Before and After…

Hey It’s Jet Here.

Oh gosh, I thought this day would NEVER arrive.  Check it out… I woke up and I still looked like this…

We had breakfast, went for a walk and then we saw the towels come out of the closet.  Mom said, “Come here, Jetty, guess what?  This is coming OFF!” and she unsnapped nine times and poof after 4 weeks I was a free boy!

We followed Mom into her room, then bathroom and laid on the floor for pre-spa comb outs.

Afterwards, I fell for the Zuke’s treat encouragement and trotted into the shower.  JJ needed some convincing.

Mom shampooed JJ and I and told each of us how pretty/handsome we looked and smelled.  Oh she’s a charmer that Mom!  (Jetty, I meant every word, I love how you two smell when freshly Buddy Washed!)

Mom gave each of us a quick towel dry in the shower and then sprung us.  JJ did her side stroke doggy paddle action on the tile while I, Jet the Sophisticated, hopped on Mom’s soft bed and rolled on her comforter!

Mom prefers when we drip dry in the office, on the tile while she works on the computer.  So, here we are.

Another great, I’m cone free, day!


22 thoughts on “Before and After…

  1. WOOHOO no more cones! So happy for you and JJ! Have a wonderful cone free day!

    Sending conefree morning kisses and hugs ! xoxoxo

    • Hey it’s Jet here. Hi Miss Wendy.

      Thanks for your well wishes, it’s good to be cone free, whoo hoo… not bumping into everything!

      Conefree Jetty kisses right back. xoxoxox

  2. Hey Jet. Just catching up on my blog reading and trying to read back and I cannot figure out why you are wearing that cone. So happy to hear that JJ is coming along. I also am trying to do a bit of blog housekeeping. I followed to your blog a bit ago and I wasn’t getting notifications of your posts. (I can’t understand why it wasn’t listed with the blogs I follow even though it showed I was following…a WP puzzle.) Anyway, I un-followed and re-followed and hopefully that will do the trick. Hope you are having a good weekend. 🙂

    • Hey Brown Dawgs, Jet here. Hi Miss Linda.

      Well, ahem, ugh… you see I might have ORIGINALLY gotten a few no good, rotten, naughty bug bites and then… being the fastidious (vocab builder) K9 I am, might have fussed a bit, well, ok, a LOT and made a boo boo… and Mom had to take me to Dr. Shaffer for a shave on my tail’s underside and my manly man area so she could put that goopy medicine on every night for WEEKS until the boo boos healed….

      Thank you for your kindness in following me… Mom said the different blog companies seem to give each other fits and cause Mischief between them for us bloggers. hmpf… Hope it works this time…

      We’re having a pleasant weekend except for the storms, which … well, you probably know how JJ and I react already… 😦

      Hope you guys are frolicking and practicing your gifts for retrieving! 🙂

  3. YES! Paw Pumps!!! Its off…whooppeee…and you and JJ are smellin’ goooood…nice. So Jet…some other blogger awarded me the Sunshine Award and part of getting it is to pass it on to others…so I chose you as one of the blogs to award it to…I posted the award and instructions on my Sunday blog, today. I hope you like it…paw pats, Savvy

    • Hey Savannah, Jet here.

      You did? You thought of us??? Wowee, our second ever award… hang on, Mom is super behind on reading because of the bad weather. (JJ and I freak out and do not give Mom a moment’s peace when she tries to do her computer work.) We’re going to read it right now… Wowee! thanks a bunch.

      As a feline, Mom says you guys always smell lovely. JJ and I really do smell extra pawesome today… MOm’s been burying her face in my fur to enjoy the scent at its freshest!!!

  4. Hi sweet Jetty – I hope you and JJ had a great cone free Sunday! Our day was relaxing except for the 2 hours of torrential rain and boomers when Cassie went crazy!!

    Sending buckets of goodnight hugs and kisses to you, JJ, Mom, Rachel, and Pluffy xxoxoxoxo

    • Hey it’s Jet here. Hi Miss Wendy x2… I bugged Mom and deleted the first reply… she’s a little miffed! Oops.

      Anyway, what she typed was something like… Yeah, we drove Mom a little nutty during the storm and she could not do her computer work. She ended up doing this HORRIBLE (according to her) thing called decluttering the kitchen of its paper piles. Oh, it was ugly. Now she has a bunch of piles which need certain types of attention.

      Sending bowls of goodnight Jetty kisses and JJ hugs to you, Mr. David, Jacob, Cassie (extra lovies for her today), Rex and Barkley. xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

  5. Congrats on the removal of the cone!! I have such crazy panic attacks with the cone that I special made outfits to cover any spots that need protecting from me. It makes my Mom work a bit more, but I’m pretty sure she likes it!! BOL!

    • Hey Twiggy, Hey Onyx, Jet here.

      Really? Wow, what a super thoughtful Mom. Between us… if I tell your Mom where the boo boos happen, do you think she could give my Mom an alternative idea???

  6. WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!! Can i say Weeeee any longer and any louder Big bro Jet?!?? Congratulations to yoooou!!! How does it feel to be silly cone free?? =D i’m doing the *Happy Poppy Dance* in celebration of your recovery! 😉

    • Hey Poppy, Big Bro here.

      Thanks Poppy, I love your Happy Poppy Dance… I’ve seen it on the video!!! and… in my honor, whoo hoo… Yes, I’m a happy guy… but, Mom already reminded me that I’m fussing with a spot on my rump area… uh oh…

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