Mischief Monday: I Couldn’t Help It…

Hey It’s Jet Here.

On Saturday, Rachel and Mom left JJ, Pluffy and me to our own devices for a few hours.  While they gallivanted (vocab building project VBP) around town (Jetty, we ran mundane errands…), we stayed home.  Ok, we took long, comfy snoozes, but still…

Mom dropped Rachel off at a meeting and went to meet a friend while doing more errands.  During this part, the sky turned black and sent streaky lights, booms and pouring water down.  When Mom walked in with a bag of groceries, she found me like this:

  • She said I MUST ask you to see where my back paw is… yes, it’s stuck in the gate.  You see, I tried to squish my handsome self out of the laundry room through the feline door.  Yes, I know this is beneath me.  The call of the litter box during storms sounds like a symphony I tell you!
  • She said I MUST ask you to note that I disengaged the gate from the walls.  What can I say, I’m strong!
  • Mom said I MUST also ask you to notice that spot on my nose.  Yes, that’s what you think it is from the litter box.  How humiliating!
  • Mom said I MUST ask you to look at the 3 bowls I knocked over leaving general chaos on the floor.
  • She said I MUST accept the title of Mischief Maker this week.  (hanging my head, pitifully…)

Another, got stuck in the gate, sort of great day.

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73 thoughts on “Mischief Monday: I Couldn’t Help It…

    • Hey Emma, Jet here.

      Well, first, Mom gently extracted my paw, then cleaned up. I kind of made myself scarce. I got a mild naughty speech when she entered, however, she felt getting stuck was consequence enough.

      Fluffy of Pluffy fame, can no longer jump much, so, box is on floor behind cleaned out pails of cat litter now holding other items as a deterrent. (I, Jet, almost graduate of Scooby Doo Academy, can navigate all deterrents in laundry room!)

  1. hey Jett,

    Your story makes me sad! I am sorry your leg got stuck and I hope it did not hurt. And I hope you were not afraid from the dark storm that came during your mom’s absence. Those can be a bit scary sometimes.

    But as far as mischief goes, I concur that you do deserve the “Mischief Maker” title for the week. You covered all the basis! When you decide on mischief, you sure go all out! ;->

    And don’t worry, Jett. We like to tell ourselves that kitty litter is beneath us but in reality, cat poop is cat poop and sometimes a dog has to do what a dog has to do. I much prefer cow dung, though. BOL!


    • Hey Suka, Jet here.

      You have a heart of gold Suka. No, I did not hurt my leg, thank goodness. That’s what Mom checked first.

      Unfortunately, I zombie out during storms, I’m petrified! Mom’s tried everything… (you can search through my blog…)

      BOL! I do go all out, don’t I!

      Exactly my perspective, Suka, thanks for stating it so well. 🙂 Never tried cow dung… not in my neighborhood. Sounds good though!!!

  2. Oh Jett, I’m so sorry you gotten you paw stucks, but worser than worse is the spot on you nose!! Jett, did ya eat the cat poopie?? Awwwww, the caviar of the box! Well done!!

    • Hey Winston, Jet here.

      Yes, I sampled the caviar of the box… when you say it this way, I feel much better about myself! Winston, you are a wise manly man. Thank you for helping my self esteem!

  3. Hey Jet,

    I’m sure glad your Mom came home when she did and was able to rescue you from your ‘Mischief’ buddy!! Sounds to me like that naughty storm was the real Mischief Maker – nope, I don’t blame you at all! 🙂

    Wags to all

    Your pal Snoopy 🙂

    • Hey Snoopy, Jet here.

      Snoop, you’re BRILLIANT! Yes, that’s it… the storm is the mischief maker, not ‘ol Jetty boy! Excuse me a moment… HEY MOOOOMMMMM! It wasn’t my fault…Snoopy reminded me it was the storm!

  4. Hey Jet, it’s so embarrassing when our people make us tell everything we did during a thunderstorm. At least my person stayed home with me today – and it only thundered a couple times. I had to come up with some different mischief for this week’s post.

  5. Hey Jet! We feel kind of bad for you because we don’t like the storms either!!! LadyBug totally freaks out and hides under the bed and won’t come out for hours and hours even after the storm is over!! So, we totally relate…and that whole catbox thing…well, that was probably just an accident! xoxo Chloe and LadyBug

  6. Oh Jet, wez hopes yoz didn’t hurt yorself..Wow, that sure was good Mischief..
    I don’t like storms wiff thunder, I hides under the table 🙂
    Have a great naughty Monday 🙂
    Big hugs
    Moliie x

  7. Oh the shame of being caught in doing mischief. Oh the shame!

    LOL. Cat doo-dee on your nose… sounds pretty embarrassing!

    Huggies and Cheese,


    • Hey Misaki, Jet here.

      My new friend, Winston, of Winsome Winston fame, calls it caviar of the box… sounds much fancier and acceptable… helps my self esteem!

      We haven’t been near horse poo, but, sounds like it has potential!

  8. Toby here. Oh Jet this is a paradoxical (Yay for Vocab Building!) post – so sad but at the same time very funny. I hope the storms stay away from your neighborhood for awhile. I don’t mind storms myself BUT I’m very jealous as I’ve never had a chance to sample cat caviar, horse poo OR cow dung. I’ll start bugging the folks to get a cat. (Amy here. Never happening 😦 Toby’s dad isn’t a fan of cats)

    • Hey Toby, Jet here. Hi Miss Amy.

      Yippee, we love when our anipals pawticipate in our Vocab Building Project!

      Gosh, I wish I could say they would, however, we live in the tropics and our stormy season (including the “H” season) runs from about April to December. 😦 Cat caviar… love that label, makes me sound sophisticated!

  9. Hey Jets, Jack here. I would plead temporary insanity (living with a lawyer I pick up all kind of things). Sorry the storms came while your Mom was gone. I have never had the opportunity to sample the cat poo thing but I do roll in duck poo sometimes. I think it smells great but Mom gets mad and throws me in the shower and washes me with stuff that doesn’t smell half as nice. The neighbor’s dog has escaped its house twice now (she breaks through doors) and runs over to our house, jumps through the screen on the patio and end up at our door because she is afraid of storms. Mom has to lock us in the bedroom and let Katie in until her human comes for her. I like Katie but for some reason, Ginger doesn’t and tries to bite her on the nose.

    • Hey Jack, Hey Ginger, Jet here. Hi Miss Rebecca.

      Dude, what a great strategy! Mom went to that law school place, however, she said all the info fell out of her brain on graduation day!

      Oh, the drop and roll, dude, yup that definitely sets you up for the shower!

      Sorry to learn about Katie, she sounds even more fearful than JJ and I. 😦

      • Jet, Jack here. I am going to do a big confession here. I thought I was going to end up at puppies without parents place for this one. It was really late one night, Mom stayed up watching a movie so it was hours past our usual bed time. She took us out and once I was out of her sight, I did the old drop and roll. We we came in I sneaked right past Mom and into the formal living room, (the one with the cream carpeting). I flopped down and propelled myself from one end to the other, rolled and rolled and rubbed duck poo from one end to the other. I was having so much fun until Mom came in. She took me outside and had to hose me off. Then I got the shower, then Mom had to clean the bathroom, then she had to clean the carpets. I think it was about three by the time she got done and she was not happy. Whew. I don’t think I will do that again. I guess she really loves me because she forgave me.

      • Hey Jack, Jet here.

        Dude, you’re so right, Miss Rebecca loves you more than her interior decorating gene!

        BTW, Mom’s still giggling, not sure why! She said thank you for your confession, she needed a big smile today!

        Reminds me of my canal escape morning, when Mom had to do similar clean up and still get to work on time!

  10. Oh Jetty! That is just terrible, I know when I’m scared I want comfort food. Granted it’s not kitty tootsie rolls, but hey to each his own. 🙂

    You must have been so afraid to wedge yourself in like that, did you hurt your foot at all, or did you just get yourself stuck and not be able to get out? I imagine not being able to move panicked you even more. 😦

    • Hey Sampson, Hey Delilah, Jet here. Hi Miss Jodi.

      Pleased to say I’m A-OK! Yes, I think that happened right before Mom walked in. I probably knew I should get out of the laundry room ASAP and well… my manly man-ness couldn’t scoot out the cat door!

    • Hey Boomer, Hey Dottie, Jet here. Hi Miss Emily.

      No, I certainly did not do it on purpose, my mind goes to another dimension during those horrible storms. Mom knows and understands… 🙂

  11. Oh Jet. Tootsie Rolls in the cat box are so hard to ignore. My babies like the chicken and duck piles in the backyard, too. Being a dog is tough sometimes.

  12. Hey Jet!! Hope your leg is feeling better- WOW, you really got into some mischief! I see that you like to venture into the litter box when Mom is away….sounds like my pups! Hope you have a great week and we would love to get together soon– being that we are neighbors and all!

    • Hey it’s Jet here. Hi Miss Deanna.

      Yup, I must yet again admit that I did. Mom anipals told me to say kitty caviar or caviar in a box, so I feel better about myself!

      Yes, can you humans plan a playdate?

      BTW, we reblogged your BSL post yesterday. 🙂 Crossing paws for tomorrow. 🙂

  13. Jetty, Jack here. Mom just found this in a book called the Dog Dictionary.

    This is a signal that the world is coming to an end. Humans remain amazingly calm during thunderstorms, so it is necessary to warn them of the danger by trembling uncontrollably, panting, rolling your eyes wildly and following at their heels.

    • Hey Jack, Hey Ginger, Jet here. Hi Miss Rebecca.

      Miss Rebecca, thank you for properly explaining why I react as I do with the boom/thunder stuff. My mind can now relax, since I’m performing a public service! 🙂

    • Hey Honey, Jet here. Hi Miss Pamela.

      Miss Pamela, thank you for reminding Mom about this. (She read many a Winnie the Pooh adventure when Rachel was young.)

      Thank you for your kind sentiment, at least I had JJ, Puffy and Fluffy… 🙂

  14. Hi sweet Jetty – I felt so bad when I read this – you were so scared – so sorry you were stuck and thank goodness your leg is ok. You were so scared poor guy – we had boomers to day I was home so Cassie just paddled the floor and panted heavily. i know your great Mom gave you lots of TLC after that incident.

    I like some of the other bloggers, feel that the storm was the real mischief maker – never you sweet Jetty – your perfect!

    sendng storm free goodnight hugs and kisses to you, JJ, Mom, Rachel and Pluffy

    • Hey it’s Jet here. HI Miss Wendy.

      I think I must talk to Miss Linda over at Savannah’s Paw Tracks and have her hook me up with Miss Ann to design a badge for YOU as MY CHAMPION!!!

      Mom is leaning towards the storm as the mischief maker too… naughty storm…

      Sorry to hear about Cassie… Rachel was home with us today, so, not as bad…

      Sending Champion hankies and Jetty kisses to you, Mr. David, Jacob, Cassie, Rex and Barkley xoxoxoxo

  15. Wowsers Jet! You really got yourself into some serious mischief this week. Journey barreled through our doggie gate a couple times (I’m wondering if he just doesn’t see it or if he thinks he invincible) the past week, but never got stuck in it. I’m glad there were no injuries and I hope you didn’t lick mom when she got home.

    Take care,

    • Hey it’s Jet here. Hi Mr. Colby.

      Wowsers indeed! Yeah, Mom’s up on that licking possibility… normally she enjoys my kisses, I’m even famous for them… but… not when I have “evidence” on my nose!

      UH OH… Journey… I vote for invincible or distracted… I’m on a MISSION when I wiggle through the cat door on the gate… which… is EXTRA TALL btw!

    • Hey Fred, Hey Gloria, Jet here. Hi Miss Janet.

      Yup, proud to say paw is A-OK!

      Since we live in the tropics, storm and “H” central, Mom would have to almost be something called an agoraphobe to help me all the time!

    • Hey Henry, Hey Zachary, Jet here.

      Well, sort of… still storming, Mom has to go out to earn biscuit $, gate still protecting caviar of the box… so… I think it’s a matter of time…

  16. I kind’a felt bad for you big guy until I got to the part about what was stuck on you nose…me and Mom about collapsed in each others paws laughing…sorry…but that was really funny! paw hugs for my champion, Savvy

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