Tasty Tuesday – Trends

Hey It’s Jet Here.

Thanks to Sugar and Kol for initiating Tasty Tuesdays, today is our sixth participating post!

Scooby Doo Academy stresses research skills and healthy eating.  Today’s post combines both.  I, Jet, the Research Man, have sniffed out ten trends to look for in Pet Food:   

  1. Game Meats: Humans feel that K9s would benefit from eating a more ancestral diet, especially for K9s allergic to corn and wheat.  Game meats include bison, kangaroo, venison, quail, rabbit and ostrich.
  2. Medicinal Mushrooms (don’t go trippin’): They help with immune support, itchy rashes and may even help with cancer.
  3. Pork:  (duh!) – like the whole human thing about bacon everywhere, humans figured out we K9s like the stuff too!
  4. Chia Seeds –  Those tiny seeds help elimination, balance blood sugar, provide Omega 3s and anti-oxidants.
  5. Raw –  Again, like the human trend towards a raw diet, our raw food arrives dehydrated or freeze dried.  Some humans believe that raw diets rock because the aminos and enzymes have not been adulterated.
  6. Blueberries –  Can you say Vitamin C, fiber, anti-oxidant and free radical protection???  I say, MOM, flip some more my way!
  7. Garbanzos – a high fiber, clean protein source… uh… excuse me… what about flatulence??? (vocab builder and polite way of saying F*RT!)
  8. Glucosomine/Chondroitin – continues to help us with our joints, now derived from beef and SHARK! (Cue the music from JAWS!)
  9. Omega 3s – Not just from fish oil – coconut, chia and other sources join the ranks and helps with Osteoarthritis.
  10. Probiotics – Humans will now have options of treats, powder, pills or liquid to get this digestive helping stuff in us!  Mom, I vote for TREAT – did you see that picture for Peanut Butter Bacon Frozen Yogurt?

Another great trend predicting day!

14 thoughts on “Tasty Tuesday – Trends

  1. Hi sweet Jetty – EXCELLENT Work – great research job Jetty I would think Scooby Doo Academy will give you an A+ on this assignment!

    You picked out the top healthy trends in pet foods – I have become familiar with many pet foods since I started demoing them in Petsmart and you are right on with these ingredients! Thanks for all the great info!

    sending great job kisses xoxoxo

    • Hey it’s Jet here. Hi Miss Wendy.

      A+, whoo hoo??? really? Do you think so… I worked hard, I must say.

      Wow, Miss Wendy, most welcome… let me know if you want to be my inside source!

      Sending beaming with pride Jetty kisses and healing JJ hugs back. xoxoxoxoxxo

  2. I always end up replying on Tasty Tuesday! Where’s my wordless Wednesday or Mischief Monday! ^^

    I read about JJ and Mikaila (I do hope I got the spelling right). I have to admit I also have some issues on detecting dogs with the same fur color. And to decide whether who is who using a picture, that’s even tougher.

    Interesting how I read about Garbanzos. My last homemade dog meal included peas and carrots. Maybe I should replace it with garbanzos, right?

    Huggies and Cheese,

    Haopee of http://www.mydogslove.me ^^

    • Hey Haopee, Jet here.

      No worries dude, we’ve got both comments! We have the same issues with blogspot! 😦

      We’re happy to see you anytime you can visit…

      Yum, peas and carrots… when’s the next dinner @ your house???

      Garbanzos have a higher protein ratio than green peas, so, give it a try. (from Mom.)

  3. Seriously?!? Everything I type in about JJ not being JJ and Garbanzos being awesome wasn’t recorded.

    I hate you, WordPress!!!

    Back to what I was saying, I used peas instead of Garbanzos as one of the protein source. I also included carrots, tomato sauce and chicken neck in my latest homemade supplement to dog food.

    Huggies and Cheese,


    • Hey Haopee, Jet here.

      Haopee’s Human… seriously, when’s the next dinner @ your house, sounds delish… Mom volunteers to bring a dish to the party as well!

      Um… Haopee? Did the peas give you… uh,… you know… flatulence?

  4. I vote for raw food for Mommy (AND TWEATS for me)! 😛 Mommy just made Sushi at home last night! 😀 Ooooo they had salmon belly, avocado, flying fish roe, and mentaiko! Giggsy votes for Blueberries! ❤

    • Hey Poppy, Big Bro Jet here.

      Little Sis, your palate is impressive! Mom went for Japanese last night, she had edamame dipped in yummy carrot ginger dressing and cucumber salad!!!

      Poppy, you’re making me hungry! 🙂

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