Wordless Wednesday: Take That BSL!

Hey It’s Jet Here.

Mom does this clicking thingie each morning to give 10 pieces of free Kibble to felines and K9s.  Yesterday, one of the answers linked to a story about a Pit Bull adopting a white lion cub rejected by her Mom after Jojo, the cub, had surgery.

For those who fear the vicious, white shark-like reputation of the Pitties… check these photos out.

Another great, Pit Bull education and caring day!

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52 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday: Take That BSL!

    • Hey Bella, Jet here. Hi Miss Leslie.

      We know, it’s a simple click (two clicks to help both K9s and felines)… who could say no to that? Uh, Miss Leslie? Mom might be embarrassed about this, but… sometimes she gets the answers wrong!

  1. Awwwe…how sweet!

    Hey, what is the hurricane looking like for you guys??? We own part of an adjusting company and they are getting ready in case it hits. Just wondering where you guys are and if you are expecting any kind of weather at your place? If so, keep safe and we are thinking about you!

    Wags and Woofs,
    ~Scout, Teddy and Ash (It’s kind of strange not typing Shiloh first…)

    • Hey Scout, Hey Teddy, Hey Ash, Jet here.


      Not great… we are in the Cone of Probability. We’re looking at the weekend… chatter in the office is about hurricane shutters and how much work we will all have to do. Recommendations for water, gas, batteries, the usual… no fun… and there is another one right behind Isaac. Of course just in time for the 20 anniversary of Hurricane Andrew.

      We know, Mom always signed cards, Koko, Jet, Puffy and Fluffy, then Jet, JJ, Puffy and Fluffy, now, Jet, JJ, and Puffy… feels funny and sad.

      • It does feel funny and sad 😦

        If either hurricanes hit, my son and husband will be traveling to Florida. Depending on how long they are there, I might have to take a visit to Florida! That sounds like fun but wish it wasn’t because of a hurricane.

        It sounds like a lot of work for you…so sorry. Be careful and keep safe. Sending thoughts and prayers your way.

      • Hey Scout, Hey Ash, Hey Teddy, Jet here.

        Hope today is one smidge easier for Casa Dogs N Pawz. 🙂

        If they do, or if you want in advance, I will email you my cell. They can stay with me (if they do not mind a hot house and of course, the fur family!) Looks like it’s veering a bit west, so, maybe, not as bad… crossing paws and fingers. 🙂

  2. Too cute! I didn’t even realize that was a lion cub in the photo until I began reading the comments. I just thought it was a fluffy puppy! High five.. err.. paw.. for loving pitties!

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