Thankful Thursday – 7:30 Phone Call

Hey It’s Jet Here.

Amazing what a 7:30 a.m. phone call can do!

So, if you read Monday’s post, you will know we’ve had some “tech issues” at Casa Jet.  What you might not know is Mom had a 25 minute phone call Tuesday with Ms. ADT and they could not solve Mom’s alarm problem.  They wanted to set the alarm off at 7:42 a.m. to “test something else.”  Mom did not think the neighbors would appreciate that test, no siree, bob!  She said thank you, and would call back another day.

Mom finally stopped procrastinating, wishing the problem away, hoping for tech miracles, etc… and called Mr. AT&T this morning to discuss: home phone (working on and off in no logical fashion), wireless working the same way, causing mayhem on computer, cell phone all of a sudden working sporadically, and internet going koo-koo!

Mr. AT&T spent 1.5 hours on the phone with Mom.  Here’s what the outcome was:

  • Unplug little Netgear wireless thingie from computer and hope things improve. CHECK.
  • Set an appointment for another Mr. AT&T to visit Casa Jet in person for home phone. CHECK
  • Transfer to Mr. AT&T mobility to discuss cell issue (Mom could not bear another long call.)
  • Test internet, turn off computer, reboot, etc… push lots of buttons. CHECK.

Mr. Mario called first (very polite) and arrived on time.  He liked JJ and I right away, so, we followed him around to learn a new trade.  JJ in particular may have a career change in her near future.  (She particularly liked Mr. Mario’s IPad!)

After some investigating, (my Scooby Doo Academy detecting techniques teacher would be proud,) Mr. Mario found this teensy weensy thingie outside wasn’t crimped fully.  Well, he crimped and then: home line had dial tone right away!  And, Mr. Mario recommended that Mom call ADT while he was doing paperwork (really IPad paperless work!), to see if that fixed the alarm problem.  Mom did so and yippee, yippee; the trouble light went away after Mom pressed a bunch of buttons in the order prescribed!

Now if Hurricane Isaac leaves Casa Jet alone, we may stay in business!

Another great, tech support day!


48 thoughts on “Thankful Thursday – 7:30 Phone Call

  1. Mom is a computer geek but when we have issues with the internet stuff she gets her panties all tied in a knot! Anytime she has to start messing with the router, modem, vonage box, etc, she is a wreck so I understand!

    • Hey Emma, Jet here.

      Boy, you’re lucky she has such skills… Love Mom, but she’s computer so-so at best!

      Glad you understand… totally can relate to the panties in a know thingie!!! 🙂

    • Hey Mollie, Hey Alfie, Jet here. Hi Miss Stella!

      So far, the crossing of paws is helping! Except for the problem Mom forgot to mention… when you turn off the laundry room light sometimes the battery back up and gateway automatically disconnect! hmmmmmm….

    • Hey Kroten, Hey Papoe, Jet here. Hi Miss Novroz.

      Thanks, so far, so good today… except when Mom turned out the laundry room light which caused the battery back up and the gateway to shut off without Mom doing ANYTHING! Smart Mom unplugged and replugged and all was ok… for now.

    • Hey Boomer, Hey Dottie, Jet here. Hi Miss Emily.

      So far, so good, keeping paws crossed! Thank you… I’m still unaware of the “H” out there. Mom’s going to begin prep tomorrow when we know more specific tracking info as it gets closer. She’s got a flashlight and a book for the Mancave #2 with pillows if necessary!

  2. Oh Cat!! don’t you just hate tech problems when they spread like a bad bacteria through all your tech machines. Ugh! We have done the ‘unplug netgear’ etc. many times before, have even done it to get rid of hacker hooks called “redirects” which can eventually take over your browser. Very bad stuff. Glad things are working better…sent the interview q’s in Word 2003 paw pats, Savvy

    • Hey it’s Jet here.

      Happy to package rain up for you and send off. Thanks for your thoughtful “H” wishes… we will probably have to start preparing tomorrow morning. Cross your paws for us. 🙂

  3. Hey Jet, Jack here. Mom is having the same problems (minus the cell phone) with Comcast. Her internet and the phone go off and on and the signal is so weak on the second line, that she cannot send a fax. This is a real problem because Mom works from home and if clients can’t call we get no biscuit money. Comcast was out last week and put a boost on. Yeah right, it boosted Mom’s internet speed (not) to lower than dial up. She called Monday and the first appointment they could give her was today. When they never called to confirm the appointment Mom called and they had cancelled it because there was a black out and they thought that was the problem. Mom got really mad, Ginger and I ran for the bedroom, bottom line Comcast is suppose to come today. However there is only an hour left and they are not here I am ready to go back to the bedroom because I can see Mom steaming. BTW I haven’t been on to comment, because I couldn’t resist the drop and roll the other night and lost my computer privileges.

    • Hey Jack, Hey Ginger, Jet here. Hi Miss Rebecca.

      Oh NO! Do you think we’re contagious? Miss Rebecca, did you give them the Naughty speech? Did you give them the better business speach, help me howard, etc…

      Do you need Jack and I to go do our Manly Man thingie to Mr. Comcast? I’m there for you.

      Jack, dude, the drop and roll? Dixie did that last week and got the naughty speech and Neve did it (more on that next week) Wednesday night! Did you get an unplanned spa night???

      I think you owe Mom a spa day of her own! 🙂

      • Hi Jetty, Miss Rebecca here. Thanks for the Manly Man offer but I hope it will not be necessary. They are suppose to be here today. They originally told me Saturday to which I replied NO. YOU WILL HAVE SOMEONE HERE ON FRIDAY TO FIX THIS. Sorry to say I have no patience for stuff like this. Jack got a mini spa night. He half way missed his roll target so I was able to take care of it with the waterless bath solution that I always keep on hand. Jetty, I have been thinking about you and I hope you are prepared for the weather we are suppose to be having this weekend. Praying that you don’t get too freaked out. Remember to relax and breath, Mom would never let anything bad happen to you. She would protect you with her life. Sending belly rubs and ear pets to you and JJ.

      • Hey it’s Jet here. Hi Miss Rebecca.

        Crossing paws that they show and fix the problem. 🙂

        Phew, only a mini spa…

        Well, Miss Rebecca, I’m unaware so far of any “H” thingies out there. Mom on the other hand is keeping an eye on it and planning on flashlights in the mancave #2 with a good book and pillows!

        Hope you guys are not deeply bothered either.

  4. Well they never showed for the appointment. Mom called and after holding for 20 min. (while Ginger and I did our PP dance) they told her they would send someone out Sat. That when Mom blew up and we ran. They are sending someone out tomorrow. (We will see)..

    • Hey Jack, Hey Ginger, Jet here. Hi Miss Rebecca.

      Totally understand Miss Rebecca… I’ve seen similar eruptions from Mom when they do that to her, too.

      Crossing paws for you today. 🙂

  5. My person used to hate calling the Help Desk at her old job because it usually meant two hours on the phone with them. After awhile she learned all the stuff they were going to make her do and did it before she called them. Glad your mom got all the stuff working again.

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  7. So glad it’s all sorted now but (as you can see, I’m playing catch up here), it doesn’t look like the hurricane is leaving you alone. Hope it does end up missing you and that you are all fine and no more techie issues.

    • Hey Litchi, Hey Boks, Jet here. Hi Miss Susan.

      Nope, it’s headed our way, darn, darn, darn… already residing in Mancave #1. We had a rough walk this morning and the rain is pouring cats, dogs, and boks! These are the outer, outer bands, so, more to come… worst expected sunday/monday 2 a.m. ish…

      Mr. Fred (former man of the house) is stopping by to help us shutter up and stuff, just to be safe. We will have to turn off the computer sometime today… 😦

      Thanks for your kind wishes, keep sending them please. 🙂

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