The Dating Game Finale – Viewer Voting

Hey It’s Jet Here.

Dear Readers,

Today we ask you to cast votes for the Bachelor you think best suits my sister, JJ. Mom even learned how to construct a poll for the occasion! Yup, techno-challenged Mom now can embed a poll, way to go Mom! Thanks Jetty. Watch out, I had fun, so… maybe I’ll design a poll about you next! Oh Mom, eyes rolling

Anyway, in case you’ve missed The Dating Game series, may I introduce the Bachelors: (Click on their name to read their post.)

Austin W. – Man of Mystery

Simba – Guy Next Door (well 3 doors down actually!)

Jack – Mr. Long Distance

We can’t wait to tally the votes. Oh, Polldaddy tallies (vocab builder) for us? Didn’t know that Mom.

Champ update:

Unfortunately, nothing positive to report; the local bulldog rescues never called back, another rescue is full, another rescue said they would show him on weekends at Petsmart if he arrived/left within the proper time span. Hmpf…

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Thursday Reading Results

Hey It’s Jet Here.

Since Mom works from home on Thursdays, she plows through an average of 500-600 emails during the day.  Some she can automatically delete, some she saves for quality reading later, and the rest she skims right then and there. Just like JJ, who organizes her toys by room, Mom organizes many of her emails in Outlook folders. Two emails made it to the K9 folder yesterday for sharing today.

Last Sunday, Blog the Change for Animals held their quarterly posting day.  Several posts covered the subject of dogs left in cars during warm months. We visited a great link from one of the blogs and decided to post the yellow badge you will see on the right side of our blog now.  Living in the tropics, most humans “get it”, however, every now and then you will see a K9 trapped in the oven car.

Mom read about this great Dog Safety thermometer tool which makes the point even more OBVIOUS for those humans who aren’t exactly sure when the temperature = DANGEROUS!

The next item Mom read to JJ and I, ok, then we watched the video for a minute or so, will provide your awww, so cute moment for the day.  You can watch Holly’s Half Dozen (6 golden puppies) puppy cam 24/7 for 8-10 weeks to see the evolution of this group of puppies as they train for their future as service dogs for Veterans with PTSD.  Warrior Canine Connection bridges patients from Walter Reed Military Medical Center and the National Intrepid Center of Excellence provide with the puppies to provide social interaction training.  Win-Win all around!

Another great, glad Mom reads so much, day.

Inspired by Michael Phelps

Hey It’s Jet Here.

A few weeks ago, JJ, Mom and I watched the US Olympic Swim Trials from Omaha.  Miss Beverly actually attended one of the sessions during her vacation.  She told us that the venue where the event took place normally does not have a pool.  They showed how the pool was installed in a video which fascinated Mom.

Mr. Michael Phelps, along with dozens of other men and women, swam their hearts out for spots on our national Olympic team.  Three pairs of eyes at Casa Jet looked on with admiration. I thought about my adventures in the canal wistfully (vocab builder).

This past week, we visited Miss Beverly’s backyard twice.  Since she has a fence, we can run and explore untethered (vocab builder). I usually enter her pool on the first step to enjoy the largest of water bowls, to Mom’s chagrin (vocab builder). Last night, the water level equaled the 2nd step as a result of a new skimmer installation. I took advantage of the “water bowl” several times and slipped down to the third and final step a few times.

Miss Beverly, always quick with the iPhone, got a shot of my slightly ungraceful posture.  Mom thought I looked adorable.  (What can I say, once a Mom, always a Mom!)

I admit that with the soaring temperature and heat index, that water felt good on my paws and belly.  On the fourth or fifth visit to the water fountain, I actually paid attention to Mom asking if I wanted to try to swim.  Mom always swims with me on my leash in our pool since we do not have a fence or enclosure any more. (Thanks Hurricane Wilma (before my time.)) Mom used her happy, “Come on Jetty you can do it” voice.  I’m not sure what happened, but, there I was dog paddling once around the perimeter. Well Mom cheered, clapped, praised and told Miss Beverly how proud she was.  I exited the pool, ran around, re-entered and tried a shorter route one more time.  Mom responded the same way.

I had to endure the fresh water hose down by our front door, then the towel-off inside the kitchen, before receiving a big Hextra Chew for a treat. Miss Beverly texted Mom the two pictures and Mom in turn texted to Miss Mary Ann.

Thanks Mr. Phelps, maybe I’ll train for the doggie paddle event in the K9 Olympics!

Another great, swimming, day.

Wordless Wednesday – In Honor of My Boys

Hey It’s Jet Here.

Lately, JJ (she starts it) and I have given Puffy a rough time. He’s always called “under Mom’s bed” his “man cave” or safe spot. Well, with Little Miss “I’m So Slender, I Can Fit Under Mom’s Bed, Too” camping out under there, Puff’s suffered some added feline anxiety. He’s also come out of his “man cave” more lately to hang with Mom on top of the bed and even attempts to remain when JJ hops up. Gotta give him props for that!

Fluffy, still chatting away, has deteriorated for awhile now. He’s a sweet guy, nothing more to add.

So, in honor of my boys (who many fondly call Pluffy), with thanks mostly to Auntie Liz (she sent many of these pics), I present Adorable Felines:

Another great, I love my boys, day.

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Tasty Tuesday – Worth Waiting For

Hey It’s Jet Here.

Thanks to Sugar and Kol for initiating Tasty Tuesdays, today is our fifteenth  participating post!

Last night, well most of yesterday, really, we had storm bands pass through our area.  If you’re wondering why Mom and I did not hop much yesterday or respond to your wonderful comments, JJ and I kept Mom “otherwise engaged.”  We tried to wait for Miss Mary Ann and Dixie for our usual evening constitutional around 7:00/7:15 p.m., however, we could see the black sky moving towards Casa Jet.  Considering we could not empty our tanks in the mid afternoon, we NEEDED to get going.

Miss Beverly texted Mom right before dinner to ask if we had ear drops, because Neve’s ear was flaming red.  (Do we have ear drops!!!)  Mom called Miss Beverly right after we ate and asked:

  • Did she want to walk? (Yes if the weather held.)
  • Would she mind going earlier than usual? (No problem.)
  • Mom let her know she spoke with Miss Mary Ann who understood if we needed to leave before she could join us.

With a dark grey sky shifting to deeper shades quickly, we completed our exit left route.  Miss Beverly and Neve came into our house so Mom could share JJ’s Elizabethan collar.  Well, within minutes, the sky lit up, booms crashed, the pelting rain sound surprised even the humans and Miss Beverly and Neve were our guests for an unplanned 2 hour plus visit!  YIPPEE.

We had:

  • a one hour humans on the kitchen floor petting session,
  • a t.v. watching diversion for an hour (more petting)
  • and… the reason for this post… TREAT diversions!!!

Usually, Mom sticks to dental treats after walks.  We had our usual Hextra Chews and Neve tried a twistix.  (She loved it!)  Then for some EXCELLENT reason (Mom: thunder distraction) Miss Beverly offered Newman’s Own New Zealand Ranch Style Dog Treats (Lamb & Sweet Potato – no wheat, no corn… a prior gift from Miss Mary Ann and Dixie) A 12 paw recommendation! Mom thought we looked adorable and caught this shot.

Another great, please give us a storm break, day.

Recycled Mischief

Hey It’s Jet Here.

Last Monday, Mom JJ and I performed our usual morning routine on the way to our constitutional.  Mom leashed us up, holding my leash in the right hand and JJ’s in the left.  She then switched me to the left to free her right hand to carry the kitchen garbage bag to the edge of the garage.  Mom stooped to add the waste bags, tied up the garbage and hoisted it into the big green can.

similar, not exactly the same…

We accompanied Mom and the green can to the left side of the driveway and parked it where the driveway meets the street.  We repeat this procedure every other Monday with the blue recycle can, parking it on the right side of the driveway where it intersects with the street.  Mom readjusted our leashes and off we went.  The recycling truck usually passes by around 4:00 p.m., following our 3:00 p.m. tank emptying mini-walk.

When we met Miss Mary Ann and Dixie that evening for our constitutional, Mom and Miss Mary Ann noticed glass in the middle of the road right away.  Thinking someone threw a bottle, we moseyed on.  Except small shards of glass, clear, green, brown and blue, glistened all over our exit left route.  Mom and Miss Mary Ann called “glass” as soon as they spotted another grouping all through the walk and kept us on the sidewalks where they existed.  After Mom put JJ and I in the house, Miss Mary Ann and Dixie kept Mom company while she swept the glass into a dustpan in front of our house.  Miss Beverly called Mom later to say that the exit right street had glass all over, too.

Miss Mary Ann called the County’s Recycling office on Tuesday to complain.  Best line EVER – “We don’t recycle glass, it wasn’t us!”  SERIOUSLY? Mom was dumbfounded (vocab builder) when Miss Mary Ann conveyed the conversation.  First of all, GLASS and NEWSPAPERS were the first items RECYCLED beginning in the ‘70s! Miss Mary Ann than called our town’s government who said, “We’ll look into it.”

Guess they’re still looking because we’re still weaving through a trail of glass.  Naughty truck!

Another great, except for the glass, day.

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Blog for the Change: Pyometra – Another Reason to Spay

Hey It’s Jet Here.

Um… if you do not mind, I’m going to have Mom take over today. The subject, well, I think a female would best handle it… I’m going to get some extra zzzzz’s. I’ll be back bright and shiny tomorrow morning for Mischief Monday.

Oh, sorry for the slow blog visiting the last few days; my Nana had a few falls and Mom put her attention on Nana. She knows you understand. Plus, we’ve had the usual “computer issues” again… (not complaining computer, we appreciate all you help us do…)

Thanks Jetty, pyometra almost killed your sister two months ago. For those who did not read about JJ and how Linda from 2browndawgs saved her life, read here.

Today, I want to share more of the science behind the term. Picture Pyometra like a human having appendicitis. The difference – Pyometra occurs in the uterus. Pyometra typically strikes adult unaltered females, however, cats, guinea pigs, rabbits, ferrets and rats also present with this diagnosis.

From – Pyometra is a disease mainly of middle-aged female dogs that have not been spayed. … Pyometra follows a heat cycle in which fertilization did not occur. Typically, within two to four months after the cycle, the female starts showing signs of the disease.

The cause results from structural and hormonal changes in the uterine lining. While the condition can happen at ANY age, whether the female has bred or not, whether she has had one or however many heats, the potential rises as the female ages.


  • Excessive thirst leading to excessive drinking and therefore urinating,
  • Low grade fever,
  • Lethargic,
  • Loss of appetite,
  • White fluid discharge,
  • Excessive licking of vaginal area,

What to do? GO TO A VET IMMEDIATELY if the all the symptoms present. JJ had what I thought was heat cycle too early; the other symptoms did not stand out to me.

Because I rescued Koko, my first K9, she arrived spayed.  Jet did as well, following adoption procedures.  As you may know, JJ, while adopted… arrived… oops… unaltered.  I had no frame of reference.  My purpose today is to spread the word, for those who may not know about this potentially deadly condition easily avoided by spaying.

As Jetty says, another great, reason to spay, day.Thanks to btc4animals for hosting the hop.

Referrals from the Office Man Cave

Hey It’s Jet Here.

Many of you have expressed interest, admiration, curiosity about my two man caves.  Mom captured an office man cave moment last night while working on her University of Miami Fall Cooking Class Schedule.  (She cannot reveal the titles yet, however, let’s just say, the Jetster drooled a little!)  Whoops, digressed again.

Anyway, while in my man cave, Mom read aloud an email from this LinkedIn thingie from her Golden Retriever group.  One golden Mom wanted to begin training her golden in waterfowl retrieval and requested resources.

Because of my Scooby Doo Academy Business Networking class, I knew what to do.

  • State the need – Expert waterfowl retrieving source.
  • Brainstorm possible contacts – Mom and I needed only a moment this time to determine a perfect referral.
  • Dictate referral (s) and reason for referral to requester.
  • Sit back in man cave and preen (vocab builder) yourself a little knowing you helped someone.

In this case, the perfect referral directed human to Miss Linda from 2browndawgs.  Yup, the same Miss Linda who saved JJ’s life!  Because of our blogging buddies, we could make a helpful connection, whoo hoo.

Perhaps I should consider a virtual chapter of BNI! (They are international and chapter meetings begin @ 7 a.m., easy peasy for Casa Jet!)

Another great, referral, day.

Missed Ya!

Hey It’s Jet Here.

Mom and I look forward to Wordless Wednesdays.  We contemplate (vocab builder) the construction of our post beginning usually around Sunday.  Sometimes, the light bulb goes off as late as Tuesday evening and then Mom transcribes Wednesday morning anywhere from 5 to 7:30 depending on the day’s schedule.

You may recall that we stayed off the virtual highway on Monday over concerns about that virus thingie winging around the world.  JJ had a rough night with storms, barking her way through the wee hours of the morning like a heckler at a comedy club.  Tuesday evening deteriorated further.

Little Miss Barkarooni began her heckling of the thunder/lightening around 3 a.m.  She added pacing, burrowing, and digging to China to her repertoire.  (vocab builder)  By 4:00 a.m., we heard an explosion and a burst of light and then… fade to black!  Living in Hurricane land, we lose our power quite often, sometimes for seconds, sometimes for hours, and sometimes for days.  Mom checked out the windows to make sure it was the neighborhood and not just us.  Across the canal retained (vocab builder) their lights, lucky ducks.

Anyway, the storm continued, JJ continued and Mom became desperate.  Finally, she wondered if JJ would benefit from a lady cave, since my man caves have helped me feel a smidge safer.  So, at 4:20 ish, Mom took her sleeping wedges and phone and trudged through the dark, (no working flashlights… yeah, she knows, restock the hurricane supplies), into her closet.  JJ and I followed without need of request and she shut the door, setting up her sleeping area on the floor.  I nestled into my man cave #2 corner; man cave #1 is in Mom’s office. JJ paced the small rectangle shape until finally settling down beside Mom’s shoe tree about 35 minutes later.  Oh, guess who joined us too?  Fluffy!

Mom snatched about an hour of rest and then woke up in time to serve us breakfast.  She could not go to work since the garage door would not open without the emergency pull, costing $125 to reengage.  Power returned around noon and Mom was so out of sorts that she never did get to write our Wednesday post or participate in the hop.  Don’t worry; we filed our idea away for next week.

Another great, thank goodness for electricity, day.