Media Tidbits

Hey It’s Jet Here.

Mom shared a bittersweet tidbit with me this week.  Mr. Caesar Milan will complete his Dog Whisperer series this summer.    We’ve loyally watched the whole series and Mom learned many helpful tools, some of which we continue to work on.  Mom even makes that tscht sound Mr. Caesar uses to snap dogs out of “it”!

Mom and Rachel with Mr. Caesar.

No fretting now… Mr. Caesar already has a new idea called Leader of the Pack.  Oh what I wouldn’t give to take Mom to his Dog Psychology center and have Mr. Caesar help me (and JJ?) get over our severe storm anxiety.  Our friend, Poppy, and her Mommy will meet Mr. Caesar really soon like Miss Mary Ann, Rachel and my Mom did a few years ago.

Oh, one last Mr. Caesar tidbit… he sent a cool article on dogs on tv/in the movies… like a “where are they now?” kind of thingie.

Have you guys watched the new show on CBS, Dogs in the City?  What do you think about it?   We watched the first episode and enjoyed it. 

Remember my post on DogTV? Well, now that they’re up and running, they have live streaming on the computer and more experts explaining why the concept makes sense.

Another great media day.

Thanks to Life With DogsConfessions of the Plume and Two Little Cavaliers for hosting the Saturday Blog Hop.


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Whoops, Forgot Something…

Hey It’s Jet Here.

So, when Mom and I constructed yesterday’s post we forgot something.  Mom tried to think ahead earlier in the week, knowing she had a big event to prepare for and transcribed my thoughts a few days early.  She followed proper procedure: she transcribed, read, saved, previewed, edited and saved again.  What she forgot to do was scroll down past the first page of my NY feline buddy, Texas’ post for Rule #4!

Without further adieu and with apologies from MOM, we will complete the  Versatile Blogger award rules and then… tell the blogs we shared with that there is one more rule!

4. Finally, tell the person who nominated you 7 things about yourself.

  1. I can feel when humans don’t like me and I do not understand… it hurts my feelings a little.
  2. During the last month when we have had overnight storms, I’ve stayed in my man cave #2 (Mom’s walk in closet) and managed my anxiety a little better.
  3. Speaking of Man Cave #2, two years ago, Mom, Koko and I spent 5 hours huddled in the cave on July 4th because I was so freaked out.
  4. I love watching the ducks, fish, and anything that moves in my canal… better yet, I love to swim in there, but, Mom won’t let me.  (Jetty, you do not remember the deadly snake that slithered out of there into our pool before you were born.)
  5. I can’t stand to see a human female cry… so, when I got off leash a few times, Mom cried and I eventually stopped and either slowed down, stood still or began to walk towards her.
  6. Mom calls me Mayor of the dog park because I like all the K9s and make the rounds.
  7. I love to run and wish I had more opportunities. (We do not have a fence.)

Another great, follow the rules, day.

Versatile Thursday

Hey It’s Jet Here.

You know the phrases humans say like, good karma, pay it forward, goodness will come back to you?  Well over the last few weeks, our blog feels like the bulls-eye for kindness.  We met Texas, A Cat in New York when our black pearl feline friend, Savannah, graciously gave us the Sunshine award, which Texas gave to her. Texas and I have dialogued a bit since then and he has a heart the size of which matches his name!  The friendly feline surprised us by bestowing the Versatile Blogger award on us last weekend!  Boy did we woo-woo/whoo hoo in delight!

Here are the rules:

  • 1. Thank the person who gave you this award
  • Since Savannah shared that you felines like paw pats… paw pats and a huge thank you for thinking of us!
  • 2. Include a link to their blog
  • Done!
  • 3. Select 15 blogs/bloggers that you’ve recently discovered or follow regularly. Nominate those 15 bloggers for the Versatile Blogger Award — you might include a link to this site 
  • We tried to share the award with blogs newer to us… we’ve tried to expand to blogs other than wordpress… we had trouble posting comments on blogspot for a long time.  In no particular order:
  1. Puppy In Training – Mr. Colby shares lots of good info and pics…
  2. Raising Daisy – she’s a cutie that one!
  3. My GBGV Life  – Emma, the Debucher Baguette a Grand Basset Griffon Vendeén (say that 3 times fast!), is quite the lady!
  4. Dakota’s Den – The beautiful Dakota shares her daily life, including her feline brother, Cody!
  5. The (Mis)Adventures of Sage – Beautiful and fun loving, who could resist?
  6. Urban Hounds – Adorable K9s and NYC, slam dunk!
  7. My Life with Flyball Dogs –  We love their active lives, particularly dock diving and sand digging… a guy can dream…
  8. The Adventures of Higgins – we love his saying bombdiggity!
  9. Peaceful Dog –  Follow foster failures Fozzie and Lamar and fosters Miss Kirsten helps.
  10. Have Dog Blog Will Travel – the adventures of Celia Sue.
  11. Five Sibes  – While we were digging for their site, we read about Chloe, who tore her ACLs on both legs this past weekend.  They’re asking for all your good prayers thoughts and wishes.
  12. The Puppiness Project – Honey, the golden, is as sweet as her name… and her Mom is super insightful.
  13. GreyhoundGardens – With a tag line itsa greyt day, of course we like them!
  14. My Tail Hurts from Wagging Too Much  – never can wag too much!
  15. Kenzo Hovawart and Viva  – although we just met, we thought it was too cool to learn about a breed new to us… we thought they looked kind of like us in their pictures!!!

Another good goes round and round day.

Wordless Wednesday – “Home” Land Security

Hey It’s Jet Here.

A firefighter friend of Mom’s reads our blog and often sends us group emails with lots of great K9/feline/animal photos.  With the naughty shenanigans:

  • At Miss Mary Ann’s house,
  • Our neighbor across the street,
  • And further down our streets (we live on a corner) within the last few months,

We thought a huge poster of this photo would teach the naughty humans a thing or two!

Another great, more secure, day.

Thanks to blogpaws for hosting the Wordless Wednesday Hop.  (Check out their new badge!)

Tasty Tuesday – Posting Interuptus

Hey It’s Jet Here.

Thanks to Sugar and Kol for initiating Tasty Tuesdays, today is our ninth  participating post!

Last night as Mom and I began to construct our post, my human sister, Rachel, called Mom from the kitchen.  “Mom, come out here quickly!”  Of course, Mom thought something was wrong and catapulted out of her chair, down the hallway, quick left turn into the family room/kitchen area.

Instead of an emergency, we saw (JJ and I caught up really fast):

Fluffy, who Mom lifts to reach his food area in the laundry room, helping himself to Rachel’s cheesy buns on the “kitchen” (called kitchen even though the table technically resides in the family room) table!  Of course, this is ONE of the areas Mom FORBIDS the felines to go!  Mom motioned to Rachel to take a picture.  Rachel quietly told Mom to get her phone, which she did, and Rach took the pictures!

Since Fluffy has been infirm for quite a while, (he can’t jump much anymore), they let him enjoy his treat, realizing how much he must have been drawn to the Hunger Games Cookbook delicacy.  JJ and I love cheese and would have made our jealousy known, however, we all watched in happy amazement, wondering how Fluffy jumped onto the table. (probably used a chair as a midjump…)

Here’s the recipe for the Cheese buns in case you or your humans want to try it out.

Katniss’s Craved Cheese Buns  (Notice the Kat in the title, hmmm….)

Yields 1 dozen buns

  • 2 cups Bisquick
  • ¼ teaspoon garlic powder
  • ¼ cup sugar
  • 2/3 cup milk
  • ¾ cup sharp Cheddar cheese, shredded
  • ½ cup (1 stick) butter
  • ½ teaspoon garlic powder
  • ½ teaspoon Old Bay Seasoning
  • ½ teaspoon kosher salt
  1. Preheat oven to 450 degrees. Grease a cookie sheet.
  2. Mix Bisquick, 1/3 teaspoon garlic, sugar, milk, and cheese until well blended.
  3. Drop by spoonfuls onto greased cookie sheet.
  4. Bake 8-10 minutes.
  5. In a microwave bowl, combine butter, ½ teaspoon garlic powder,Old Bay seasoning, and kosher salt. Heat in microwave for 30 seconds, until butter is melted.
  6. Generously brush tops of biscuits with butter mixture.

Another great, cheesy, day.

Mischief Monday – Snap, Crackle, Pop!

Hey It’s Jet Here.

Well, finally, we have some non-house related mischief.  Last Thursday, we leashed up as always, JJ’s pink leash clipped on her collar and my manly man blue/white leash clipped to my heavy duty blue harness.  We exited left for our evening constitutional without Mary Ann and Dixie, since they both were that thingie called “under the weather.”

We made a right, then a left, crossed over the canal, then practiced waiting at the stop sign, crossed the street, made a left and trotted straight as usual, when I may have pulled a smidge to look at a clump of flowers to empty my tank on.  All of a sudden, Mom had a limp leash unattached to yours truly!  My sniffer, busy at its task, did not notice the lack of connection.  Mom later told Mary Ann she felt scared that I would bolt.  This particular street has more traffic than ours and a few of the others we visit, so, you can imagine her concern.

Keeping her nerves in check, she subtly quickened her pace to match mine while keeping JJ in a normal rhythm.  Within two houses, she grabbed my harness and told me what a good boy I was.  (Mom, like I didn’t know already???) Luckily, JJ’s leash has two segments, a four foot connected to a two foot.  Mom disconnected the two foot piece and quickly reconnected the four foot segment to JJ’s collar.  I continued to remain reasonably still while Mom hung on to my harness’s double D rings.  She figured out some way to use the two foot segment to clip onto my D rings and double hitched the rest to my blue leash.

The scents after the rains distracted me from noticing any differences and off we went to complete our circuit.  We have a spare leash (purple) at home, however, the style hurts Mom’s hand a tad.  We’ve investigated new leashes and so far came up with Mountain Dog Leash (blue of course) from Olive Green.  We like the idea of JJ’s leash, however, it’s shredded a lot in a short time.  Considering how easy JJ walks on her leash, we consider it a negative of the leash, although Mom LOVES the handle.

Any suggestions???

Another great, except for the broken clip, day.

Thanks to Alfie’s BlogSnoopy’s Dog BlogMy Brown Newfies and Luna, A Dog’s Life…for sponsoring the hop!  Click on any of the sponsors to join the hop.

Don’t Mention the “H” Word, PLEASE!

Hey It’s Jet Here.

Mostly, I’m a guy who lives in the moment, not worried about the calendar. I divide the year into seasons with booms and streaky lights and extra great seasons without booms and streaky lights.

Here in the tropics, the humans mark their calendars on June 1 because that begins the … gulp… should I say it?… picture me putting paws over my eyes and ears… HURRICANE SEASON. They make sure they have this thingie called a Hurricane box or a spot in their living location with extra:

  • Water
  • Canned goods
  • Candles
  • Batteries
  • Flashlights
  • Medicine
  • Pet supplies
  • Canisters of propane for the outside grill if appropriate
  • Generators – (if you’re lucky)
  • Access to your old land line phone
  • Gas in your car
  • Wood, WD40, Hurricane shutters – whatever is appropriate for your living situation.
  • Gasoline for your chainsaw (if you have one… we do not, picture Mom with a chainsaw… yikes!)

They name these Hurricane thingies using human names. Personally, I think that idea is kind of silly because then, if it’s a super bad storm, everyone has a bad feeling about a human carrying the same name. The only upside of living in a targeted Hurricane zone is that we get notice.

They say four legged creatures feel the change coming before the humans. So far, I’ve been lucky, no Huh-Huh-Hurricanes have hit my area since living with Mom. As many readers know, I suffer during typical thunder storms, so, I cannot even bear to think about the “H” kind. I think I’ll let Mom do all that preparation stuff and stay in the moment… Jet? Yes Mom? May I write something? Sure Mom. Thanks Jetty.

I make sure that I have a few extra special chewy treats (like bigger than normal bones, hooves, antlers) , homeopathic storm medicine, Benedryl for desperate measures, the pheromone spray, the Thundershirt, and anything else I can think of to help Jet and now JJ pass the storm and subsequent craziness the best way possible in the situation. What else can you do?

Another great, hopefully easy “H” season.

Wowee Wow Wow

Hey It’s Jet Here.

What a week we’ve had.  It started a little rocky with Monday’s Mischievous remote control, however, by midweek, Ish’s eggs were in the fridge, we found that cool swimming elephant picture and received The Sunshine Award from Savannah and the Liebster Award from my adopted, Little Sister, Poppy.  We absolutely LOVE sharing and passing the awards forward.

Mom’s week went well, too.  After six, yes SIX visits to the Division of Motor Vehicles, she finally received her new driver’s license yesterday.  (the issues were all paper and eyesight related, not driving test related, in case you were worried!)  She caught up on this stuff called bank reconciliations which made her face turn purplish on Monday.  She had three unexpected good things happen in Kitchen Counselor world. And… despite last night’s Heat/Celtic game results (congratulations Celtics, well played), so far, our Heaters are up 2-1 in the series.

JJ, Mom, and I had a few good things happen together.  We made three constitutional walks, two at night and one in the morning before or in between bands of horrendous downpours.  You know how um… uh… ok PETRIFIED I am about storms, so, we consider any time we can get out during this type of weather pattern a victory.

During our Tuesday evening constitutional, we noticed a beige, waterlogged little cutie running across a yard into the street.  Mom cajoled (vocabulary builder) it (him after further investigation) to join us.  Mom checked his tag and learned his name was Gizmo.  He looked like a pug wrapped in apricot poodle fur!  The tag only had a phone number and we left our phone home. He kind of looked like this except he had much curlier, poodle fur and he was missing an eye.

Mom rang the first bell and a nice lady (mortified of K9s) agreed to dial the number and then pass the phone to Mom.  We left a vm.  Mom, JJ, Gizmo and I rang 2 more bells until we learned from Miss Kitty at the 3rd house she thought Gizmo belonged diagonally across the street.  We trekked over there and rang the bell.  A lady answered and confirmed Gizmo was hers.  She had looked and looked and needed a shower before looking more.

Mom told us how proud she was that we helped return a K9 to his loving family, creating a happy ending.

Another great week!

Thanks to Life With DogsConfessions of the Plume and Two Little Cavaliers for hosting the Saturday Blog Hop.

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Fabulous Friday

Hey It’s Jet Here.

As if Thank You Thursday wasn’t wonderful enough (see special awarded blogs here), my adopted Little Sister, Fluffy Popcorn (Poppy to her friends,) bestowed the Liebster Award on my blog this week.  Mom and I admit we have always been curious as to what Liebster meant.  Poppy, ever the curious K9, and her super creative Mommy, dug around and found out:

“Like most people who have received the Liebster Blog Award, Mom Googled to find out what “Liebster” means. 😀 This was what she found. “Liebster” means “beloved”, “dearest”, or “favorite” in German. The origin of the Liebster Blog award is somewhat unclear but there’s a general consensus that the award originated in Germany. The award recognizes bloggers with fewer than 200 followers.”

When you’re a bit newer to the blogging world, receiving this award carries such deep feelings of appreciation, acknowledgement and welcome.  The rules of the Liebster Blog Award only allows us to select 5 bloggers to pass this award on to.  With that in mind, we wish to share and pay-it-forward to:

  • Savannah’s Paw Tracks  – A new friend who has taken the blogosphere by storm.
  • 2 Brown Dawgs Blog  – We cannot tell how many followers they have, however, they saved my sister, JJ’s life!
  • For the Love of My Dogs  – Miss Deanna saves K9s from the same place Golden Rescue South Florida sprung me from with 4 days to spare.  We admire her big heart and how she walks the talk to help K9s.  We hope we can meet her and the crew for a pack walk someday soon!!!
  • Kol’s Notes –  Mom cannot tell how many subscribers Kol has; poor Mom, she tries so hard to be tech savvy!  We love Kol’s writing style and find ourselves giggling every time we visit. Plus, Mom LOVES to read anything having to do with food, cooking, etc… (she is The Kitchen Counselor after all!)
  • The World According to Lexi  – Mom cannot tell how many subscribers they have.  We love Nitro’s story, his weekly park pictures, the farm pictures and what a special life Miss Christina provides for her 4 legged family members.


Another great, thanks so much, day.