Monday Mischief – WordPress, Get Ready for the Naughty Speech!

Hey It’s Jet Here.

Hopefully, we will be able to post this. Since Saturday, Mom has been unable to:

  • Approve or Reply to Comments
  • Access Notifications (to see if she could comment there)
  • Access the Electronic ONLY “contact us”

Of course, this guy called Murphy, who has his own law, visited Mom’s computer just when so many thoughtful, kind, wonderful bloggers sent in bunches and bunches of condolences on the loss of our sweet Fluffy. Oh those comments have piled up like sand when you intend to make a big castle. Mom worries that the kind souls will not know how much we appreciate them taking the time to send in their messages of support. Further, she does not know how to fix or alert WordPress to the problem since she has no way to contact them.

I know what you’re thinking and yes, Mom has already tried:

• Restarting Google Chrome (so many times, I wanted to tell her… STOP THE MADNESS!)
• Restarting computer (nicely and something called the hard way…)
• Clicking all buttons known to man and beast…
• Begging, pleading, cajoling (vocab builder), etc…

If you have a WordPress blog (not self-hosted), do you have any ideas??? Mom’s STUCK.

Another great (for other reasons I’ll share later this week), day.

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63 thoughts on “Monday Mischief – WordPress, Get Ready for the Naughty Speech!

    • Hey Brian, Jet here.

      Dude, whapping sounds good to us! Next time (and unfortunately there always seems to be a next time), we know who to contact… do you know how to find South Florida???

  1. OMG you poor thing!!! This Monday must be “rant” Monday! (wait til you see my post!! lol) I am on WordPress and not self hosted but today was the first day I tried to blog, etc and haven’t been having issues. I am not the most technologically savvy person in the world. Could it be that maybe you got so many comments that it had you freeze up? What do others think?
    I am hoping that the trouble resolves for you soon!

    • Hey Dakota, Jet here. Hi Miss Caren.

      Thanks for your empathy, we’re going to check your post out in a minute. We may have to apologize to Mr./Ms. WordPress because we now think the problem was something larger. (see today’s post!)

  2. WordPress actually has a support forum and I’ve gone there to get help when I’ve had problems before. You probably won’t have to wait too long to get an answer. I don’t want to scare you, either, but it’s possible your blog could be hacked. You might have to reset some passwords if you can get back in and check your settings to see if anything has been altered. It’s unlikely that has happened, but it’s not impossible. I hope you get things working again soon! I know how frustrating it is when it doesn’t!

    • Hey Bunny, Jet here.

      Please thank your human for such sage advice. Luckily/Unfortunately, we had larger issues… check today’s post!

      Cross your paws that Mom will see improvements! 🙂

  3. If you haven’t done so already, I would try opening WordPress in a different browser (e.g Firefox or Opera) and see whether you have the same problems.

  4. Oh dear! 😦 My Mum doesn’t really know what to suggest, other than going to the WordPress forum (she says she THINKS she saw a forum somewhere). She’s very new to blogging herself and so far has been lucky…

    Big WOOFS and good luck from Solo and his Mum 🙂

  5. Hi Jet,

    Sorry your mom’s computer is getting into such Mischief. Hopefully you can get it resolved soon. Unfortunately we are self-hosted so I’m not too sure how to solve your problem without being able to contact WordPress.

    Good luck!

    • Hey Linus, Hey Stetson, Jet here. Hi Mr. Colby.

      Things are looking up today, paws crossed, this will continue. Check out today’s post to see what Mom did.

      Thanks for trying, we really appreciate it.

  6. We used wordpress…but everything runs normally for us 🙂
    Hope your mom can fix things up soon.

    By the way, I always forgot to tell you that for unknown reasons, your comments always end up in our spam comment 😦 Lucky we never deleted the spam before checking it first

    • Hey Kroten, Hey Papoe, Jet here.

      Mom now thinks it wasn’t WP, rather a larger issue… (see today’s post!)

      Same with a few other WP blog pals… hmmmmmmm… thanks for checking before deleting. 🙂

  7. Has she tried hitting it or threatening it?? Typist always reaches that point, and when that fails she tries reverse thinkingness and goes makes a cup of tea!

  8. Aww, Jet, Sorry to hear about Fluffy AND the wordpress being annoying, lets hope it’s all fixed soon eh! It doesn’t rain, it pours! Well, you’ll have to be extra cheery to your human. Lots of head in the lap and soft eye moments I think.

    • Hey Bella, Jet here.

      Thanks for your kind thoughts about our sweet, Fluff.

      Mom thinks it may have been more a browser issue!

      Oh, Bella, we had spa day on Sunday, so, we had lots of together time. Plus, Mom LOVES the way we smell after our shower… JJ gets lavender shampoo and I get green tea rosemary!

  9. I have a small wp issue myself and am hoping to hear back from the help people soon. Other than googling the problem that is the only idea I have. it can be really frustrating sometimes!

  10. We’re so sorry for your loss, Jet. 😦

    About your WP problem, have you tried using IE? Sometimes, for reasons unknown to us non-techies, things work on one browser when they’re not working on another. I don’t know if it’ll work, but it’s worth a try. I’ve heard a lot of people complain about WP fizzling out on them in different ways at different times. So frustrating!

    • Hey Daisy, Jet here.

      We are so appreciative of all the intelligence in the pet blog world. Mom had BIG problems on IE and Mozilla last year, so, she was afraid to open another browser at home… but… I think that may be the answer, at least for now!

  11. Have you tried opening it in a different browser? I have using anything other than chrome, but sometimes it takes a different browser to get things moving.

  12. Oh Dear,

    Sounds like WordPress sure is up to some bad Mischief on you, I hope you get sorted out soon buddy 🙂

    Wags to all,

    Your pal Snoopy 🙂

  13. So much to deal with. As if you weren’t having a bad enough time of it already. Unfortunately, I haven’t being going at this long enough to figure out much of any kind, so I’m afraid I’m of no help to you here. Sorry.

    • Hey Litchi, Hey Boks, Jet here. Hi Miss Susan.

      Mom’s using another computer and browser system and guess what? It works! So… something at Casa Jet is the culprit. 😦 We may have to apologize to Mr./Ms. WordPress.

  14. Hey, Jet, tell your mom to try another browser at home–I see she’s already done it at work. I have IE, Firefox and Chrome as well as a PC version of Mac browsers (they keep changing) because I build sites and need to look at them in all the browsers as I work. So, if something else I’m doing doesn’t work right in one browser, I just use another! But I always found that WordPress both free- and self-hosted works best in Firefox. Try using that and see how it works.

    Yes, all you need when you are grieving! Thinking of you.

    • Hey it’s Jet here. Hi Miss Bernadette.

      So many smart, smart, smart bloggers… poor techno-challenged Mom! Thank you, your insight (vocab builder) is most illuminating. 🙂 Mom had huge Firefox issues about 9 months (now that she thinks about it) back, so, she was scared to go there again… maybe just for my blog???

      Thanks again, thinking of you as well.

  15. Jetty, I’ve been finding lately that WP seems to work better with Firefox as the browser. Just my experience, but it may help. Maybe mom should remove google chrome and see if installing Mozilla isn’t a better fit for what she needs. 🙂

    • Hey Sampson, Hey Delilah, Jet here. Hi Miss Jodi.

      Mom had BIG Mozilla probs about 6 months ago which led her to Chrome. She’s at the biscuit money earning place and they have IE and she said my blog is working great. hmpf. What to do at Casa Jet???

  16. Hi sweet Jetty -that is a alot of mischief! How frustrating! I’m no good at tech stuff so I can;t even offer any help

    sending nontechnical goodnight hugs and kisses to you, JJ, Mom, Rachel and Puffy

    • Hey it’s Jet here. Hi Miss Wendy.

      Well, from the technical prowess (vocab builder) Mom thinks it was a browser issue more than WP… may have to apologize… woof.

      Sending lots of Jetty kisses and JJ hugs to you, Mr. David, Jacob (how’s school?), Cassie, Rex and Barkley xoxoxoxo

  17. hey Jett,

    So sorry for your mom’s problems. Blog problems are the worst! We have been wanting to switch to WP because we have so many issues with blogger, but now I wonder if we should! Hope she is able to get it corrected and that it never happens again.

    I am furry happy you had so much love and support offered to you during this difficult time. The pet blogging community is truly wonderful, especially when someone is in need, or just needs comfort and support. Hope you are all feeling a bit better.

    Suka and K

    • Hey Suka, Jet here.

      As we just wrote to the Tonks over at Rykerz boys and Allie… from what we learned from our blog pals, it seems to be more of a browser issue than a WP issue. We generally enjoy WP very much… do not feel discouraged because of us… Mom experiences a great deal of tech issues which result from a very old wise computer, inconsistent ATT service, and electrical poltergeists in Casa Jet!

      Thanks Suka, yes, we’re growing accustomed to the quieter house… and deeply appreciate all the kindness shown our family.

      • hrm….well, we’ll definitely wait til the momma’s hair’s no longer on fire… (she’s still at work, yipes, we’re HUNGRY!) If she doesn’t visit for a week or so, please miss us…! She’s crazy busy at work and hasta go out of town for a week *sniffle*

      • Hey FaRaDaY, Hey Maxwell, Hey Allie, Jet here.

        No worries, we’ll miss ya, but know we’re thinking of each other. My Mom has had so many computer/electrical issues we are so behind on the kind, comments about Fluffy… (a week today) *sniffle*…

        Yeah, Mom gets off a proper dinner feeding schedule too sometimes, hmpf!

  18. oh Cat! do we ever hear ya!! Mom actually was having a ton of problems…but miracle of miracles…she switched to Chrome browser, dumping IE, and most of her problems with WP went away!! Apparently, as Chrome is a Google product, it is friendlier with other blog sites, making it faster to visit and comment. And IE didn’t like to load videos, but Chrome has no problem and does it faster. Chrome does change a bit about how we interact on WP within “create a new post” section, especially ‘cuz we use lots of photos per post, so Mom just pulls up IE when she wants to use several photos, puts them in the post using IE, then goes back to Chrome to finish. We do everything else with Chrome now and we have way fewer problems. paw pats, Savannah

  19. Which why we left Blogger for Squarespace! Only $8 month and someone is always available to fix the problem. If interested just click on the black box in the right hand column of my blog for a free trial.

    • Hey Kirby, Jet here.

      Wow, you’re so knowledgeable. Uh… Kirby? We have to admit that… it may not have been WP, rather a browser or… worse, an ATT problem… ATT is due at Casa Jet in 15 minutes!

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  21. I have been having various problems with all things blog this past week. I had to do a bunch of computer/browser updates and I think it threw things off. Hope you got it worked out.

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