Follow Up Friday: Fur Friends Edition

Hey It’s Jet Here.

Our friend, Miss Jodi, initiated this great idea to update readers on previous posts.  She created a lovely badge to go with her idea.

We’ve featured lots of fur friends this week.  Last Saturday, Mom shared her thoughts and feelings about seeing Austin again.  She and Austin reconnected quickly and they resumed their summer K9 sitting routine of wags, walks, tug, fetch, grooming, and lovies.  Austin couldn’t wait to show Mom how much he still enjoys playing with his rope!

Black and White Sunday:

We thought featuring Austin playing outside with his favorite Frisbee fit the bill and you agreed!

Mischief Monday:

Casa Jet gave a loud whoo hoo to Mom and Austin for their achievement on Saturday.  Austin interacted positively with his lady neighbor, Sparkle.  Sparkle’s human Mom, Miss Janet, and Mom ended up chatting in the middle of the street for quite some time as ladies often do.  (Jetty! Yes Mom? I know Mom, that’s a stereotype… but gosh Mom, as far as I can tell, it’s quite accurate.) Austin and Sparkle chilled out on the street; you would never know Austin has difficulty socializing with other K9s.

Tasty Tuesday:

Thanks to so many of you for the enthusiastic feedback on Mom’s Cranberry Dip Selection to welcome fall.  I hope all of you make it really soon, so your K9s can enjoy the yogurt as much as I did!

Wordless Wednesday:

Mr. Puffy Boy (as Mom likes to call him at times) got the nod for his “strike a pose” instead of helping Mom try to fix her ongoing Microsoft Outlook problems.  In addition, you read how he moves Mom’s file pile in a way that imitates falling leaves.  No, Mr. Ron did not visit Casa Jet Wednesday or Thursday, which bummed Mom out.


A sad, unexpected post shared a goodbye tribute as one of Mom’s acquaintances bid farewell to her angora goat, Penny, who crossed over the Rainbow Bridge this week.

We’ll feature another unexpected fur friend tomorrow… can you guess who?  Hint:  He’s a K9 from the neighborhood.

Another great, except for Penny’s crossing, fur friend, week.

P.S. Please keep paws/fingers crossed for Mom’s Outlook issue.  Mr. GoDaddy helped Mom about 55-60% yesterday with her Kitchen Counselor blog.


25 thoughts on “Follow Up Friday: Fur Friends Edition

    • Hey Doggy, Jet here.

      You and your human made Mom’s day! She asked me to share that as soon as her Outlook gets repaired so she can access her folders, she will write her next newsletter. She thinks you both will enjoy that as well. 🙂

    • Hey Savvy, Big Guy here. Hi Miss Linda.

      Don’t you know it Savvy… keeping Mom busy transcribing. 🙂 We love when you wave your paw at us! Sending Jetty kisses, JJ hugs, and lovies from Mom (Puffy was otherwise engaged)…

  1. Thanks for participating in FUF Jetty! You did a great job with your post. If your mom has a minute, have her go to my website and add her link. I’d do it for you, but I don’t have your e-mail addy. 🙂

    • Hey Sampson, Hey Delilah, Jet here. Hi Miss Jodi.

      We LOVE FUF and receive warm responses for the concept. 🙂 Wowee wow wow… it’s official now? Whoo hoo Miss Jodi, great job! 🙂

  2. Hi sweet Jetty – I really enjoyed this weeks post (except for hearing about sweet Penny) always love seeing pics of any member of the animal world! I;m off to bed as I have to work at Coscto again tomorrow demoing Dove products. The best part of my day was when I struck up a conversation with a lovely man about his 2 rescues, an aussie and a mix – he was beaming talking about them – always more fun to talk dogs than soap but it;ll be good biscuit $ this weekend at Coscto. I hope you and your family had a lovely day – I think it was a rain free day! let’s hope it stays that way all night so your Mom can get a good night sleep!

    sending happy Friday goodnight hugs and kisses to you, JJ, Mom, Rachel and Puffy xoxoxox

    • Hey it’s Jet here. Hi Miss Wendy.

      Miss Wendy, so many Dove products, bet you will have the cleanest hands ever!!! Yay for the man who rescued and shared!!

      Hope you slept well and had a positive day yesterday. Mom had lots of stuff going on, so, was not able to check on comments. 😦 (She said she can tell you more via the phone thingie!)

      Yesterday, JJ barked a lot at the lightening. We received intermittent (VBP – vocab building project) rain yesterday which set me off a little…

      Today is Spa morning, so, I’ll be smelling mighty fine soon!

      Sending tons of soapy Jetty kisses and JJ hugs to you, Mr. David, Jacob, Cassie, Rex and Barkley xoxoxox

    • Hey Bunny, Jet here.

      No resolution on Outlook, blog is BACK UP, whoo hoo! Mom is contemplating a post today. There are still features that do not work correctly, that’s the next item on the “to-do” she says. If by chance, you head over there, will you try to subscribe and let us know if it works? We think it does not. 😦

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  4. It’s amazing and almost makes me want to cry, just seeing Jet. He looks IDENTICAL to my childhood dog and best friend Smitty. So far in all my life I have not seen a dog who looks like him as much as Jet does, and he doesn’t just resemble him, he looks “exactly” like him, its very surreal, but at the same time warms my heart. I will enjoy reading your blog and Jet’s adventures to come! He’s a beauty! 🙂

    • Hey Kirby, Jet here.

      So nice to make your acquaintance. 🙂 Wowee wow wow… do you think Smitty guided you to meet me? Mom believes that K9s from her past send her the K9s she has adopted. Since we’re new friends, we think I’m a cross between a flat coat retriever and a border collie aka “Follie”… does that resonate (VBP – vocab building project) with you?

      On Smitty’s behalf, I send you and your human Jetty kisses and JJ sends her famous hugs!

      Considering I was 4 days from I cannot even mention the word… at Animal Services, your compliment of calling me a beauty makes me blush! 🙂

      • Oh yes you most definitely are gorgeous! My dog at the time was a rescue to so no one ever knew, but I can guarantee you if that is what you are Jett that is definitely was what he was, the resemblance is uncanny. Looking forward to reading your blog!:)

      • Hey Kirby, Jet here.

        Aww, shucks, now I’m blushing… I’m a rescue, too, so, we just guess! We look forwrd to getting to know you better as well. 🙂

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