Our Eighth Black & White Sunday: Golden Pumpkins!

Hey It’s Jet Here.

We met a new blogpal on the Saturday Pet Blogger’s Hop last Saturday.  Miss Megan shared a great post with Pumpkin stencils and a yummy recipe.  Since my heritages were not represented, Mom downloaded JJ’s!

Another great golden pumpkin day.

Thanks to My Life in Blog Years ​and Dachshund Nola for hosting the Black and White Sunday blog hop. 

32 thoughts on “Our Eighth Black & White Sunday: Golden Pumpkins!

    • Hey Urban Hounds, Jet here. Hi Miss Kate.

      Sorry for the late response, getting to the bottom of our queue finally!

      We agree, Mom grew up painting, not carving pumpkins. This photo impressed her!

    • Hey Dakota, Hey Cody, Jet here. Hi Miss Caren.

      We thought so, too. You have almost a year to find a Sheltie stencil… how cool! Miss Caren is super resourceful, we know she can do it. 🙂

  1. Nice pumpkin! Don’t feel bad have you ever seen a GBGV represented anywhere? Even finding a Kuvasz, which is my sister, is pretty slim pickins’. It just makes us special and we have to make our own pumpkins 😉

    • Hey it’s Jet here. Hi Miss Nichole.

      Thanks, we thought so too… we found it online, since Mom’s carving abilities… well… let’s just say she was raised painting pumpkins!!!

    • Hey Golden Pines Gang, Jet here. Hi Miss Kim.

      Sorry we’re just getting to your thoughtful comment now. At least you attempted carving… Mom was raised painting pumpkins, not carving them… she usually buys them nowadays and leaves them au natural to stare at.

      Do you have to prepare for the upcoming Nor-easter?

  2. Hi sweet Jetty – now that is a pawsome pumpkin! Best stencil I;ve ever seen! thank for sharing!

    sending cool weather goodnight hugs and kisses to you, JJ, Mom, Rachel and Puffy xoxoxox

  3. How awesome! I would love to be able to do that. It’s the carving I have trouble with. I also saw her post and loved the idea. Yours turned out great!

    • Hey it’s Jet here. Hi Miss Mel.

      Oh, you give us too much credit. Mom was raised painting pumpkins, not carving them! We borrowed these photos from other humans who had the talent!!!

    • Hey Savvy, Jetty here. Hi Miss Linda.

      Well thanks so much, we try to compose an interesting post! Yes, Sandy only brought a bit of downed branches in our neck of the woods. Phew…

      We’re crossing paws, fingers and toes that all those affected emerge safely. 🙂

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