K9s = Equipment? UNACCEPTABLE!

Hey It’s Jet Here.

Longtime readers know that Mom receives about 300 emails a day; about half she can do that delete thingie 1,2,3, about a quarter receive quick attention and the balance require Mom to READ, READ, READ!  Last night, while selecting salad recipes to run by a client, Mom took a break to run through more emails.  She came across an ASPCA newsletter; the first headline caught her attention:  Federal Bills Seek to Protect Military Dogs and Racehorses.

Mom called me over and read the item aloud.  Did you know today is Armed Forces Day?  Mom thought Memorial Day included that type of recognition.  Well, turns out Congress has a bill before it called the Canine Member of the Armed Forces Act.  (I’m going to assume the humans will explain the workings of the American legislative branch to their K9s!)  Here’s the purpose of the act:

To classify military working dogs as “canine members of the armed forces” instead of “equipment,” establish adoption policies for retired dogs, create a non-profit entity to raise funds for retired dogs’ veterinary care, and to establish a formal means to honor dogs killed in action or who show exceptional courage in the line of duty.

Would you believe, can you imagine, that K9s who currently serve in the American military heroically are defined as EQUIPMENT!  Mom said that reminds her of the historical period when women were classified as chattel (vocabulary builder.)

Seriously, do we look like:

  • A soccer ball?
  • A stethoscope?
  • A computer?
  • Tools?

Humans, if I may so, this is the LEAST you can do… If you wish to take action to support this act, search the ASPCA Advocacy Center.  (When we provide the link, they automatically fill out all of Mom’s private info… whoops!)

Another great, military K9s deserve better, day.

Thanks to Life With DogsConfessions of the Plume and Two Little Cavaliers for hosting the Saturday Blog Hop.

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18 thoughts on “K9s = Equipment? UNACCEPTABLE!

  1. Hi Jet,,,,,I’ve heard about that bill before and it’s a great idea to take care of those canines who help the military. Besides their work, I’m sure that they are great for the morale of the servicemembers they come in contact with. I actually thought the bill had already been passed,,,but I’m gonna check it out. Believe it or not, I remember a recent story about a scandal in the U.K. where several hundred service dogs were destoyed rather than brought home.

    • Hey Joke Puppy, Jet here.

      OMDog! That is HORRIBLE… another UNACCEPTABLE thing… what were they thinking???

      Mom and I agree totally about the morale issue, especially since Mom did pet therapy with Koko, may she be frolicking over the Rainbow Bridge. She saw first hand what K9s can do!

      Thanks for your support Joke Puppy. 🙂

  2. Hi Jet

    Thanks for bringing attention to that bill. I wholeheartedly agree with you. Dogs as equipment? Really? It’s like calling puppy mill dogs livestock. Ick!
    I’ll go over and sign. This bill is long over due.

    BTW – After Mom reads you stuff do you have a discussion about it? 🙂

    • Hey Mel, Jet here.

      Thanks for signing, each name counts! You are so right… puppy mill dogs livestock my PAW!

      Oh yes, in fact JJ usually participates as well… Puffy and Fluffy sleep through (or at least let us think they’re sleeping) our chats! Good ?! 🙂

  3. Oh My Cod! that is just wrong, wrong, wrong!!!!! Shame on the peeps for leaving that verbage around for so long!! Speaking of service dogs destroyed…did you catch the article in last months Nat Geo magazine…about the sled dogs serving the Danish army in the rugged Greenland coast, patroling in sub zero weather, pulling heavy sled for army peeps, then when sled dogs get too old, they shoot them…kill them…for their service and loyalty…totally healthy sled dog that could be taken to a sanctuary or something. Mom is still working on a letter to Nat Geo to inquire as to why they did this story with no follow up on the plight of those dogs.

    • Hey Savannah, Jet here.

      Shame on the peeps indeed!

      OMDog, no, we are unfamiliar with the Nat Geo article… horrific! Please let us know if we can sign on to your letter… you could even ask one of the big groups to start a petition…

      • I hope this link comes through. The tell tale part is 5th paragraph from the end of article. Armstrong, a dog, is probably dead before the article was printed. He was on his “last” patrol…they would “humanely” personally put a bullet in his head when he completed his last service. Only 10, and healthy. I did try to get a sled dog group interested, but they did not step up. I am not done. I will let you know what I do.


      • Hey Savannah, Jet here.

        Mom just read the article… we’re afraid you are right about Armstrong. When they write that the dogs are wolf/dog… well, there are rescues for that, too! hmpf. Maybe Best Friends Animal Sanctuary would have ideas…

      • OMC! you read it! and I am not crazy to be upset! thank you thank you and yes, I will contact Best Friends and one other Sibe rescue I found in Los Angeles..I am not done…

  4. Hi Jetty – super sad but somehow does not surprise me – humans are just the worst and will use and abuse anything they can!!! – how dare they call the super smart, sensitive and brave service canines equipment. I;ve read multiple stories of dogs serving in the armed forces who do amazing things and are incredible sources of strength and comfort to the soldiers – I would think all the armed forces would support this bill 1000%!! I;m gonna look for the link to tte petition for the story Miss Savannah mentioned also – really gets my blood boiling mad!!!

    Whew sorry just get so upset when I read about injustices done to animals!!

  5. Goodnight my sweet Jetty – how did JJ’s Dr’s appt. go this morning? I hope she is doing great! How are your itchies doing? Better I hope!

    Sending truck loads of goodnight hugs and kisses to you, JJ, Mom, Rachel and Pluffy xxoxoxo

    • Hey it’s Jet here. Good Morning Miss Wendy.

      Check out today’s post and you’ll get the scoop on JJ. Thanks for asking… 🙂

      My itchies are doing way better, except now Mom and I noticed the darn mosquitoes have returned with the rain!

      Sending tankers of Jetty kisses and JJ hugs to you, Mr. David, Jacob, Cassie, Rex and Barkley xoxoxo

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