Follow Up Friday: Jetters Edition

Hey It’s Jet Here.

Before we recap, we MUST share with you how much all your comments, thoughts of support, words of care and lovies meant to Miss Wendy on the loss of her sweet Barkley this week.  (noted in Tuesday’s post.)  In case you didn’t see her response, which we posted late that evening, scroll down to the end of the comments.  We knew our blogpals would rally to her side; thank you for taking Miss Wendy and her family under your paws.

Our friend, Miss Jodi, Heart Like a Dog, initiated this great idea to update readers on previous posts.  She created a lovely badge to go with her idea and recently turned her wonderful idea into a new blog hop!  Congrats!

Saturday: Honoring Adopt-a-Shelter Month

We began our week by highlighting two super adoption events in our area.  We thought both events creatively selected themes with corresponding posters.  The first, which begins at midnight tonight is a Super Adoption beginning with kittens and puppies.  The second paired hunky firefighters with rescue K9s strutting the runway.  We appreciated your support, understanding and dismay that I, Gentleman Jetty, was not asked to appear on either poster.

Sunday: Black & White Little Cat

When Mom unexpectedly helped Mr. Andy out on Saturday afternoon with Austin, she finally caught Little Cat in daylight licking his/her chops.  Mom’s befriended LC and now, when she visits, LC will brush up against her and permit petting.  You asked us to find out LC’s real name… Mr. Andy said, “kitty”, however, when he says it, with affection, it sounds like “koodie!”  (Another mystery solved!)

Mischief Monday:  A Fox?

Turns out that many of you have foxes in your area, too!  We subsequently learned, that, while cute, foxes can cause quite a bit of mischief and beyond.  Our friend, Miss Heather found out from Health Services that the urine can be toxic to children! (I know, you’re wondering why a human child would be in that situation… however, if the foxes are in your backyard… you do the math…)  Humans also have foxes as pets, who knew?  As you suggested, we will continue to admire from afar.  Oh, we have a few entries on possible names for our new fox: Foxy and Felicia… keep those ideas coming!

Tasty Tuesday: We Honestly Love Radishes!

We featured one of my personal fave veggies this week – radishes.  Many of you commented that:

  1. You didn’t know K9s could eat radishes.
  2. Many humans did not know how many varieties of the yummy radish exist.
  3. Many of the humans either enthusiastically enjoyed radishes or kind of wrinkled their noses.
  4. 3. A few K9s admitted to hiding said veggie under various furniture species with other offered veggies!

Wordless Wednesday: JETTERS

Boy oh Boy did we spook and scare you (and ourselves!) with Mollie’s wickedly talented Frankenweenie picture of yours truly!  For many of you who worried that I would remain in that scary form, Gentleman Jetty is back, gorgeous fluffy black fur and all!

Thankful Thursday: Triple Thanks

We appreciated your compliments on our award and our apology to Princess Zena.

Another great wrap up to the week!

16 thoughts on “Follow Up Friday: Jetters Edition

  1. I am shocked and horrified to find out that you were not requested to appear in the calendars Gentleman Jetty. They obviously just don’t know you well enough, or maybe they are intimidated by your fame. The firefighters definitely would not want you with them, as you would put their manly good looks to shame. 🙂

  2. Thanks so much for the recap Jet!!!! I am so jealous about your fox sighting. Since I live in a concrete jungle, I sadly have not seen one, but it’s on the top of my list during my next visit to the country. And thanks for the radish idea …. while I’m a greens of all kinds girl myself, I trust your judgment and am going to give radishes a whirl. Much love to you – XXOO – Mazzie

    • Hey Mazzie, Jet here.

      Mazzie, I bet you see a different species of foxes in the concrete jungle!!! BOL…I couldn’t resist.

      Oh yes, I highly recommend trying radishes, I bet you will enjoy the crunch. Mom gives us tidbits, a slide or a chopped piece… let us know.

      Sending Jetty kisses and JJ hugs right back. 🙂

  3. Thanks for the recap! Glad that Miss Wendy took comfort in all of our condolences. Hey – we’ve all been there (well, most of us) and we know how important it is to have the kind words of others that understand the loss of a pet is a very real pain.

    Thanks to you – I may actually grow some radishes in the garden just to see if Blueberry will be interested in eating them. Just because I don’t like them doesn’t mean she wouldn’t be open to trying them out! 🙂

  4. I am so sorry I did not leave Miss Jodi my most sincere regrets over her loss of sweet Barkley…so awful when we lose a furriend OTRB even if they have lived a long loved life. The hole they leave is so big. Please give her paw pats from me and a hug from Mom, Savvy

  5. I’m sorry to hear about your friend Barkley, I can’t imagine how Miss Wendy is feeling.

    I’m also sorry to hear you did not get to appear in the posters, I would have hung your handsome picture up in my crate!

    Though I can do without the Frankenweenie picture, that’s scary!

    • Hey Princess Gracie, Jet here.

      Sorry we’re just now digging out of our comment queue.

      How thoughtful of you to share your kind words of consolation.

      Blushing* – thanks for saying that about me being handsome…

      I understand, that photo scared the fur off me, too!

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