a litter of puppies. The father TT wanted a son to carry on his genes, the mother TT wanted a puppy to love.

One day Suprize (for that was the father’s name) was walking in a local park and met a wizard called Prissy Paws. For some reason he confided his dilemma to Prissy Paws and the wizard had a great idea.
He promised to give Suprize a magic potion to give to Stormie his wife so that they would have puppies, but only if he could have one female puppy from the litter.

Suprize agreed. He would have agreed to anything but in truth he was only interested in the male puppies and giving away a female was nothing to him, just another mouth that he wouldn’t have to worry about feeding.

When he went home…

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  1. Hey Jetty, Jack here. Bro that is so awesome. The pictures were great. They need to publish that. People would buy it. Dude you are famous and I am your best Bro. Proud of you Jets. Mom send love hugs and belly rubs. She is very sad tonight, and your story made her smile. I couldn’t get her to laugh at me and I did everything but stand on my head.. Her FB friend Susannah Charleson, the woman who wrote the book about her Golden Search and Rescue dog Puzzle, (“Scent of the Missing”) had her little Pom spayed today. She started bleeding and they lost her.. Susannah just lost two dogs over the last two months from old age and kidney problems. The loss of her new puppy is devastating. Soleil was such a ray of sunshine and a perfect pup. God speed her to the Rainbow Bridge.

    • Hey Jack, Hey Ginger, Jets here. Hi Miss Rebecca.

      OMD, we’re so terribly sad to read about Soleil’s sudden crossing *OTRB*. Please send along endless Jetty kisses and JJ hugs and condolences from Mom. Mom asked me to share that we take spay/neutering for granted, thinking it’s a no-brainer. While necessary, it’s still a major surgery, especially for the ladies. So, so, sorry…

      Glad PZ’s tale/tail cheered Miss Rebecca up even a smidge. I felt so lucky to have such a great surprise! Read through a few of PZ’s posts, she did another amazing one with the 3 little pigs…

      We encouraged The Producer to publish, too! Loved the hugs and belly rubs, Miss Rebecca. πŸ™‚ xooxxox

      Sending Casa Jack lots of lovies from Casa Jets. xoxoxoxo

    • Hey Lady Litchi, Hey Sabre, Hey Boks, Jaunty Jetty here. Hi Miss Susan.

      Lady Litchi, fear not, I remain your Jaunty Jetty/Gentleman Jetty. In a separate country, I now have earned an added royal title with which to serve another worthy Royal! Thank you for understanding that I can balance a variety of titles and responsibilities! πŸ™‚

      BTW, make sure you read our Thursday post… you are in it!

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