Thankful Thursday – Unexpected Appreciation

Hey It’s Jet Here.

Happy Thanksgiving to all who celebrate!  May your day be filled with family, friends, gratitude, appreciation, joy and abundance.  My human sister is out of town this year.  She and Mom chatted last night.  Rachel initiated a discussion about expressing gratitude and appreciation daily, not just on one day.  Mom beamed with pride on her side of the phone!

So, you may recall that Mom edited Snoopy’s upcoming  Mischief Master Class Book recently.  Snoopy and his Mum graciously showed their appreciation in a post.  When Mom read the post to us, you could tell she felt grateful in her heart because her face had a special kind of smile on it.

Well, in addition to the post, on the Sunday Mom finished her editing… the doorbell rang as Mom was cooking dinner.  When she went to the door, a delivery person stood there with a gift.

Unexpected appreciation fills the recipient with a layered type of gratitude.  For Mom, the first layer was the excitement of receiving a gift.  Then, after reading the card, she felt acknowledged (VBP – vocab builder project) for her contribution to help make Snoopy’s project a great success.  She felt that Snoopy and his Mum received her efforts as intended – from her heart.

You know, sharing such a personal project with another human takes courage, faith, and trust.  Mom’s grateful Snoopy and his Mum took the leap of faith, allowing Mom to read and edit their wonderful project.  (She will have another read through after our morning constitutional, in about an hour!)

Another great unexpected appreciation day.

We recently joined the Thankful Thursday Blog Hop hosted by Pepi Smart Dog (formerly by Cokie the Cat!)



59 thoughts on “Thankful Thursday – Unexpected Appreciation

    • Hey Misaki, Jet here.

      We thought so, too. 🙂 Gosh, thanks for saying that about Mom, she worked on it for about 20 hours!!! She wanted to make sure such a wonderful project read smoothly. 🙂

      Best of all, a portion of the proceeds go to help a therapy group! 🙂

  1. Hmmm dat luks like a book I shall haf to read…mebbe get some new ideas *evil grin* Happy Thanksgiving to you and your Mom Jet! Hope you snag lots of turkey 🙂

    • Hey Gizmo, Jet here. Hi JG

      Oh, yes, there are lots of ideas, wink, wink! And… best of all, a portion of the proceeds goes to a therapy dog group! 🙂

      Thanks Gizmo, to you and your family as well. Oh… the thought of turkey tidbits ahhh… you too, Dude!

    • Hey Oscar, Hey Archie, Hey Henry, Jet here.

      Well thank you so much. I believe you live across the pond, so, we will send you some virtual turkey!!

      We appreciated the gift, too. (Mom shared the naked fruit with us! Chocolate is dangerous for us K9s!)

  2. Hey Jet – we concur about expressing gratitude every single day! Being a pack of rescues, some with special needs, we are all grateful to have each other. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family!

    • Hey ACD6pack, Jet here.

      Likewise… sorry Mom’s late in transcribing. Like I tell all my blogpals, every day is great at Casa Jetty… the “before time” left scars of fear and anxiety… I will never forget how safe I am now.

      Mom asked me to share that she’s so glad your humans provide the same for you. 🙂

  3. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family! That is so cool from Snoopy’s mom – she seems very nice! Now that the editing is done, we hope to get to see the book soon 🙂 Thanks so much to your mom for editing!

    • Hey Emma, Jet here.

      Likewise… even though Mom’s LATE transcribing…

      Wasn’t it? Oh Miss Annette is nothing short of pawesome, must be in the genes at Snoopy’s house! Stay tuned… getting close. 🙂 Mom asked me to share that it was a privilege.

    • Hey Y-bo, Jet here. Hi Miss Loy.

      Oh Miss Loy, VBP well done! 🙂

      We enjoyed a quiet day together. We were most disturbed that another TERRIER (no offense) won the K9 show… hmpf. They didn’t even show my flat coat representative… double hmpf!

      Hope you and pTpT had a great day with the family. 🙂

  4. Oh Jet,

    What can I say – you and your Mom are SO sweet – thanks buddy 🙂

    I’m super thankful that I know you guys and that I and my Mum have you as our friends – we’re very lucky 🙂

    Have a lovely thanksgiving

    Bigs hugs ‘n’ wags,

    Your pal Snoopy 🙂

    • Hey Snoopy, Jet here. Hi Miss Annette.

      Most welcome, Snoops, the feelings are absolutely mutual. 🙂

      Thanksgiving was pretty good except we would have enjoyed more turkey, hint hint to MOMMMMM!

      Did you get tidbits?

    • Hey PZ, Jet here. Hi Raffles.

      We’re laughing at that one! yeah, I wasn’t too pumped about Little Miss Hog All the Attention’s arrival last December either. I must say though, I do enjoy her company. shhhh… don’t let her know I said that!

    • Hey Kroten, Hey Papoe, Hey Kurome, Jet here. Hi Miss Novroz.

      Thanks so much. We spent a mostly quiet day with Mom… thank goodness she brought home a little turkey for us in the evening. 🙂

    • Hey Sibes, Jet here.

      Oh thank you so much, hope you enjoyed your Thanksgiving as well. Mom was so surprised, she couldn’t believe the doorbell was for her with something good! 🙂 BTW, Miss Ann Paws had a post on epilepsy today (11/25)… we told her anything we knew was because of your wonderful blog. 🙂

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    • Hey Fred, Hey Gloria, Jet here. Hi Miss Janet.

      We had something called a low key holiday, we enjoyed each other’s company.

      Oh the gift was so special and totally a surprise! Mom loved helping out. 🙂

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