The Honor of Being a Champion

Hey It’s Jet Here.

On Thursday, our special feline pal, Savvy, from Savannah’s Paw Tracks, bestowed the kindest gift a Gentleman can receive.  I blushed with such pride I think I turned pink!  Miss Ann from Zoolatry designed the badge.  Miss Mary Ann provided my profile picture.

Let me backtrack a bit and catch you up.

On June 19, Savvy posted  several pictures with Marilyn Monroe type poses triggering the attention of several gentleman callers.  Here’s one of the examples that sent some of the “mancats to the icebox” according to Savvy’s Mom.

Comments posted on Savvy’s blog that day included:

  • The boys over at Katnip Lounge: “Boom Chicka Wow Wow:…Mommy! Fainty Mancats clean up in Aisle Three!”
  • Rumpy Dog had to control June Buggie: “Oh my DOG! *covers screen so June Buggie don’t drool on it*…”
  • Alfie, over at Mollie and Alfie …commented: “You is smokin HOT girl, has your Mum got a pole?? Yep as they say, if you’s got flaunt it, and you certainly have!…Can’t wait to see some more, I wonder if Mum’s got some Ice cubes as well.”
  • Kozmo, at Cat from hell said: …”Oh! My! Cod!…Nellie hid your post from me yesterday! Savannah-You are one hot Mama! I could go for a girl like you if I did not have my Calico Rose….Kisses…Kozmo”…

I could not help but post my own comment which began a swift dialogue with Savvy:

“Listen with the boys getting a look see at those pics, you’re gonna need protection… and I VOLUNTEER!”

Savvy immediately replied:…”Oh Jetty…you are so big and strong…I would totally feel protected if you were my CHAMPION!!! ….digging in box, throwing stuff out…searching…searching…can’t find it…but I will give you my handkerchief and you can be my official CHAMPION!!”

I responded right back, fast as lightening…”Hey, Jetty here. I would consider it a great honor to receive your hankie and take on the role of your CHAMPION…”

Savvy sent back her reply as fast as her paws could type…”ok, let me find that hankie and I will ‘award’ it to ya…”

Scooby Doo Academy can proudly declare that one of their Proper Gentleman Etiquette students became a Lady’s Champion!

Another great, Champion day.

Thanks to Life With DogsConfessions of the Plume and Two Little Cavaliers for hosting the Saturday Blog Hop.


20 thoughts on “The Honor of Being a Champion

    • Hey Chester, Hey Gretel, Jet here. Hi Miss Jess.

      Oh yes, I pride myself on being Gentleman Jetty when the need arises. I took Gentleman Etiquette classes at Scooby Doo Academy because Mom felt I had potential! 🙂

  1. Hay Jet, I’m Alfie…I luv’s Savannah soooo much and as I lives soo far away, I couldn’t take on the job of protecting her 🙂 My comment to her was before I fells in luv’s wiff her.
    Yooo’s take good care of my Savannah Doll, which I’ms sure yooo’s will.
    Very Nice to meets yoo Jet .
    Hugs Alfie xx

    • Hey Alfie, Jet here.

      Nice to make your acquaintance as well.

      Who can resist such a lovely lady? I’ll be sending you a questionnaire to make sure that your feelings are true!!!

      I see you reside in the UK… do you have Olympic fever? Mom’s already watched the opening ceremony, and some events this morning!

      • Yooo,s will neffer believe dis.. We watched the openin but haven’t seen any of the rest…Don’t tell anyone 🙂 Weee’s bin watchin HOUSE MD..! bol..
        Have a great day
        Hugs Mollie and Alfie xx

      • Hey Alfie, Hey Mollie, Jet here.

        BOL… We had Spa Day this morning and then a BIG nap, so… so far… only the last 10 miles of women’s road race and some gymnastics! 🙂

        You too.

    • Hey Savvy, Your Champion here.

      We’ve watched some of that already too… Mom hasn’t recorded today so far… operative phrase… so far! She has to plan a class AT LEAST today… plus something else we’ll tell you more about tomorrow!

      • oohhhh a purrprise again!! Nice! MOL Dad is now glued to the TV…Mom is irritated ‘cuz he keeps telling her what’s happening and she want to watch…it is recorded but he can’t wait! MOLMOL paw pats, Savannah

      • Hey Savvy, Your Champion here.

        :), glad you like our little purrprise!

        Uh oh… paw pat Dad and suggest he let Mom find out who did what on her own!!!

    • Hey Benny, Hey Lily, Jet here.

      You think? Thanks so much… hard to believe that I was scheduled to disappear (can’t think about the real words) and got sprung with 4 days to go and now I’m Savvy’s Champion! Life is great!

    • Hey Erika and Sebastian, Jet here.

      Awww shucks, thanks for saying that… I think Savvy and I are lucky to have found each other. 🙂 (The Moms feel lucky to have met through our blogs, too!)

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