Mother’s Day – I’m Thinking Slightly Less Ahead Pt. 2

Hey It’s Jet Here.

After yesterday’s post and in between playing, wrestling with JJ, napping, guarding the house, did I mention napping?, I found some time to continue thinking ahead for Mother’s Day.   The 4-legged family member meeting came up with the following brainstorming ideas:

  • Idea: Give her flowers from me, JJ, Fluffy and Puffy.
    • Issues:
      • She’s allergic to many varieties, what if I select the wrong kind.
      • If we pick, well really bite local neighborhood varieties, we could get in trouble and they would arrive, well, smooshed.
      • Puffy and Fluffy eat them and throw up everywhere for days.
  • Give her a gift card.
    • Issues:
      • We haven’t received a raise in our allowance (currently $0) in years.
      • No transportation
      • Too many choices for a Manly Man like me.
  • Take her to the park.
    • Issues:
      • JJ and I could not honestly focus on Mom.
      • Miami? What was I thinking?  Mom and I would sweat puddles. Little Miss “Cool as a Cucumber” would probably be fine!
      • Lotta unscooped you know what currently at the dog parks; not conducive to picnicking.
      • Uh, JJ and I might, by accident, consume all the provisions instead of sharing with Mom.
  • Best idea so far – contact Miss Mary Ann, Auntie Liz, or Madrina and beg for assistance with adoring eyes and my famous Jetty Boy whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
    • Issues:
      • Mom charges her cell phone a little too far back on the counter to reach.
      • I can only dictate emails.
      • Miss Mary Ann might or might not walk with us this evening.

By selecting Best Idea so far, we have more hope of implementing (vocabulary builder) any or all of the other ideas previously listed.  Hey, how to I print, email, or text these posts to Miss Mary Ann, Auntie Liz or Madrina… where’s that Siri person who is so smart??

Another great let’s see what we decide day.


14 thoughts on “Mother’s Day – I’m Thinking Slightly Less Ahead Pt. 2

  1. Hey Big Bro Jet! 😀 Already thinking of gifts to get for Mommy Jet? You guys are sooo sweeet! 😀 I think i’ll be focusing on staying outta tooowaable! Best gift for Mommy these days! I’ve been so naughty apparently! — got a spy in the house! >=|

    Happy advance Mommy’s day to the greatest Jetty Mommy in da wooooorld! =D Xoxoxo Poppypoop! *snuggles*!

    • Hey Little Sis, Big Bro here.

      My Auntie Liz is a really good planner, so, I’m trying to emulate (vocab builder) her.

      Poppy??? you trouble??? I can hardly believe it… uh oh, who do you think it is? Gigs?

      From Mom… Poppy, you are such a sweetheart for saying such kind things and wishing me a Happy Mommy’s Day. Your Mommy will celebrate her first one with you which is the absolute best! Lots of smooches and hugs from me to you and a big hug for your Mommy!

      • Lol Big Bro Jet, IT’S WANTI!!! She’s been telling on me *fooorowns*

        =) Thank you Jet mommy! Mommy says thank you for your smooches and hugs too. teehee. 😀 How awesome!

        *EEEMULATE* — Poppy registers this vocab builder 😀

      • Hey Little Sis Poppy, Big Bro Jet here.

        I’m so proud of you for building your vocab… expands your world when you know more words!

        Who is Wanti??? Naughty for telling on my cute, adorable, Poppy…

        Most welcome, we love to send Jetty kisses, JJ hugs and Mom lovies…

        :}}}}}}}}}}}} tech builder – extended smiles!!! 🙂

    • Hey Fred, Hey Gloria, Jet here. Hi Miss Janet.

      BOL… that’s a good one! Hey Bassets, whatcha doin’ for Miss Janet??? Any ideas to share? You can tell ol’ Jetty boy… I won’t spoil the surprise!

  2. Hi Jetty – you have come up with some great ideas! I wonder if Cassie, Rex and Barkley are working as hard as you are on something special for me! (hee!hee!)

    You sure do have a great Mom and I hope she gets lots of goodies and has tons of fun this Sunday – she deserves it!

    Jacob had a good time at his Prom, made me cry with joy when the bus drove away! i was so happy for him!

    sending barrels of goodnight hugs and kisses to you, JJ, Mom, Rachel and Pluffy xoxoxoxoxo

    • Hey it’s Jet here. Hi Miss Wendy.

      Yippee, so glad to hear about Jacob, what a milestone! (Miss Wendy, it’s ok to cry happy tears.)

      Oh I know the trio have put their paws together to celebrate you; how could they not???

      Mom says thanks a bunch, she’s going to celebrate with my Nana and Rachel tomorrow. Oh Mom says the same to and for you Miss Wendy. 🙂

      Sending buckets of Jetty kisses and JJ hugs (she’s having a sleepover right now.) xoxoxoxxoxoxo

  3. We barked at Dad and Morgan took him to the dog bakery. They picked out a pink dog mom t-shirt for her and got some flowers! We were so excited that we gave it to her today!


    P.S. We love Siri! I don’t have to use the tiny keys on Mom’s old Blackberry to type my replies on Facebook anymore. I just bark at Siri and she types it for me!

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