Follow Up Friday – Co-Host Edition

Hey It’s Jet Here.

I’m delighted and excited to join my pals Sampson and Delilah (and Miss Jodi of course!) in co-hosting today’s hop!  Sampson is a bit uncomfortable today, so, please hop over and send him some extra lovies!  Join us won’t you?

First Up:  Continued safe wishes for those affected by Sandy.  May your power get restored swiftly.  Please listen to the authorities regarding the safety of your water, downed power lines, debris and such.  Let us know how we can help when you can.

Please forgive our delay in responding to all your comments, we’re still digging out.  🙂

Saturday – Mom?  Ok, Mom went to Cleveland for her Summer Camp Reunion (after 35 years… and… in case you’re curious… her camp was in Maine!)  I gave her the day off!

Black and White Sunday: Golden Pumpkins

A newish blogpal, Miss Megan, posted great K9 stencils.  We selected JJ’s heritage to show you since mine was not represented.  Many of you responded that you wanted to go to Miss Megan’s site to see if you could find your heritages.  Now we have 365 days to find a talented pumpkin carver!

Mischief Monday: Hide and Seek

JJ and I scoured (VBP – vocab building project) the house for quite a while trying to find Mom.  As you already know, she had flown the coop and landed in Cleveland for the weekend!  Mom appreciated all the humans who commented that Moms need breaks every now and then to rejuvenate (Miss Jodi’s VBP word!).  Thanks for making sure that JJ and I received the proper care from Miss Angela (we did!).   The fur family members wrote in to confirm that Mom gave us the proper amounts of extra treats and lovies for taking time away… thanks for having our backs!

Tasty Tuesday: Orbs of Goodness

Bunches of you like tomatoes, whoo hoo!  The humans enjoyed the recipe; Mom really appreciated the comment about her always posting great and delicious recipes!  Dalton, from Wagg Foods in the UK offered to become another of Mom’s Kitchen K9s!  (Mom said the more the merrier!)

Wordless Wednesday: Jetter and Allie

Mom’s friend, Miss Shari (many of you thought Miss Shari was Mom in the photo!) shared her gorgeous goldendoodle, Allie with the Camp gang at her Sunday brunch.  By then, Mom felt severely fur deprived and gave Allie lots of lovies.  So many of you commented how beautiful you thought both Allie and Miss Shari are… correct in both regards!

I had to share the great Halloween Frankenweenie picture my friend Mollie made for me again.  Yes, I scared the fur off myself for all of you who asked!  Everyone wished us a Happy Halloween and we hope you had a great one, too.  My friend, Clowie said that Spain is just beginning to celebrate the holiday in the urban areas, but… not where she lives just yet.

Thankful Thursday:  Chewies for Gotcha Day 

Thank you for your gracious compliments on our first ever review.  Many of you appreciated my generous nature, sharing my gift certificate from Mr. Brent with JJ.  Mr. Brent confirmed that antler splits like the Moose split we ordered do not last as long as deer antlers.  Miss Dianda asked if they delivered to Europe… we emailed Mr. Brent and will let you know.

Mom promised a Gotcha Day stretch since she was out of town last Sunday, my formal Gotcha day… got my celebration off to an early start, even though Mom’s late!  So many of you wished me well, I’m still blushing with gratitude.

Another great co-hosting week!

31 thoughts on “Follow Up Friday – Co-Host Edition

    • Hey Lee, Hey Phod, Jet here.

      Hope your Friday was pawesome. Today, we had a surprise visit from my young neighbor, Ruby. We love when she goes on our constitutionals, she makes us laugh and pull… (she’s 7!)

    • Hey Lady Litchi, Hey Sabre, Hey Boks, Jet here. Hi Miss Susan.

      Thanks so much, so far, can’t complain, sunny skies, lots of snoozing, attention from Mom, wrestling with JJ… all good.

      Wishing you the same. 🙂

  1. Hi Jetty (and JJ and mom) thanks so much for co-hosting FUF wtih me. What a great post! If mom is anything at all like me, by the end of day one she was missing her fur babies!

    Did you guys get hit by Sandy? Pardon me for not asking sooner!

    Have a great Jetty day and I’m sure your gotcha day celebration will be top notch!! xoxo

  2. Hi sweet Jetty – Excellent weekly follow-up – I especially loved this week becuase I got to see many pics of you and JJ, eating, searching for Mom, having yummy treats and just being so cute! I did love your review of – looks like they have great stuff – so nice that JJ got some goodies too – your the best big brothers Jetty!!

    Gotha day Stretch I love it and know one deserves it more that you!!!

    sending TGIF goodnight hugs and kisses to you, JJ, Mom, Rachel and Puffy xoxoxox

    • Hey it’s Jet here. Hi Miss Wendy.

      Thank you, I feel your hugs when you look at my photos. {>

      I try to be a good big brother Miss Wendy… except…I found out this week, that I may be YOUNGER than Little Miss Maturity!

      Oh yes, Mom extended the Birthday stretch concept to Gotcha Days!

      Sending blue sky Jetty kisses and JJ hugs to you, Mr. David, Jacob, Cassie and Rex xoxoxox

  3. Hiya Jet! and JJ, Puffy and Miss Lori! HOpe all is well. We are late as usual in visiting, and will continue to be behind. We have to sort out what to do about visiting vs responding to comments vs blog posts etc…not to mention how much I miss joining Twitter Pawties! as always, very good recap of the week, paw pats, Savvy and Mom

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