Mischief Monday: Mischief for a Good Cause

Hey It’s Jet Here.

This HAS to stay between us, ok?

For those who read our weekend posts, you know that Mom K9 sat for Austin again.  Well, you may or may not recall that his humans keep reminding Mom that Austin doesn’t do well with other dogs.  They cautioned her to take care if they see a K9 while walking in the neighborhood.

This past Saturday, Mom took Austin for a morning constitutional.  At the end of the first block, they saw a woman with a dog approaching perpendicularly.  Mom had Austin sit and pay attention to her.  The woman and the dog approached Mom and Austin.  From a bit away, the ladies began a conversation.

  • Mom:  Hi, this is Austin.  I’m having him practice sitting while other dogs pass.
  • Woman:  Hi, I think I’ve seen him before.
  • Mom:  Yes, he lives down the street.
  • Woman: Me too. (turns out 3 houses away!)

The two pairs come closer and Mom explains that she’s K9 sitting, that she’s been told Austin has trouble with other K9s, however she thinks he’s simply uneducated.  Would it be ok to meet the woman’s dog?

  • Mom:  My name is Lori.
  • Woman:  My name is Janet and this is Sparkle.

At first Austin seemed unsure, as did Sparkle, but Mom and Miss Janet felt relaxed and gave it a go.  Austin politely sniffed Sparkle and vice versa.  The ladies kept speaking, exchanging info about the dogs, Koko, Puffy, Fluffy, JJ and me, their careers, their families, the area, and on and on as ladies often do.  (Jetty!) Sorry Mom, but, you ladies DO speak a lot!

Before they know it, they realized that the two dogs have chilled out in the middle of the street!  They decided to try walking as a pack, which worked beautifully.  They tried to make a date for Sunday morning, however, Miss Janet had plans.

Mom told Austin how proud she was, how she knew he could do it, how she couldn’t wait to have him walk with JJ in the future, (and then me, as both Austin and I are Alpha males).  She gave him tons of lovies, played rope, rubbed his belly, kissed his nose, all the while telling him how great he did!  Score one for Good Cause Mischief!

Another great progress day.

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65 thoughts on “Mischief Monday: Mischief for a Good Cause

  1. Well done! It’s nice to make friends. We’re a bit picky too but that’s because we are cats. All cats are picky.

    We’ve got a new book out. A romance called Wildcat in Moscow. Come and take a peek? 70% off for 2 days.

    • Hey Dakota, Jet here. Hi Miss Caren.

      Oh, I hope it helps. They say meeting on walks is a good beginning because the territory is neutral and … if you need space, well, no biggie! I cannot imagine a cool K9 like you not getting along with others, pshawwww.

  2. hey Jett,

    Great post! I love happy news and happy endings! Austin, congratulations! I am furry proud of you, and of Jett’s mom for taking a chance on you. You did marvelous! Keep up the great work!

    I am an Alpha Male as well, but I know I would have a blast playing with both Austin and you, Jett. However, us Alpha Males can act, well, Alpha Male-ie at times, so it is good your mom is saving the two of you for last. Good luck when you two try it together! :->


    • Hey Suka, Jet here. Hi Miss K.

      Thanks Suka. We do too. Mom will share your compliment with Mr. Andy tomorrow. Miss Judy agreed to have Mom bring JJ over to walk with Austin. whoo hoo!

      Suka, you are wise and understanding. Hoping you have a comfortable day. Sending Jetty kisses, JJ hugs and lovies from Mom. 🙂

    • Hey Jeffie, Hey Rudy, Jet here.

      Ah, Rudy, how nice of you to offer your company. 🙂 Wish we all lived closer, JJ and I would love to walk with you guys. (Mom’s NJ term of endearment.)

  3. Our friend Buddy’s parents tell mom all the time that he does not llike other dogs but mom does not care, she just walks us as always and sure enough the first few dogs he went nuts but then he learned he was the only nut and everything was cool. After a bit of time he even started playing with other dogs! I think it is partly what the owners project onto the dog.

  4. I do passive gossiping at the park, which basically consists in overhearing what the ladies chat about with my headphones on but the music off.
    I need to find a play date for Doggy, he’s getting wild, like a dingo.

    • Hey Doggy, Jetty here.

      Your human is too funny!

      Yes, we K9s love play dates and they drain our energy for sure. In fact, we’re off to walk with the lovely Dixie and Miss Mary Ann in a few minutes. 🙂 Mom also noticed that having 2 K9s in the house helps, as well. 🙂

    • Hey Snoopy, Jet here.

      We agree, life is so much fuller with furriends! Mom told Mr. Andy this morning and Miss Judy just now. They were… amazed! Miss Judy is open to Mom bringing JJ and trying together. whoo hoo!

  5. How interesting!! Your mom found a friend and so did you 😉

    I sure hope Austin will be a more sociable dog in the future.

    Ps: I really like that first photo…the cat looks stronger than the dog 😉

  6. Hey Jetty, what a lovely post. I do wish you and mom lived near me, I’m sure Miss Delilah could use the assistance of someone as wise as mom. You and JJ are very lucky Jetty. 🙂

  7. Great job! I love that there are other owners that are willing to let their dogs be guinea pigs for training other dogs that just need that little extra help in the area of socialization! 🙂 Blueberry gets asked a lot for other dogs to meet her. Since she is so calm and almost “blah” about other dogs – it works out great and the owners and dogs benefit and are very grateful!

    • Hey Blueberry, Jet here.

      You rock! Helping other K9s learn skills. Pretty and nurturing, what a combo! 🙂

      Yes, we agree, so grateful to owners who participate in skill building.

  8. Hi sweet Jetty – so happy for Austin – another example of how amazing your Mom is! She is so pawsome at so many things!!
    I bet she would work her magic on Miss Cassie because Like Austin’s Mom, I also get nervous when other dogs approach when I have Miss Cassie and she feel my tension and gets feisty!

    sending storm free goodnight hugs and kisses (we have had bouts of torrential rain all night – Cassie’s not happy! – I hope you guys are storm free) to you, JJ, Mom, rachel and Puffy xoxoxo

    • Hey it’s Jet here. Hi Miss Wendy.

      Tell you what… what if Mom works with Cassie, and you help me with my … uh… anxiety issues? Oh we need a play date for SURE now.

      Miss Wendy, I cannot even imagine you getting nervous, so out of character.

      Yes, we’ve had the same rain bands, I’ve … uh… been hiding out a bit. Mom even tried to bribe me with a smidge of roasted chicken this morning. Got me to empty the tank by the house and that was that! 🙂

      Sending you clearer sky Jetty kisses and JJ hugs. Please send the same to Mr. David, Jacob, Cassie, Rex and Barkley xoxxoxo

    • Hey Miss Kodee, Jet here.

      Nice to make your acquaintance. 🙂 WE’re super excited for Austin. Hopefully his humans will keep the ball rolling! His human Mom, Miss Judy agreed to have Mom bring JJ over to walk together. 🙂

    • Hey Fred, Hey Gloria, Jet here. Hi Miss Janet.

      Miss Janet, we’re thinking about you guys (Mom’s NJ term of endearment) and sending all the positive vibes we can. 🙂

      We’re proud of Mom and Austin, too. 🙂

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