Uh Mom… I Need a Flat Screen with a Remote Please

Hey it’s Jet Here.

DOGTV… you read correctly, DOGTV, the newest channel to hit cable.  Mom says they’re testing programming right now in this far away place called San Diego.  Imagine, eight hours of daily programming where the sounds, color and pace reflect our K9 sensitivities.

  •  Red and green – OUT, blue and yellow – IN.
  • No  ambulances, high pitches or blaring sounds, no sir-ee Bob!
  • Waves of calming shows for our researched resting times.
  • Activities like surfing, running and fetching to stimulate us during our busy hours.

And don’t make fun of the slug moving across the screen, you skeptics out there.  These DOGTV humans studied our brains, behavior and all that kind of stuff.  They filmed on our level, down loowww to the ground.  Back in those analog, dinosaur tv days (sorry Mom), we did not reap many benefits.  Now we can physically take advantage of huge screens, digital, high def and better sound.

Start saving your $4.99/month Mom, DogTV is crossing the country.  And… you know what’s next… yup! CatTV!

I know, this product works best with only dogs, but, Mom, come on… I’m a manly man and we need our REMOTE/TV combo.  Love ya Mom!

Another great TV day.

Thanks to Confessions of the PlumeLife With Dogs and Two Cavaliers for hosting the Saturday Pet Blog Hop.


29 thoughts on “Uh Mom… I Need a Flat Screen with a Remote Please

    • Hey Joke Puppy, Jet here.

      Not much Joke Puppy, stormy weather here, which makes us act oddly.

      I know, wouldn’t that be super? Joke Puppy, YOU could have a show, you’re so talented!!! 🙂

  1. Hi Jetty – OOH DOGTV – I love it! I think it’s a great idea!I hope and JJ get a huge flat screen to watch it on!

    Tough night with Cassie last night – up from 3-7;30 when she finally fell asleep when the storms passed. I was thinking about you Jet and JJ hoping you were ok and Mom was sleeping!!

    Going to bed extra early – so I;m sending many goodnight hugs and kisses and wishes for a storm free night to you, JJ, Mom, Rachel, Puffy and Fluffy xoxoxo

    • Hey it’s Jet here. Hi Miss Wendy.

      We know from your later comment that you know we had a rough night, too. Mom has JJ’s paw prints indented on her scalp and midsection!

      We took a late afternoon nap so Mom could catch up on her two blogs and facebook postings tonight. Plus, can you believe she has to get a grocery list for her Tuesday, University of Miami class together and she won’t include ANYTHING for ol’ Jetty boy?

      Wishing you sweet dreams and long hours of sleep Miss Wendy.

      Sending Jetty kisses and JJ Hugs, xoxoxoxoxxoxo

  2. Hey Jet, Jack here. Mom has Home Again. Not only do they monitor your chip (anyone can join no matter where their chip is from). They keep a current photo of you on file with your description, contact info etc. If you are scanned, Home Again notifies your Mom as to your whereabouts. They have a lost pet hotline, so Mom calls them if I am lost. They quickly send out rapid Lost Pet Alerts and provide you with a list of animal shelters and veterinary clinics in your area. You can call the local rescue centers right away to see if a pet matching your dog or cat’s description has been brought to their facilities. When you report your pet lost, HomeAgain sends rapid Lost Pet Alerts with your pet’s Lost Pet Poster to members of the HomeAgain Pet Recovery Network within a 25-mile radius. Their nationwide lost pet network includes over 850,000 veterinarians, animal shelters, and volunteer PetRescuers ready to help protect your lost pet. To better protect lost and found pets,the HomeAgain membership includes valuable pet medical insurance that covers medical treatment for injuries you may suffers while lost ( up to $3,000 (less $50 deductible). If you are found over 500 miles away, they will cover up to $500 to fly your home. They also provide a 24 hour medical emergency hot line, where Mom can talk to a Vet if she needs to . This was important to Mom when I was a pup because I was very bad and go into everything. I was so bad that when Mom called they would say “What did Jack do now”? They even call back the next day to see how you are doing. I think it cost $18.00 a year but Mom says it is worth every penny.

    • Hey Jack, Jet here. Hi Miss Rebecca.

      Oh Miss Rebecca, that sounds fantastic and super duper helpful. We will look into that in a few weeks, Mom has a nutty schedule for 2 weeks.

      Jack, come on… you were perfect, right? Miss Rebecca’s memory is just a tad confused? How’s your sister, Ginger feeling? Are you back to 100%?

      • Hi Jet, Jack here. No I was really bad when I was little. I was so fast half the time Mom did not even see me take something. One time, while Susie was cleaning her closet, she moved a box of latex gloves (she is a hair dresser). I am embarrassed to tell you what I did. Next thing I know I am puking on the white rug. Mom runs in and finds three latex gloves. That isn’t the worst, for three days I eliminated latex gloves every time I went to the bathroom. Then there was the hand cream, lip gloss, all the toys I destroyed and ate etc etc. Mom was tired of eye balls looking at her when she cleaned the yard. Then there was the blanket incident. I use to carry a blanket around with me. One night, I happened to be standing on it and gave it a yank. Went flying and hit my head on the kitchen bar. It swelled up a little and while Mom was trying to decide whether that merited a visit to the emergency Vet, I ran full tilt to the bedroom, misjudged and ran smack into a wrought iron sofa table. I hit it so hard I moved the table (which takes two people to move) and knocked stuff off. My head swelled up so big, Mom rushed me to the emergency Vet. Mom ended up having to ice my head every 2 hours for 15 minutes for days (was a big chore trying to have a 10 week old puppy sit still to be iced for 15 minutes. Everyone called me cone head. I would post a cone head picture but I don’t think I can do it here. When I was learning to go outside to potty, I would walk to the door, except I would pee while I was walking there. (Sometime I still walk and pee when I am outside. Mom says I was the baddest puppy she ever had, it was a good thing I am cute

      • Hey Jack, Jet here.

        Say it isn’t so, dude! Oh man, I may have to retract my previous comments. Mom did that giggling thing until she read about your head. She half giggled and half worried about you. Can you draw comics Jack? Some of those incidents would really make good comic strips! Move over Garfield…

        From Mom… Jack you are indeed most commanding and handsome. You must have been an adorable puppy… Mom sure had a lot of patience. 🙂

      • Ginger seems to be better. Her last dose of antibiotics was yesterday so we all have our paws (and fingers) crossed. Mom has been home cooking her meals, a special diet for crystals in urine (I get some and it is yummy) we are on bottled water and we get yogurt and cottage cheese. Mom got the coconut oil today so I am looking forward to a taste. As for me, I still am having itchy problems. As a matter of fact Mom is giving me my oatmeal bath treatment today.

      • Hey Jack, Jet here.

        We will cross our paws and fingers for Ginger, too. Sounds like she’s getting the ultimate care from Mom. Oh dude, you’re gonna LOVE the coconut oil. I could smush my whole face in the pale if Mom would let me.

        Good luck with your bath…we’re having major itchies over here too… including MOM! Those nasty biting bugs at night are to blame… more on that Wednesday. 😦

        Keep us posted, Jack.

    • Hey Poppi, Jet here. I recommend marking the calendar with your adorable paw prints! Oh, btw… we passed on an award to you and Mommy last thursday… make sure you read the post, ok? 🙂 Congrats.

      • Oooo mommy really needs to see more paw prints around da house!! lol. oooooo boys! brother Jet!!! *.* Poppy is beaming awaay!! 😀 Thank you so very much! i’ll be sure to tell mommy to post it on the blog as you said 😀 Congratulations to you too brother Jet! 😀 weeeee ♥ happy tail wag! happy poppy dance ♥ :}

      • Hey Poppy, Jet here. You are simply the cutest little bro a guy could ask for!

        Most welcome, most deserved…. love the poppy dance.

        Thanks Poppy, we felt quite honored to tell you the truth… and… excited. 🙂

      • hoohoo, you’re the sweetest brother a Popcorn can have! 😀 Thank you big bro Jet, you gave mommy and i the chance to feel just the same! 😀 Poppy’s floating somewhere on cloud nine! hey wait! fluffypopcorn is #9 on the list of 15 other lovely bloggers! =D weeeee

      • Hey Poppy, Jet here. Poppy, the privilege is all mine. With all the girls around here, a guy really appreciates a little brother to interact with.

        So happy you enjoyed your award, I’m so proud of you and Mommy. Cloud 9, #9 on the list, that’s a good one!

      • 😀 Nine is my new lucky number! yay! 🙂 Thank you big bro Jet once again for this fabulous surprise! You’re just the best! 😀 ♥ Hey brother Jet! What if i told ya i play and grunt and hop and interact like a little boy does but really i’mma girl — the most boyish brotherly kind of girl you can find, what would you say? ♥ o.O

      • Hey Poppy, Jet here. Big uh oh… did I make a BIG MISTAKE? Why did I think you were a boy? This reminds Mom of the time she had her first pet rabbit, Seymour. She was about 10 or so. When Seymour had a medical issue a year or two later, Mom found out Seymour was really Seymoura!!! BOL! Do let us know so we can be respectful, Poppy!

      • 😀 ooopsie. You’re so nice Jet. 🙂 i love this line you said “Do let us know so we can be respectful, Poppy!” 😀 Big hugs big bro jet!! ♥ it’s okay really, grandma says i behave like a little boy all the time! lol. mommy too!

      • Hey Poppy, Jet here. Oh yes, Scooby Doo Academy insists on respectful behavior by their students… plus, that’s what Mom models and we emulate (vocab builder)…

        Mom said she is more tomboy-ish, so have at it Little Sis! 🙂

      • 😛 High^5 Jet Mommy!! tee hee. Vocab Builder is just great Big Bro Jet, Poppy’s learning well from your classes too! 😉 i love you Jet 🙂

      • Hey Poppy, Jet here. How’s my Little Sis feeling? Are you 100% healed? Yup, Mom works on my vocabulary all the time, she thinks new words will make my posts richer.

        Happy to provide a learned role model for my Little Sis! I love you too, Poppy. 🙂

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