Follow Up Friday – Buddy Edition

Hey It’s Jet Here.

Our friend, Miss Jodi, Heart Like a Dog, initiated this great idea to update readers on previous posts.  She created a lovely badge to go with her idea.  Beginning last week, she teamed up with Miss Linda, from 2 Brown Dawgs (Miss Linda who saved JJ’s life!) and turned her wonderful idea into a new blog hop!  Congrats!

Saturday: Buddy Sitting

JJ, Puffy, Mom and I continued Buddy, the Beagle, sitting.  We learned that Beagles have way different characteristics than retrievers.  We learned that Buddy could give the Energizer Bunny a run for the money as the little Dude never stopped moving.  Mom had trouble taking photos to show you how adorable he is.  Can you believe the guy actually waited for 10-15 minutes before eating his kibble?  Mom gave him lots of lovies during this time and eventually coaxed (VBP) him into eating.  JJ and I scarf our food in 1 minute!  Mom also mentioned how EASY Buddy walked, very little pulling… hint hint… What?

Sunday: Buddy Vision

During a 4 minute oxygen replenishment rest, Mom snapped a photo of the Budmeister to show you!

Mischief Monday: Buddy’s (Mis) Adventure

OMD, did the Bud-Man cause mischief!  Mom walked into his kitchen and found this!  If you think that was a good dose of mischief, wait until this Monday!  Looked like Buddy thought he was a beaver instead of a beagle!

Tasty Tuesday:  We Love Broccoli 

We couldn’t wait to share two broccoli recipes with you; one with raw broccoli and the other roasted!  Because Mom offered the glorious crucifer two ways, JJ and I received double the tidbits!  Many readers shared: that their K9s had never tried the green goodness, they themselves either loved or disliked the tree looking veg or they couldn’t wait to make either or both recipes! Do let us know if you try them.

Wordless Wednesday: Evo the Great

We all agree – Evo is exceptionally gorgeous, striking and regal!  Thank you for sharing your insights on this giant breed.  Mr. Matt will so appreciate your compliments on his special girl.

Thankful Thursday: Backlogged

Blogpals, you did it again; you understood, empathized (VBP) and supported how backlogged we have gotten.  Mom and I are beginning our efforts to catch up on the generous awards we have received.  This week, we acknowledged receipt of The Addictive Blog Award from Zena at The Princess Tails.  We love sharing our story and equally love passing awards on to other wonderful blogs.

 Another great Buddy/broccoli/Evo/Addictive Blog week!

P.S. Mr. Ron was super sick this last week, so, no resolution to week 4 of Mom’s Outlook problems… (poor lady may end up bald from pulling hair out!) Also, if you want to read a great post about the Meandering Mollie party, you MUST, MUST, MUST click here!


22 thoughts on “Follow Up Friday – Buddy Edition

  1. Thanks for participating in FUF Jetty, you did a great job with your post. I did want to make one teensy correction, it was Hawk from Brown Dog CBR who co-hosted last week. 🙂 Hopefully I have a handle on the linky tool and you will be co-hosting one week very soon.

    Here’s hoping mom gets her computer issues under control and Mr. Ron is feeling better. Have a great weekend!!

    • Hey Sampson, Hey Delilah, Jetty here. Hi Miss Jodi.

      oops! We love Hawk, too! Guess Mom got her brown dawgs confused!

      We didn’t realize you had rotating co-hosts, how cool!

      Oh yes, we’re so happy for you and hope that means resolutions are on the way for us! 🙂

    • Hey Emma, Jet here.

      I think you would be great friends with all K9s you encounter! Since Mom has only known retrievers (through her Aunt growing up) and now through Koko, JJ and I over the last decade, she has a very small frame of reference. She loves learning about other groups and heritages for that reason among her general curious nature!

      She’s the one who listens to the breed descriptions while watching the Westminster and the other televised K9 shows! 🙂

  2. This is a great idea–Especially for someone like me who gets behind because I have to work to buy dog-food! 🙂

    For many years we have been feeding our crew broccoli–I steam it and add it to their meal. Our newest senior Sandy, doesn’t like it, and Annie doesn’t like her veggie’s either, but she chokes it down! 🙂

    I do hope you’re doing well, and enjoy your weekend!! Take care!!

    • Hey Golden Pines Gang, Jet here. Hi Miss Kim.

      Mom asked me to share she understands… she goes to the biscuit earning place (s) to pay for our healthcare and kibble! She’s still paying off our sweet Koko’s bill.

      Yippee, glad you share broccoli tidbits with the Gang, too. Perhaps Annie needs yummy melted cheese on top, BOL!

      Likewise, have a great weekend and take good care. 🙂

  3. Hi sweet Jetty – I agree with you and Mom poor Buddy was scared and lonely and did’nt mean any harm! so glad his humans were understanding! Just got back from Petsmart – very quiet only a few puppers! Working at Fresh Market tomorrow. I hope all is well in Casa de Jetty and you have a lovely Friday night and a fun Saturday –

    sending TGIF goodnight hugs and kisses to you, JJ, Mom, Rachell and Puffy xoxoxox

    • Hey it’s Jet here. Hi Miss Wendy.

      Fresh Market???? Oh Miss Wendy, ours just opened… Mom has not even gotten there yet. Yummy! Wish we all could play outside today… for ONCE we have a gorgeous day. We got caught in the rain this morning, though.

      Sending sunny, breezy Jetty kisses and JJ hugs to you, Mr. David, Jacob, Cassie, Rex and Barkley xoxoxo

    • Hey Scout, Hey Teddy, Hey Ash, Jet here. Hi Miss Lisa.

      Oh yes, you must try it, we love the green goodness! We bumped into the Budman last night with Neve and Miss Beverly, Dixie and Miss Mary Ann, JJ, Mom and I. He’s such a cool dude, he gets along with everybuddy! We concur, Evo is a stunner.

  4. Woof!!!! OMG – I can’t believe you love broccoli!!!! I thought I was the only dog that lives for greens. While broccoli is my favorite, I also love sauteed spinach and kale, and even green beans and brussel sprouts. Much love to you 2- XXOO – Mazzie

    • Hey Mazzie, Jet here.

      Oh, we may have to ask Mom to make you an Honorary Kitchen K9 for her Kitchen Counselor business! We love all of those veggies too! Mom even grows kale in the backyard sometimes.

      Sending Jetty kisses and JJ hugs right back. 🙂

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