Inspired by Michael Phelps

Hey It’s Jet Here.

A few weeks ago, JJ, Mom and I watched the US Olympic Swim Trials from Omaha.  Miss Beverly actually attended one of the sessions during her vacation.  She told us that the venue where the event took place normally does not have a pool.  They showed how the pool was installed in a video which fascinated Mom.

Mr. Michael Phelps, along with dozens of other men and women, swam their hearts out for spots on our national Olympic team.  Three pairs of eyes at Casa Jet looked on with admiration. I thought about my adventures in the canal wistfully (vocab builder).

This past week, we visited Miss Beverly’s backyard twice.  Since she has a fence, we can run and explore untethered (vocab builder). I usually enter her pool on the first step to enjoy the largest of water bowls, to Mom’s chagrin (vocab builder). Last night, the water level equaled the 2nd step as a result of a new skimmer installation. I took advantage of the “water bowl” several times and slipped down to the third and final step a few times.

Miss Beverly, always quick with the iPhone, got a shot of my slightly ungraceful posture.  Mom thought I looked adorable.  (What can I say, once a Mom, always a Mom!)

I admit that with the soaring temperature and heat index, that water felt good on my paws and belly.  On the fourth or fifth visit to the water fountain, I actually paid attention to Mom asking if I wanted to try to swim.  Mom always swims with me on my leash in our pool since we do not have a fence or enclosure any more. (Thanks Hurricane Wilma (before my time.)) Mom used her happy, “Come on Jetty you can do it” voice.  I’m not sure what happened, but, there I was dog paddling once around the perimeter. Well Mom cheered, clapped, praised and told Miss Beverly how proud she was.  I exited the pool, ran around, re-entered and tried a shorter route one more time.  Mom responded the same way.

I had to endure the fresh water hose down by our front door, then the towel-off inside the kitchen, before receiving a big Hextra Chew for a treat. Miss Beverly texted Mom the two pictures and Mom in turn texted to Miss Mary Ann.

Thanks Mr. Phelps, maybe I’ll train for the doggie paddle event in the K9 Olympics!

Another great, swimming, day.


38 thoughts on “Inspired by Michael Phelps

  1. We especially liked this because “back in the day” Mom used to be a lifeguard, she taught swimming and she was on a Swim Team. Mom’s event was the 50 meter free-style, just like Michael Phelps! (whom Mom loves!)
    Jet you are the Michael Phelps of the doggy world!!

    • Hey Dakota, Jet here. Hi Miss Caren.

      Wowee,wow, wow! A LIFEGUARD? Miss Caren, you must have some collie in you because like me, you herded and protected your group… only you protected them in the water! I knew we had a connection! 🙂

      50 meter, like Mike? Oh, Miss Caren, you are soooo talented (and may I say, speedy!) We’ll have to stay really connected during the olympic swimming events, ok?

      Awww shucks, blushing a little with your compliment….

    • Hey Daisy, Jetty here.

      Really? You think I could take home a medal? I would wear it proudly! 🙂

      Wowee, wow, wow, you did? We’re so honored. 🙂 Many, Many thanks… We’ll catch up with awards soon, please know we deeply appreciate the recognition. 🙂

  2. Jack here. Way to go Bro. You look great paddling around. Swimming is my passion. When Mom has company, I always jump in the pool first chance I get to show them what a great diver and swimmer I am. Mom doesn’t like it so much because I always get out and shake (usually on the guests).

    • Hey Jack, Hey Ginger, Jetty here. Hi Miss Rebecca.

      Thanks, Dude. It was a proud moment I tell ya! We could tell from your photos last week that you’re a pool boy. Um… Jack? Do you think you can teach JJ to swim? She seems a bit reluctant, so far. We haven’t directly asked her to go into the pool yet because of her surgery and subsequent ear issues. If she gets the all clear this weekend, we’re going for it!

      Yup, I’m a shaker, too! Mom goes with the flow because she knows me so well and makes a game of it. She uses a certain voice to say, “Jetty, Shhaaakkee! Then she tells me I did a good job! She tries to warn those in the vicinity!

      • My Aunt Valerie taught my brother Elliott (now residing at the Rainbow Bridge with Koko) to swim in the ocean with potato chips. Ginger does not like to swim either and she is a great swimmer. She will go sit on the first step and that is about it. Mom carries her into the pool every once in a while so she remembers where the step are, just in case she falls in. I tried to teach Ginger but alas she is a “beach bunny” and not a swimmer. She does like to float on the raft if she can get on it without getting wet.

      • Hey Jack, Jetty here. Hi Miss Rebecca.

        Potato chips? hmmmm… now that’s some pawesome motivation. Maybe Elliott can share his love of swimming with Koko… maybe they can swim with rainbows above them. 🙂

        I wonder if JJ and Ginger would do the Beach Bunny thing together!!! Miss Rebecca, once Mom gets the all clear on JJ’s ears, I’m going to insist she make a pool date for us. 🙂 Maybe Miss Wendy can visit, too…

      • Jets, Jack here. I am in deep do do tonight.. Mom took us out to empty our tanks and let us back in the patio. She went to the end of the screened in enclosure to talk to the neighbor and I slunk into the pool, I thought she wouldn’t notice since I was so quiet but I got caught. Now at 9 O’clock she has a wet dog to deal with and she is not happy. I think I messed up. Would love to have a play date and Miss Wendy too. Miss Wendy gives the best hugs.

      • Hey Jack, Jetty here. Hi Miss Rebecca.

        Dude, you got BUSTED, huh? I’m kind of impressed you slunk in without Miss Rebecca knowing… if you can dive without splash, perhaps you should try out for the K9 Olympic diving team!!!

        Yup, Mom would definitely give me the naughty speech if I did that at that time. Hope your consequences were not that bad… you know what to do at times like that… do the “sad puppy eyes” thingie, wag your handsome tail, be humble and Mom will fold!

        Yippee, I’ll work on Mom for that play date! 🙂

        Be extra good today, dude.

    • Hey Jasper, Hey Nellie, Jet here.

      Wowee wow, wow! Our first friends from New Zealand!!! Can Mom tell you a secret? New Zealand is on the top of her places she wants to visit in her lifetime along with Australia!

      An absolute pleasure to make your acquaintance. Thanks so much for your compliment, we really take your words to heart. 🙂

      Koko, my golden sister, who is now frolicking over the Rainbow bridge, did not care for water and JJ so far seems to have the same reservations. We find that odd since goldens typically LOVE water.

      Looking forward to getting to know you. 🙂

  3. It feels so good to go swimming on these hot days! We love our swimming pool:) Our mom can’t keep us out. She tries, but we sneak in anyway! Stay cool Jetty!!!!!

    • Hey Dogs N Pawz, Jetty here.

      Really? you sneak in? Wowee, wow, wow! How many months of the year can you swim? I like the water on my belly. Mom loves to watch my fur float! Stay cool too you guys! (Mom’s NJ term of endearment.)

  4. That pool video was cool. I had not seen that. Swimming is such fun, but the brown dawgs have never been in a pool before. I wonder what they would think of it? lol I think you did a good job swimming.

    • Hey brown dawgs, Jet here. Hi Miss Linda.

      Mom thought so, too! From a concert hall to a swim meet, amazing!

      Oh, Miss Linda, the brown dawgs train in beautiful nature, I would prefer to swim in our canal… however, there’s nature and there’s ICKY!

      Really Miss Linda? Coming from you and the dawgs, that’s a monumental (vocab builder) compliment! 🙂

  5. Oh Jetty, my big guy!!!!! Mom says she and Dad used to have their furry own pool!!! You could have come over and jumped in any time!!! Wait until we find our next home…we are looking for a pool…and then you can come…if Mom Lori wants to, she can too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Hey Savvy, Big Guy here.

      Really? Really? I can visit too? And you will watch me swim? And maybe your Mom and Dad will swim with me? Wowee wow wow! Oh wow, hang on….

      MOOOOOMMMMM, Savvy said I can visit her and if they have a pool, I can swim with them…. MOOOOMMMM when can we go? Mom? Mom? Mom?

  6. Just like your Mom – I think you’re beautiful. For some reason, I’ve not been getting your posts coming through on email. Thought maybe you hadn’t done any but that didn’t ring true – so popped over to see. Weird – I must now go check my settings.

    • Hey Litchi, Jet here. Hi Miss Susan.

      Awww, shucks, really? you think I’m beautiful? Blushing…

      Oh yes, we post everyday, almost without fail!!! Looking forward to seeing you in the queue! 🙂

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