Blanket ID?

Hey It’s Jet Here.

On Thursdays, Mom tries to catch up on her email in between lots of writing assignments.  JJ and I keep her company, usually gnawing on a bone or hoof, napping at her feet  or playing with toys.  Occasionally, we have a wrestling session.

Puffy and Fluffy hang out with her, too, sometimes in front of the screen, or on the keyboard.  Mom gently repositions them, letting them know she loves them, however, must take care of business.

Yesterday, while combing through 300 emails, she saw a picture with charms for our collars.  Pausing, the commentary stated: BlanketID – Never lose track of your pup again.  Since I have, on occasion, taken a brisk stroll, ok ran like the dickens off leash scaring the pants off Mom, she read more. “Snag one tag and six years of online protection, including ability to change and update your information whenever you need to. Each tag is waterproof, durable, noiseless, lightweight, and made in North America.”

JJ and I are already “chipped” (whatever that means), so, she wondered if any of our pals out in the blogosphere know whether this product duplicates a chip, or compliments a chip?

Oh, in case you want to purchase this “deal” from Daily Candy, BlanketID donates 15% of each sale to their Blanket Fund to help animals in need.

Let us know, because JJ and I wouldn’t mind some collar bling!

Another great “just in case” day.

With Gratitude and Appreciation

Hey It’s Jet Here.

Guess what?  Yesterday, we received our First Ever Blog AWARD.  It’s this thingie called One Lovely Blog Award and Miss Jodi from JodiStone  bestowed the award on good ol’ Jetty boy!  Ok, Mom too.  We did this thing called beam with pride.  After all, Mom and I started my blog to lift our spirits last October after Koko crossed over the Rainbow Bridge.  Check out Miss Jodi’s blog; she shares her life with Samson and Delilah (great names for great K9s).  And… Miss Jodi is one of the BEST blogpals a K9 can have; she writes fun comments to me all the time.

Here are the rules for the One Lovely Blog Award:

  • 1. Link back to the one who gave you this award – see above
  • 2. Pass the award on to 15 other lovely bloggers.

Since Mom has three jobs, writes the Kitchen Counselor blog, Servings, the Newsletter, Kitchen Counselor Facebook and Twitter, she can barely keep up with my dictation and fan mail.  So, please do not get offended if she cannot subscribe to all the blogs I ask her to.  We want to acknowledge many of our new blogpals, (and their lovely blogs) who have so warmly welcomed us to the pet blogging world.

  1. Bailey Be Good
  2. Basset Momma
  3. Bongo Dog Blog
  4. Brown Dog CBR
  5. DogsnPawz
  6. Dr. Rayya’s Online Veterinary Journal
  7. Fabulous Flo
  8. For the Love of My Dogs
  9. Fluffy Popcorn
  10. It’s a Weinerful Life
  11. Margs Pets
  12. Roxy the Traveling Dog
  13. Rumpy Dog
  14. Snoopy’s Dog Blog
  15. Twiggy and Onyx

3. Follow the person who presented you with the award.    Okie Dokie.

Another great grateful and appreciative day.

Wordless Wednesday: Million Dollar Mug

Hey It’s Jet Here.

Look at this face:

This is Red Tibetan Mastiff, Big Splash – price tag: 1.5 million dollars… Big Splash INDEED! (A Chinese coal baron purchased him.)

Uh Mom?  In relation to Big Splash, at $300 for my GRSF adoption, I was the bargain of the century!

Jetty, my word for you – priceless!

Another great priceless day.

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Tasty Tuesdays – Expo West 2012

Hey It’s Jet Here

Thanks to Sugar and Kol for initiating Tasty Tuesdays, today is our second participating post!

While Mom and I did not have the good fortune to attend Expo West, the natural products trade show, we saw a slide show touting the top natural pet products from the event.  Here’s my take on the products.

  1. Nulo Natural’s Pet Food – Noted for their streamlined new packaging, I give it 4 paws up for a lovely new design.
  2. Cloud Star’s Wag More Bark Less soft & chewy treats – JJ and I love Cloud Star’s Buddy Wash Shampoo and their cookies.  Mom gets a kick out of the Wag More Bark less decals and products. We love treats in general, so, 4 paws up for their new treat.
  3. Zuke’s Pet Performance Hip Action – Mom uses Zuke’s treats on Spa Days only, so we have a soft spot in our bellies for this company.  They reformulated their hip action and gave it a new package.  I think that deserves 4 paws up!
  4. Precise Products Grain Free Precise Holistic Complete – We applaud Precise Products for providing healthy, tasty options for my fellow K9s and felines with allergies.  Mom has food sensitivities, so, she really gets it!  4 paws up!
  5. Castor & Pollux Pet Works Small Breed Adult Dog Food – JJ and I enthusiastically chew on this companies knots.  Even though I cannot relate to the word small, most of our walking pack (Dixie, Neve, Freddie, etc…) come in small packages.  Castor & Pollux rolled out this formula in new RECYCLABLE packaging (yippee).  A hearty 4 paws up, especially in time for Earth Day.
  6. Puppy Dust – Ok, who can resist the name?  K9s who need motivation to eat? Can’t even relate to that issue, however, for the K9s who do, this grain free, natural product sounds like a 4 paws up slam dunk (there goes Mom with her basketball references again!)
  7. Petcurean’s Now Fresh for Large Breeds – Now we’re getting somewhere I can sink my canine’s into.  Touted as the only dry food to use fresh meat and oils, the kibble also excludes grains, growth hormones and preservatives.  Uh Mom?  I know we just switched to Natural Abundance, but, gosh, this sounds 4 paws up yummy.  They mentioned coconut oil Mom, you KNOW how much I LOVE coconut oil.  Just saying…

Another great new natural foods tasty Tuesday.

Mischief Monday – Uh, Mom… It Wasn’t Us

Hey It’s Jet Here.

You may recall from my Raindrop Gambling post Saturday that we received one of our first torrential rains of the season.   Sometime during the day, Mom walked into the kitchen and nearly took a slide into the laundry room.  She luckily caught herself, however, checked the floor to see why it was wet.

Possible causes of wet kitchen floor:

  • JJ slurped water from her dish and spilled some down her whiskers, jaw or chinny, chin, chin onto the floor.
  • I, Jet, the polite lap-style drinker, possibly deposited a drop or two that did not make it into my mouth.
  • When Mom transferred a wet pot from sink to counter onto towel to dry, drips may have hit the floor.
  • An errant ice cube shard may have fallen out of the dispenser.
  • A four legged family member had an empty the tank accident
  • A four legged family member had a throw up accident.


The naughty roof was playing the leak, leak game again.

Another great, but leaky, day.

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Blog the Change – GRSF

Hey It’s Jet Here.

We’re participating in Blog the Change Day today.

Blog the Change

Today, we’re saluting breed rescues.   Often, when a movie highlights a particular breed, like the Airbud series, a dumping of that breed occurs when humans realize that puppies = lots of work, the breed does not suit the human’s situation, or the K9 does not act like the K9 in the movie.

Mom waited almost 30 years to share her life with a Golden Retriever, like my Great Aunt Harriet’s K9, Brandy.  When Mom learned about breed rescue in the summer of 2004, she could not believe that four Golden Retriever rescues existed in the South Florida area.

Mom and I have shared our gratitude for Golden Rescue South Florida many times.   We support GRSF because they:

  • Kept my sister, Koko, (may she be frolicking over the Rainbow Bridge), out of the pound when her human went to jail in 2005,
  • Saved my life with 4 days to spare from Animal Services in 2008, even though I was not a golden. (Thank heavens Miss Carole thought my face was handsome!)
  • Plucked JJ out of Animal Services when she got dumped in 2011.

Three women, Miss Carol in Miami Dade County, Miss Lee Ann in Broward County and Miss Lisa in Palm Beach County have dedicated and committed themselves 1000% to help save and find forever homes for Goldens, mostly Goldens and a few honorary Goldens!  We appreciate them with all our hearts and paws.


Remember, if you feel deeply connected to a particular breed, no worries, you can STILL rescue!  Google your breed of choice with the word rescue plus your state and see what happens.

Another great Blog the Change Day.

Raindrop Gambling

Hey It’s Jet Here.

Remember yesterday I discussed our weather patterns here in the tropics?  Well, today we had our first prolonged day of rain bands.  Thank goodness, no booms or streaky lights.  The plants slurped up the water really fast, however, JJ and I did get to splash in a few puddles.

Because of my sensitive nature, Mom thought “please don’t rain” thoughts before feeding us dinner, so that we could carry out our evening constitutional on time and feel comfortable all night.  Amazingly, the heavy rain slowly subsided as the clock neared 7:00 and we completed our exit left square route with nary a drop of rain from the sky.  (We did receive droplets from the trees, creating a sheen on our heads!)

Mom told us that up North, when it rains, it goes on and on with gray skies.  When she moved down here, she could not believe that the rain could pound one side of the street while the sun shone on the other.

Hence the gambling reference.  During rainy season, Mom takes bets on:

  • Whether we can make it before the rain starts,
  • Whether we have to go through the whole rain gear preparedness exercise,
  • Whether we can make it between rain bands
  • Whether I will go out at all, for a bit, or a full walk (due to sensitivity mentioned above.),
  • Whether she needs boots,
  • Whether we will end up with muddy paws, etc…

Do you think there’s a Las Vegas line on Raindrop Gambling?  Quite often, Mom bets incorrectly, so, maybe we should keep the whole Vegas thing between us, ok?

Another great raindrop kind of day.

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Stop Drop & Roll

Hey It’s Jet Here.

Bet you’re thinking fire drills, right?  Nope.  In my K9 world, when you see me stop, drop and roll, it means I’m itchy.  Yup.  Tropical Itchy Season has returned in full force.  To demonstrate my manly man toughness, my mind over matter Scooby Doo Academy training, I’ve coped stoically for the last 6 weeks or so.  However, I can no longer mask my itchies.

Mom and I have the most sensitive skin amongst our family members, both 2 and 4 legged.  Right around the beginning of mango bloom season, (mid/late February), the top part of my tail and my rump area begin to sustain itchies.  We use this Vet’s Best Spray to help.

A few days/weeks, depending on the year, after that Spring Ahead time change thingie you humans do with the clock, the No-See-Ums start to come out and bother us during our walks.  Mom changes her walking pants from Capri length to cover-the-ankles length.  We both begin to get bites; Mom on her lower legs and arms and me, usually on my back half.

Now, whenever I go outside, I Stop, Drop & Roll before I can focus on anything else.  Mom first thinks I’m sucking up for belly rubs until she remembers that this technique scratches all the itchy parts I cannot reach myself.  She usually does rub my belly, an added bonus! (I look like this.)

Mosquito season goes into high alert in a few weeks, when our 6-8 month rainy season begins.  Oh boy, do Mom and I get bitten.  Mom tells me that’s because she and I are so sweet!  Yes, we try all of the natural pest options, without much luck.

So, if you see me doing the Stop Drop and Roll,

  • first – pet my belly…
  • then step aside when I get up because I will do my famous shake…
  • then feel free to massage my back (and include a little scratching technique.)

I will reward you with my also famous Jetty kisses.

Another great, but itchy day.

World Stray Day = Abby’s Gotcha Day

Hey It’s Jet Here.

In case you missed my post last week about World Stray Day, read this because we have some great news to share.

Miss Wendy:

sent in the following comment…

I was jumping for joy this weekend also – because my sis(ter) and bil (brother-in-law) adopted a lab mix puppy from their local shelter in MA yesterday. They had been planning it for several weeks as the puppy came from a rescue in TN. So we all were skyping and watching the sweet puppy, named Abby, play, nap, eat, run etc. I think we must have had 50 phone calls between us this weekend!! I’m so happy for them they have been very sad since their 17 year old dog passed a few months ago.

Here’s Abby, who can now enjoy a wonderful safe life in her forever home.  She’s a cutie pie!

Another great Gotcha day.

Wordless Wednesday: Devil Kitty Revealed

Hey It’s Jet Here.

Words of explanation –

Miss Mary Ann introduced her long time family friend, Miss Brenda, to Mom a few years ago.  Miss Brenda takes care of Dixie when Miss Mary Ann and her dad, Mr. Jim, go on holiday.  JJ and I get to hang out with Miss Brenda on walks during those times, so we know her, too.  Miss Brenda shares her home with a beautiful tortoise colored feline named Bandit.  (Beautiful according to Mom, I’m not an honest judge of felines.)

When Miss Brenda goes on holiday to visit her son and his children, Bandit moves in with Miss Mary Ann.  Miss Mary Ann is not particularly a “cat person.”  She admires felines from afar.  Bandit and Miss Mary Ann have always had a “let’s do this for Miss Brenda” attitude.  However, after years of hisses and non-bonding moments, Miss Mary Ann dubbed Bandit, “Devil Kitty” or DK for short.

This week, Miss Brenda spent time visiting her son and grandchildren.  To prove Bandit’s two personalities, Miss Mary Ann sent the following pictures to Miss Brenda:

Before –

After –

You decide!

Another great finicky feline day.

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