Tasty Tuesday – Worth Waiting For

Hey It’s Jet Here.

Thanks to Sugar and Kol for initiating Tasty Tuesdays, today is our fifteenth  participating post!

Last night, well most of yesterday, really, we had storm bands pass through our area.  If you’re wondering why Mom and I did not hop much yesterday or respond to your wonderful comments, JJ and I kept Mom “otherwise engaged.”  We tried to wait for Miss Mary Ann and Dixie for our usual evening constitutional around 7:00/7:15 p.m., however, we could see the black sky moving towards Casa Jet.  Considering we could not empty our tanks in the mid afternoon, we NEEDED to get going.

Miss Beverly texted Mom right before dinner to ask if we had ear drops, because Neve’s ear was flaming red.  (Do we have ear drops!!!)  Mom called Miss Beverly right after we ate and asked:

  • Did she want to walk? (Yes if the weather held.)
  • Would she mind going earlier than usual? (No problem.)
  • Mom let her know she spoke with Miss Mary Ann who understood if we needed to leave before she could join us.

With a dark grey sky shifting to deeper shades quickly, we completed our exit left route.  Miss Beverly and Neve came into our house so Mom could share JJ’s Elizabethan collar.  Well, within minutes, the sky lit up, booms crashed, the pelting rain sound surprised even the humans and Miss Beverly and Neve were our guests for an unplanned 2 hour plus visit!  YIPPEE.

We had:

  • a one hour humans on the kitchen floor petting session,
  • a t.v. watching diversion for an hour (more petting)
  • and… the reason for this post… TREAT diversions!!!

Usually, Mom sticks to dental treats after walks.  We had our usual Hextra Chews and Neve tried a twistix.  (She loved it!)  Then for some EXCELLENT reason (Mom: thunder distraction) Miss Beverly offered Newman’s Own New Zealand Ranch Style Dog Treats (Lamb & Sweet Potato – no wheat, no corn… a prior gift from Miss Mary Ann and Dixie) A 12 paw recommendation! Mom thought we looked adorable and caught this shot.

Another great, please give us a storm break, day.

26 thoughts on “Tasty Tuesday – Worth Waiting For

  1. Jet, you started off pretty jittery, hiding behind that paper bag… 😉 but it was great when we all were relaxing on and around the sofa together later!! Thanks for keeping me distracted from that terrifying lightening and thunder stuff!! I need to tell mom to put up some curtains like your mom has on her patio windows, so I can’t see out at the dark and scary night, especially when it rains and thunders and there’s that awful lightening!!
    P.S. Thanks for the special treats too! Mom says I’m on a pretty strict diet, so I’m not offered too many treats nowadays! Maybe I need to visit you and J.J. more often! 😉 😉
    Pawsome love, Neve

    • Hey Neve, Jet here. Hi Miss Beverly,

      We were so excited to see your comment!

      I know, I thought the booms and streaky lights wouldn’t find me if I hid behind the bags. Miss Beverly, I really loved relaxing on the couch with you, even though you paid attention to those other bachelors on our TV…

      Miss Beverly, you have such fine taste, can you help Neve with the curtain idea thingie?

      Most welcome, you look quite slender these days, we can tell your watching your girlish figure! Mom usually gives us dental treats only, she brought out the special stuff because of you… and the weather!! 🙂

      The door at Casa Jet is always open for you, Miss Beverly and Mr. Giovanni!

      Sending Jetty kisses and JJ hugs. xoxoxoxo

    • Hey Dogs N Pawz, Jet here.

      Oh we KNOW we’re your kind of K9 pals! Know why? Because we already know the Humans get along and have great sportsmanship. We can tell by your posting we would be best of friends. We have a bit of extra space, so feel free to drop by the tropics (we recommend winter) and we can take you to our favorite spots! 🙂

      Wowee Wow Wow!!! Thanks so much! I would do my happy dance, but gosh, it’s 7:30 a.m.! Yippee yahoo!!! Will thank you properly soon, Mom has to go earn the biscuit $$! 🙂

  2. Hey Jetty,
    When you had company, did the storm stress you out and make you want to go to your man cave.

    Love Miss Rebecca

    • Hey Jack, Hey Ginger, Jet here. Hi Miss Rebecca.

      No, I hung around in my favorite kitchen/family room spots where JJ, Neve, Mom and Miss Beverly were. Very interesting, huh?

      Sending Jetty kisses and JJ hugs to you, Mr. Rebecca, Jack and Ginger xoxoxoxo

      • Jetty, Jack here. The solution of course is that your Mom has to throw rain parties every time it rains.BTW there is no Mr. Rebecca.
        Manly chest bumps to you. and bows and wags to the lovely Miss JJ. Mom send hugs and belly rubs to all.

      • Hey Jack, Hey Ginger, Jetty here. Hi Miss Rebecca.

        Whoops on the Mr.! We thought we saw it in one of your comments and did not want to be rude. 😦

        Rain parties, Dude, YOU ARE BRILLIANT!!!

        Manly chest bumps… oh dude, you gotta blog, you’ve got talent! May we borrow this for the manly men in our anipal universe???

        Oh, you are most gallant (vocab builder) to JJ, you’re scoring big time “Dating Game” points!

        Sending Jetty manly chest bumps to you, Jetty kisses to the ladies! xoxoxoxo

      • Hey Jack, Hey Ginger, Jet here. Hi Miss Rebecca.

        Wow, thanks dude (and Miss Rebecca) you are certainly a secure K9/human family. 🙂 You guys ROCK!

  3. Hi sweet Jetty – so sorry you had a tough day of storms but your unexpected playdate with Ms. Beverly and Neve sounds awesome – so much lovies and yummy treats! How wonderful that it turned out fun for all! Love love the picture of you 3 all lined up and waiting for goodies!

    We ever did get full blown storms yesterday just thunder and light rain, same today so far Cassie is ok.

    I second your “lease give us a storm break”! goodnight hugs and kisses to you, JJ, Mom, Rachel and Pluffy

    p.s. hoping Neve’s ears are better today!

    • Hey it’s Jet here. Hi Miss Wendy.

      Thanks, Miss Wendy, we did have fun… better to share a storm with friends, I say!

      Yippee, glad you didn’t get it and Cassie did not suffer…

      Sending good morning Jetty kisses and JJ hugs to you, Mr. David, Cassie, Rex and Barkley xoxoxoxoxox

    • Hey Sampson, Hey Delilah, Jetty here. Hi Miss Jodi.

      For a few moments yes indeed! Mom said she would need a treat bowl the size of her bathtub to occupy us for the usual length of storms here! BOL!!! Yes, we did better than usual, thank heavens. 🙂

    • Hey Savvy, Jetty here.

      So glad you liked it… um… Savvy? We do kind of watch tv with Mom and sometimes with Rachel. (She uses blankets which are soft and cuddly on the couch.)

      We’ve noticed the tv in your photos, too!

      • oh yeah!!1 Totally a TV family…especially in the morning…and at night with din din…then when I play…actually…Dad is kind’a addicted…we are thinking of rehab…but then who would give me my meals??????

      • Hey Savvy, Jetty here.

        Another thing in common! If you find a rehab for dad, please let us know as Rachel may need a prolonged visit!!!

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