Mischief Monday – Magic or Mischief?

Hey It’s Jet Here.

Oh Mom’s having hissy fits over this one.  Starting last Thursday, the garage door started to practice exercises – lift up, close down.  I know, you’re thinking ok, so what?  Well, see… the thing is… the garage door does its exercises independently, not on command!

Mom goes to work, closes the garage door and then gets calls from the neighbors that the door is open.  The first time, she thought she goofed.  Another time she thought Rachel goofed.  We do our final tank emptying for the night, come in, close the door and we wake up to it open.  This will not do!

We’ve called the garage door’s original owners (the company) to let them know the electrical brain has gone beserk.  This company always gives Mom difficulty, however, she cannot change due to this stuff called warranties.  (ugh.)

So, do you think the garage door is practicing magic or mischief?

Another great, however slightly unsettling, day.

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JJ: The Recovery Wonder Dog

Hey It’s Jet Here.

Yesterday, JJ went back to Dr. Shaffer for a surgery follow-up/scar check.

Mom chatted with Judy and JJ reviewed the little critters while they waited.  JJ surprised everyone with her shivering and tail between her legs… who can resist the Paradise Animal Center folks?  Guess JJ remembered last week!

JJ received an A+ from Dr. Shaffer on her scar healing. Mom told him with pride how JJ bounced back so quickly from surgery.

After Mom mentioned JJ’s skin irritation in her private areas, he took a quick look and approved of Mom’s idea to use MY boo boo salve.  During the exam, my sister had … ahem… an accident from being so worried.  Dr. Shaffer told Mom JJ most likely had a Urinary Tract Infection (UTI) and would need another round of antibiotics.

Next Mom mentioned she thought JJ had another ear infection.  Dr. Shaffer took JJ into the “BIG ROOM.”  Mom had to take a few steps in as well, because our girl was a bundle of nerves.  

Dr. Shaffer put helping stuff into JJ’s ear and Mom will check in about 3 days.

Mom and JJ waited for Judy to prepare the bill and the medicine to come out of the big room.  While waiting, Miss Social Butterfly checked in with the new bird…

Luigi the cat…

And Zoey the schnauzer…

Next week, same K9 time, same K9 location for another check…

Another great healing day.

K9s = Equipment? UNACCEPTABLE!

Hey It’s Jet Here.

Longtime readers know that Mom receives about 300 emails a day; about half she can do that delete thingie 1,2,3, about a quarter receive quick attention and the balance require Mom to READ, READ, READ!  Last night, while selecting salad recipes to run by a client, Mom took a break to run through more emails.  She came across an ASPCA newsletter; the first headline caught her attention:  Federal Bills Seek to Protect Military Dogs and Racehorses.

Mom called me over and read the item aloud.  Did you know today is Armed Forces Day?  Mom thought Memorial Day included that type of recognition.  Well, turns out Congress has a bill before it called the Canine Member of the Armed Forces Act.  (I’m going to assume the humans will explain the workings of the American legislative branch to their K9s!)  Here’s the purpose of the act:

To classify military working dogs as “canine members of the armed forces” instead of “equipment,” establish adoption policies for retired dogs, create a non-profit entity to raise funds for retired dogs’ veterinary care, and to establish a formal means to honor dogs killed in action or who show exceptional courage in the line of duty.

Would you believe, can you imagine, that K9s who currently serve in the American military heroically are defined as EQUIPMENT!  Mom said that reminds her of the historical period when women were classified as chattel (vocabulary builder.)

Seriously, do we look like:

  • A soccer ball?
  • A stethoscope?
  • A computer?
  • Tools?

Humans, if I may so, this is the LEAST you can do… If you wish to take action to support this act, search the ASPCA Advocacy Center.  (When we provide the link, they automatically fill out all of Mom’s private info… whoops!)

Another great, military K9s deserve better, day.

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My First Ever Haiku

Hey It’s Jet Here.

My friend, Rumpy, posted a poetry challenge last week.  JJ’s medical issues distracted me from concentrating on my poetic abilities.  In light of yesterday’s post,  Mom thought expressing myself in haiku might help my nerves.

  • Boomers, streaky lights,
  • Make me scratch walls and shiver.
  • Tell them to scram NOW!

Did I do ok?  Do you think my Language Arts teacher at Scooby Doo Academy would approve?

Another great, poetic day.

P.S.  Thanks to all of you who have asked how JJ is feeling.  We feel so fortunate to have such positive energy and caring coming our way. Mom’s taking her to Dr. Shaffer on Saturday morning for a check.  Mom has to remind JJ not to jump, wrestle, play and wag her tail so hard it should fall off. Between us, I think Little Miss “Who had serious surgery, me?” had the fastest recovery on the planet… thank heavens!

Let ‘Em Have It, We’re So Scared!

Hey It’s Jet Here.

Last night, we met Miss Mary Ann and Dixie at the very end of their walk and the middle of ours.  Miss Mary Ann is an amateur meteorologist and told Mom to expect BIG storms last night.  She showed Mom the weather map from her snazzy phone.  She and Mom hoped the booms and streaky lights would not bother us too much.

Around 2:00 a.m. ish… the sky did this thingie called, “open up”,  booms, streaky lights, raining “cats and dogs!”  (What a silly human saying.) etc… Luckily for Mom, a new blue tarp sits on the roof above the kitchen, so for a change, we did not have puddles and plaster to greet us this morning.  I digress.

At the sight of each streaky light, JJ barked her Kathleen Turner pitched bark, letting those streaky lights know who’s boss.  Then she paced in no particular pattern all over Mom’s bed… and Mom, her innards shaking like a live wire.

If you’ve read my posts for a while, you know how I suffer with loud noises.  I tried JJ’s new barking technique, however returned to my pawing up the wall, knocking everything off Mom’s side table, trying to find my safe place etc…

Mom, good sport that she is, tried to drown out the noise with SportsCenter.  (She figured she could catch up on NBA Playoff results… except they talked too much about baseball.)  Then she tried CNN, in case we needed to catch up on world events.  (We were not impressed.) Mom tried to pet JJ into a calmer state, (no luck).  Finally, at some point, we all passed out.

This is going to be a LONG rainy season…

Another great, until today’s thunder storms, day.

Wordless Wednesday – Coney Fashion

Hey It’s Jet Here.

The folks at Dr. Shaffer’s office didn’t think JJ would fuss with her stitches, so Mom and JJ did not leave with a new: satellite dish, cone of shame, conehead, Elizabethan Collar, lampshade etc…  Without getting too graphic, Mom noticed she did not fuss with her stitches, however did fuss with her private parts, which were irritated.  I, Nurse Jetty, tried to help out as well, adding to the fussing quotient (vocabulary builder).

Mom finally gave in and purchased the swanky collar you saw on Sunday.  What a disaster!  JJ’s head disappeared in it and when she lay down, she looked like a little clam in the big clam shell!  Mom thought perhaps we could switch.  I looked a little less pathetic.  She took both of us back to Petco on Monday night to return Little House on the Prairie collar.

JJ’s now sporting her Green Goddess collar and I’m back with my familiar manly man collar.

Another great, coney fashion, day.

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Tasty Tuesday – Trends

Hey It’s Jet Here.

Thanks to Sugar and Kol for initiating Tasty Tuesdays, today is our sixth participating post!

Scooby Doo Academy stresses research skills and healthy eating.  Today’s post combines both.  I, Jet, the Research Man, have sniffed out ten trends to look for in Pet Food:   

  1. Game Meats: Humans feel that K9s would benefit from eating a more ancestral diet, especially for K9s allergic to corn and wheat.  Game meats include bison, kangaroo, venison, quail, rabbit and ostrich.
  2. Medicinal Mushrooms (don’t go trippin’): They help with immune support, itchy rashes and may even help with cancer.
  3. Pork:  (duh!) – like the whole human thing about bacon everywhere, humans figured out we K9s like the stuff too!
  4. Chia Seeds –  Those tiny seeds help elimination, balance blood sugar, provide Omega 3s and anti-oxidants.
  5. Raw –  Again, like the human trend towards a raw diet, our raw food arrives dehydrated or freeze dried.  Some humans believe that raw diets rock because the aminos and enzymes have not been adulterated.
  6. Blueberries –  Can you say Vitamin C, fiber, anti-oxidant and free radical protection???  I say, MOM, flip some more my way!
  7. Garbanzos – a high fiber, clean protein source… uh… excuse me… what about flatulence??? (vocab builder and polite way of saying F*RT!)
  8. Glucosomine/Chondroitin – continues to help us with our joints, now derived from beef and SHARK! (Cue the music from JAWS!)
  9. Omega 3s – Not just from fish oil – coconut, chia and other sources join the ranks and helps with Osteoarthritis.
  10. Probiotics – Humans will now have options of treats, powder, pills or liquid to get this digestive helping stuff in us!  Mom, I vote for TREAT – did you see that picture for Peanut Butter Bacon Frozen Yogurt?

Another great trend predicting day!

Mischief Monday – Mom Got Punk’d!

Hey It’s Jet Here.

Wish I could have been there to see this… I will retell as best Mom described the situation to Auntie Liz on the phone.

Mom waited patiently on Saturday morning at Dr. Shaffer’s to pick up JJ.  Lots of activity swirled around Mom:

  • A Mom and a daughter brought in their big American bulldog named Disney,
  • A man dropped off a small dog,
  • A Father, son, and Grandmother picked up their rat terrier looking dog,
  • Victor and two other vet techs periodically came out to take animals to the back, bring animals to the front or chat with the humans.
  • Judy answered phones, prepared bills, spoke with humans, and greeted the animals.

Mom stood at the desk area while Miss Judy prepared JJ’s medicine labels and her bill.  Mom minded the time on her phone because she wanted to make sure she was ready for her 10:25 a.m. And the Women Gather blogradio spot.  (She broadcasts every Saturday for The Kitchen Counselor, take a listen.  I’m usually sitting beside her when she calls in for the show!)  Her written piece, wallet, and keys rested on the counter as she watched Miss Judy.  Miss Judy called the back with a “code 15” (I think that means pick up.)  Victor brought the K9 out the door and around the corner.  Mom rushed over to say hi, give lovies etc…

In her head she thought, “What did they do to her?  She looks a little different.”  About 30 seconds passed before the pooch went potty.  Mom looked at Judy and said, “what’s wrong? JJ doesn’t have accidents?”

The whole room cracked up laughing as Miss Judy said, “you’re right!  That’s because that’s NOT JJ!!!”

Well Mom cracked up laughing too and they replayed the scene over a few times explaining how JJ and Mikalia had runs next to each other and everyone thought they looked so similar they thought they would play a prank on Mom.

How’s that for mischief?

Another great, they got Mom good, day!

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Mother’s Day – Not Much Needed After All

Hey It’s Jet Here.

Before addressing Mother’s Day, Mom and I would like to take the opportunity to thank all of you who wrote, air expressed, barked, meowed, called, texted and emailed to see how JJ was/is doing.  We are deeply moved and feel so fortunate to have crossed all of your paths.

JJ slept well and has passed all of the “musts” after surgery: eat, drink, eliminate, meds.  Her bubbly personality returned at least 50% today.  She’s fussing a little with her girlie-girl areas so Mom went out and bought a SWANKY Cone.  (How come I have the old fashioned model? huh?) She can’t quite figure how to work it yet, though.

What amazed us is the small size of the scar and her naked belly.  I’m trying so hard to Nurse Jetty JJ, however, Dr. Shaffer said I cannot, even though I’m well intentioned.  Does that mean I need continuing ed credits to learn different skills?

Oh, Mom’s trying that distracting technique thingie where you give JJ something to chew to divert her from her surgery area.

Other than that, we’re keeping a low profile today.

Back to Mom…

As it turns out, she seems quite content to celebrate her day with a morning nap, a card from Rachel, knowing JJ is ok and improving, company from all four of us (me, JJ, Puffy and Fluffy) and the HEAT game against this team called the Pacers, which she will watch after she posts this.  (She’s dvr-ing it right now!)  Love you Mom.  Love All of You, too, Jetty!

Another great Mother’s Day.

Linda and the Brown Dawgs Saved JJ’s Life

Hey It’s Jet Here.

Serious stuff today.  Starting with the ending, JJ should be fine, we’ll know for sure by 9:30 a.m. **Update** – JJ and Mom just returned home.  She had endometriosis and beginning pyometra.  She did well in surgery, needs to be calm (hmpf) and should get back to her usual self soon.  Thanks to those who already wrote in asking how JJ was doing.

As many readers know, Mom and I still rank as Newbies in the PetBlog world.  We began my blog in October 2011, a few weeks after we lost Koko, Mom’s first ever K9.  You helped us welcome JJ, our new golden girl in December.  You even helped name her!

You may even recall that even though Animal Services told Golden Rescue South Florida JJ was that thing called spayed and GRSF told Mom the same, we had quite the surprise in February and again last Sunday.

When Linda, Storm, Thunder, Freighter and Nestle (of 2 Brown Dawgs fame) read our Mischief Monday post, Linda sent a comment back that something was wrong, to look up this big word called pyometra, and recommended that we call Dr. Shaffer.   Since Mom read their comment around midnight, she called first thing Tuesday.

Judy, who runs the front desk, left Mom feeling more comfortable, but said she would pass the question on to Dr. Shaffer and let Mom know.  Judy called Mom at work on Wednesday and said Dr. Shaffer tended to agree with Linda and the brown dawgs.   Since JJ had NO symptoms, Mom made the appointment for first thing yesterday.

Just in case, Mom restricted food and water after midnight in case JJ needed unexpected surgery.  Mom got the call at work again.  Judy said they would spay JJ and check for the scary stuff during surgery.  At day’s end, Judy called to say JJ did great in surgery, however, Dr. Shaffer hadn’t mentioned any further details.  JJ’s having a sleepover at Dr. Shaffer’s tonight to make sure everything is ok.  We already miss our cuddle bunny in bed!

Since Mom’s never had an unaltered K9, we would have never known (or for sure not as rapidly) about pyometra without Linda and the brown dawgs.

Thank you Linda, Storm, Thunder, Freighter and Nestle for saving our girl’s life and educating us.  Thanks in the larger sense to our new blogging friends, we never expected such support, connection and caring.

Another great, things will be ok with JJ, day.

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