Sunshine Thursday – Mango Style

Hey It’s Jet Here.

Boy are we LATE!  Yup, my blogosphere little sister, Poppy, from Fluffy Popcorn bestowed the Sunshine award on her Big Bro a few weeks ago  and what happened??? Life!  Since we’ve focused on mangoes this week, and the sun shines brightly on our mango tree as Mom and I prepare this post, we will catch up and gratefully accept the award and pass it on.  Oh, you know what’s the funniest?  Poppy and I bestowed the same award to each other on the same day!  Goes to show you even virtual siblings have that “sibling intuition!”

Poppy and her Mommy write the most joyous blog, their sunny hue of the world becomes evident upon your first reading.  They creatively comment, post wonderful videos, construct great photos with and for their furiends and share their infectious positivism. (vocab builder)  Look what Poppy and her Mom made for us to celebrate our awards…

So here are the rules:

Answer the questions that come with it.  Since I’m a kind brother in my own home, too, I pass the question portion on to JJ.  If you want to see my answers from last time, go here.

Pass it along to 10 people and let them know they have received it..

Here are the questions and JJ’s answers:

  • Favorite number: 14, the day Mom, Rachel, Jet, and Pluffy adopted me.
  • Favorite Non-alcoholic drink:  Water – Mom thinks I need etiquette (vocab builder) lessons because I slurp and drip!.
  • Facebook or Twitter: Mom can’t keep up with my energy level now; she can’t imagine adding either of these activities to my already busy schedule..
  • My Passion: Fetching, chewing, and counter surfing (only as a means to see what Mom’s up to and to let her know I’m ready and willing to participate!).
  • Favorite pattern: The pattern my kibbles takes as I scarf it down in milliseconds..
  • Favorite Day of the Week:  Any day I spend more time with humans!.
  • Favorite Flower:  hmmmm…. Mom might need to help me with this… Jetty enjoys sniffing flowers more than I do… I will say pink hibiscus and hot pink bougainvillea because they match my accessory color!

We’re going to pass on the award to newer pals we’ve been commenting with…

  • Urban Hounds – Miss Kate and the hounds visit wonderful places and… Miss Kate likes foodie stuff like Mom!
  • Dogs n Pawz – for their sunny disposition and good sportsmanship during the NBA finals.
  • Long Life Cats and Dogs – Miss Susan burst on the scene recently and already thinks in posts like the rest of us.  She shares great stories, information and musings from South Africa.
  • Paws to Talk – Follow the lives of Bella and Didi, standard poodles who are smart and witty.
  • My Life with Flyball Dogs – We love following the adventures of Koira and Pallo.  Their human writes great comments on their behalf!
  • Raising Daisy – Little Miss Havachon writes really enteraining posts.
  • It’s a Weinerful Life – These human Moms know how to provide adventures for their doxies and chihuaha, Sally Ann, Luna and Charlie.
  • Joke Puppy – We usually stop by on Saturdays for a visit.  Joke puppy always leaves us with a smile on our faces.
  • My GBGV Life – You MUST check out Emma’s Tasty Tuesday posts, she’s a riot, reminiscent of Julia Child!
  • House Full of Dogs – Angel, a 3 year old Pomeranian, and Chaos, a 3 year old Chihuaha, share their adventures.

Another great sunny day!


26 thoughts on “Sunshine Thursday – Mango Style

  1. hey Jet,

    Congratulations on your pawsome award! It is well deserved! And such a pretty award. That is so cool how you and Poppy bestowed it to each other on the same day. Great minds think alike!

    JJ’s “7 Things” answers were fun! Always nice to learn more about my blogging buddies. JJ’s “passion” answer is my favorite! ;->


    • Hey Suka, Jet here.

      Awww… you’re making me blush… thanks for your kind words… We said the same thing to Poppy that fine day!

      We feel the same way about getting to know each other! 🙂

    • Hey Emma, Jet here.

      Thank you and our pleasure, most deserved! We do more than enjoy your baking posts, we LOVE them and look forward to them. We think you are ready for Saturday Night Live 🙂

  2. Hey Jetty,

    Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! (would continue but it’d start getting boring to read. I really am grateful and astounded. I cannot believe how welcoming everyone is here in the blogosphere. Jetty, you are a sweetheart to send me this award and all your furry friends here in SA just looooove you!

    • Hey it’s Jetty here. Hi Miss Susan.

      Welcome, welcome, welcome! Oh gosh, you shouldn’t be surprised at all… we love your blog and love corresponding with you bunches and bunches… we love you here in the tropics (Miami!!!)

    • Hey Texas, Jet here.

      Dude, how ya doin’ with the extra heat in your neck of the woods? We’ve been thinking about you, especially when we spoke to Miss Linda, Savvy’s Mom. 🙂

      Many thanks for your kind comment.

      • Well, we’ve been spending the days inside, which is not too fun but it was okay. I like to be inside for a little while only and then go back inside 😉
        Thanks for your thoughts! Take care too!

      • Hey Texas, Jet here.

        Phew, sorry you’re more cooped up than you prefer, however, we’re glad you maintain cool comfort. Thanks dude. We’re currently waiting for Mom to hurry up and get ready to take us for our evening constitutional!

    • Hey Angel, Hey Chaos, Jet here.

      Thank you for your kind words. Most welcome and most deserved! 🙂 Uh… Angel?Chaos? can you share the type of treats you enjoy? We can use your recommendations to give mom HINTS!!! 🙂

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