Listening and Expressing

Hey It’s Jet Here.

JJ had her four week ear check on Thursday.  Little Miss “So Darn Happy” finally figured out what may happen when she and Mom go for a long car ride.  JJ happily enters Dr. Schaffer’s office, greets Miss Judy, properly shakes hands with all humans in the waiting area and then it begins… the nervous shaking, looking forlornly (Vocab Building Project VBP) at the door, and wishing she could borrow the cloak of invisibility from Harry Potter!

Miss Judy came out from behind the desk to say a proper hello to JJ and JJ plopped on the floor inching towards the exit!  She thought Miss Judy was charged with ushering her into “the room”.  Everyone laughed an understanding chuckle, empathizing with our girl.

Mom distracted JJ by visiting with those in the waiting room.  First they met Macy, a black lab puppy who should just plaster the word “adorable” to her forehead!  Her human, Mr. Gordon, recently lost his 14 year old K9 and you could tell Macy returned a happy atmosphere to her forever family’s lives.

Copper and (Mom deeply apologizes for forgetting the 2nd feline’s name… she will call Miss Judy when the office opens) won the adoption lottery. They ended up in a forever home with a Guardian that saved seven other felines as well, treats them all lovingly, and fixes all of their medical issues on a teacher’s budget!


Mom and JJ waited a short time “in the room” for Dr. Schaffer and Miss Vanessa.  As soon as they walked in, Little Miss “I Can Make Myself Invisible” tucked her golden self behind Mom’s legs.  When Dr. Schaffer went to lift her, the most HUMILIATING thing happened.  JJ, uh… expressed herself. Graphic description, (skip if squeamish (VBP) anal gland expressing)  OMD!  Mom had NEVER seen this before.  Let’s say sanitation occurred for no less than 5-10 minutes.  Mom wished for a clothespin, noseplug or any other smell blocker!

Thinking she outwitted the humans, JJ hung out on the exam table, shedding and shaking,  Alas, Dr. Schaffer returned to complete the original task, check our girl’s ears!  The more challenging ear passed muster while the easier ear… looked gooky (layperson’s term.)  So, Dr. Schaffer said Mom has to include the “easier ear” in her twice weekly wash, dry, medicate regimen.

The good news – an eight week follow-up; the bad news – I have to go with Little Miss “Expression” next time, as the visit will mark my annual check-up requirement.  (Bummer.)

Another great, glad I wasn’t there, day!

Thanks to Life With DogsConfessions of the Plume and Two Little Cavaliers for hosting the Saturday Blog Hop.


33 thoughts on “Listening and Expressing

  1. Sounds like me – I am terrified of the vet, shake like a leaf and head for the door all the time. You should try my earwash in my My Floppys post – I am ear problem free for a whole year now – works wonders, better than anything any vet ever gave me!

  2. Poor JJ. Vet’s are great but who really wants to go,right? Most of my dogs hated it. I think my Labrador Maya is the only one who really loves going to the vet… more people love her, I guess.

    • Hey it’s Jet here. Hi Miss Dawn.

      Yes, it’s most logical that we would feel uncomfortable going to the vet, just like Mom is petrified about going to the dr! (shhhh… don’t tell everyone, ok?)

      We’re lucky that Dr. Schaffer and the pack are so nice. 🙂

    • Hey Bunny, Jet here.

      Mom continues to maintain JJ’s ear cleaning/medicating schedule and right now, we do not see signs of scratching on either side.

      Mom says your Mom is SOOOOO right, P-U!

      Little Miss Happy-Go-Lucky is taking a power nap at present!

  3. Hi sweet Jetty – poor little JJ – got herself so nervous – JJ looks terrified behind Mom;s legs! she really has a very expressive and lovely face -please give her an extra hug for me and whisper in her ear that I love her.I did really enjoy the pics of JJ and the lab puppy, and the pretty kitty! Don;t worry about your vet visit it’ll be ok!

    Please tell Mom thanks for asking – I do feel better today!

    I don;t have to work all weekend so Miss Cassie had a super Spa Saturday – she got a warm bath with her medicated shampoo, blow dry, brush out, tiny fur trim and manicure! she looks extra fluffy and smells yummy! I really enjoy bathing and grooming my furbabies!

    Sending sleep well goodnight hugs and kisses to you, JJ, Mom,Rachel and Puffy xoxoxoxox

    • Hey it’s Jet here. Hi Miss Wendy.

      I know, I even felt bad for Little Miss Leave Your Brother Behind While You Get a Car Ride! We will Miss Wendy, she deserves it! JJ’s a big hugger, so consider a loving hug in return. (although she did deliver a piece of Mom’s undergarments to the kitchen today!)

      You think so? I get a little nervous once they start poking and prodding where they shouldn’t!

      Yippee, glad you feel better. Mom had a bit of a tummy virus. (caught from a fellow work-mate yesterday. 😦 )

      Yippee, you deserve a break. Mom will give us a Spa Day either tomorrow or Monday morning, depending if we go swimming. Wow, Cassie got the VIP package, you may have to teach Mom about the manicure!

      Poor Mom spent 3 hours on the phone with Mr. GoDaddy because her Kitchen Counselor blog went POOF! My blog didn’t work all day either… more on that Monday. Glad I dictate because that tech stuff is sure complicated.

      Sending sweet dreams Jetty kisses and JJ hugs to you, Mr. David, Jacob, Cassie, Rex and Barkley xoxoxox

      As Mom transcribes this, I’m having a doggie dream, my paws are twitching.

  4. I havent done saturday blog hop in ages, I should do it again soon.

    I hope JJ’s ear problem could get well soon. poor girl has too go to the vet that many timer, it must be tiring. As for you Jet, hope the vet is in good mood next week 😉

    • Hey Kroten, Hey Papoe, Jet here.

      Oh yes, the hops are certainly fun. Mom tries really hard to visit as many of our friends as she can. Yesterday was not successful, she was super tired after a few events Fri/Sat, so, we’re way behind again. 😦

  5. Hi Jets, Miss Rebecca here. My boy Elliott (who is now dating Koko at the rainbow bridge) use to have to have his anal glands expressed every other month. They would always schedule him as the last appointment of the day because he could sure clear out the building. I feel sorry for little JJ she must have been very frightened. Elliott use to love the Vet and when we got there if Dr. Netzly didn’t come out to say hi to him, he would bark until he did. Tell Mom, if she doesn’t already have it, they have medicine at the Vet’s to dry JJ’s ears after swimming. I just use people dry ears on Jack. He likes to stick his whole head under the water and dive under to get toys. I have a short video of him going under the water and digging for clams at the bottom with his nose when we were at a friend’s lake.
    Hope Mom is feeling better, Hugs and kisses to all. Jack says hi but he is too busy ripping up his new toy to write.

    • Hey Jack, Hey Ginger, Jet here. Hi Miss Rebecca.

      I think Dr. Schaffer will make Mom take the last appt. too, from now on… She was terribly frightened, she “told” me.

      Her ear issues are not water related unfortunately, she arrived from GRSF with infections and issues! 😦

      Oh wow, someday we would love to see the video of Koko’s boyfriend! (you’re no doubt right, bet they have the best time OTRB)

      Mom’s getting there, she just ignores her discomfort, mostly…

      Dude…. what new toy? is it good? are you going to get in trouble for ripping it? Dude, don’t lose your email privileges again!

      • Hey Bro, Jack here. I have finished performing a squeakerbotomy on my new toy which was a squirrel. Mom ruined half the fun since he was stuffingless but I did manage to get all the squeakers out in record time. Mom is use to me ripping toys, she just shakes her head, so I don’t get in trouble. My (human) Aunt Val says it is because I am a mighty hunter and I see my toys as prey. She is a Shrink so she should know. The video is not of Elliott, its me dude. I hunted clams at the lake, got some too. Although we have lots of video’s of Elliott. Mom says to tell your Mom that a tea made from equal parts of anise and fennel will make her tummy feel better. I do confess that I am in trouble today though. Mom just finished cleaning the house, the wood floors and the tile. She had to go out so she took Ginger and me out to potty. On the way back in, I jumped in the pool, even though she was yelling “NO JACK NO, NO POOL” I stopped on the top step, looked at her and said “What the heck and dived in. Now I am in deep do do.

      • Hey Jack, Hey Ginger, Jet here. Hi Miss Rebecca.

        Dude, busted again, huh? Mom’s giggling… May have to have Miss Rebecca guest blog for Mischief Monday!!! Mom asked me to share a big thanks since she’s at the biscuit earning place and snuck on for my blog for a quick smile and you made her giggle… except, she has to hold it in!

        Ah, the old squeakerbotomy, huh? JJ performs that exercise as well. And… since you are both goldens after all… we’ll let the humans do the rest of the logic! We’ve gone to the shrink’s too… All good reports so far… we help Mom keep something called her sanity!

        Oh, sorry we misunderstood about the video. 😦 Perhaps you and JJ could have a clam date, bet she would like that alot!

        Mom loves fennel, and anise, great idea… she usually takes ginger (BOL) tea and something called nux vomica homeopathic thingies.

  6. I don’t like to got to the vet’s either, but I guess it’s what we need to do. Glad that JJ’s ears are being taken good care of. I have ear “issues” too and get mine cleaned almost daily!

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