Blanket ID?

Hey It’s Jet Here.

On Thursdays, Mom tries to catch up on her email in between lots of writing assignments.  JJ and I keep her company, usually gnawing on a bone or hoof, napping at her feet  or playing with toys.  Occasionally, we have a wrestling session.

Puffy and Fluffy hang out with her, too, sometimes in front of the screen, or on the keyboard.  Mom gently repositions them, letting them know she loves them, however, must take care of business.

Yesterday, while combing through 300 emails, she saw a picture with charms for our collars.  Pausing, the commentary stated: BlanketID – Never lose track of your pup again.  Since I have, on occasion, taken a brisk stroll, ok ran like the dickens off leash scaring the pants off Mom, she read more. “Snag one tag and six years of online protection, including ability to change and update your information whenever you need to. Each tag is waterproof, durable, noiseless, lightweight, and made in North America.”

JJ and I are already “chipped” (whatever that means), so, she wondered if any of our pals out in the blogosphere know whether this product duplicates a chip, or compliments a chip?

Oh, in case you want to purchase this “deal” from Daily Candy, BlanketID donates 15% of each sale to their Blanket Fund to help animals in need.

Let us know, because JJ and I wouldn’t mind some collar bling!

Another great “just in case” day.

16 thoughts on “Blanket ID?

      • Thanks for the mention Jodi :). Jet, the QR Code tags are different from Blanket ID tags. I’d have to find out what all Blanket ID let’s you store and how it works before I could compare the two. As for the question about chips vs. tag and overlap, I know Arie’s QR Code tag goes beyond the Chip. The chip tells vet’s where I am and how to contact me should Arie lose her way, but the QR Code tag stores much more info, and can help someone locate Arie herself if only her collar is found.

        I give the details in my post, but it lets you add a photo, medical information, temperament information, etc. Very helpful!

      • Hey it’s Jet here.

        Thanks for writing back, wow, you are a smart human. Sounds like the tags have lots of helping potential. We read your post and learned a great deal. If we learn more about the comparison, we’ll share with you, if you learn more first, would you share with us?

        BTW, Mom asked me to share that she LOVES the name Arie.

  1. Hi sweet Jetty – what a good idea – thanks for the info – when I have moment I;m gonna check it out – OH NO Jetty please don;t ever take a “brisk stroll” without Mom – I can;t even think about it!!!

    We are having big boomers and heavy rain now so I have to try and help poor Cassie who like you and JJ crumbles into a pacing, floor paddling, panting, try to fit into the smallest space possible girl.

    Sending wishes for a boomer free night! and lotsa hugs and kisses to you, JJ, Mom, Rachel, Fluffy and Puffy ( I like how they help Mom when she;s working!!)

    • Hey it’s Jet here. Hi Miss Wendy.

      Thanks, let us know your impressions. I’ll try not to, Miss Wendy, I promise. I’ve done better over the last year or so.

      Mom’s going to write for a minute. We’re supposed to have terrible storms almost all weekend, so buckle up… it’s going to be rough with Jetty and JJ. I might try the thundershirt on JJ, since it really didn’t help Jet too much. I’ll use the pheramones on Jetty.

      Please send Cassie our best for a boom/streaky light free night.

      Sending Jetty kisses and JJ hugs to you, Mr. David, Jacob, Cassie, Rex and Barkley xoxoxoxoxo

      Mom groomed Puffy this afternoon, he had so many mattes again, Miss Wendy. He cannot seem to care for his fur any more… it’s very sad. 😦

  2. Hi Jetty – Please tell Mom I’m sorry about Puffy and I share in her sadness – it is very hard to watch our beloved pets age. sending an extra special gentle hug and kiss just for Puffy xoxoxoxox

    • Hey it’s Jet here. Hi Miss Wendy.

      Mom says thanks for understanding as you always do… (oh, Miss Wendy, it’s Fluffy, not Puffy) If you want, you can do what my friend, Miss Mary Ann does and call both of them Pluffy!

      Mom will give your extra gentle kiss to Fluff right now, he’s sleeping behind the printer. 🙂

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