Mimi’s Got Bling

Hey It’s Jet Here.

We LOVE company and today ranks as one of the best days in the company department.  First, my human sister, Rachel, had a super duper friend sleep over.  Mechelle played with us, gave us belly rubs and best of all… loves to cook and shared tidbits with us!

Grandpa and Neha came in to meet JJ when they dropped off Rachel from brunch.  Of course, little Miss Princess, charmed the pants off Grandpa and extracted repeated belly rubs from both of them.  He told us JJ looks a lot like Koko.

Ruby, our young neighbor, spent the afternoon with us and shared “by mistake” some of the baked goodies she made with Rachel and Mechelle.

Mechelle and Rachel joined Mom on our evening constitutional.  We met our new neighbors’ Mom and K9, Mimi along with her human brothers, whom we already knew.  Mimi is even smaller than Dixie!  At first, she barked at us, however, we got to know each other as the humans chatted.  Rachel noticed Mimi’s beautiful collar… because… well… Rachel knows BLING!

Miss Maya shared that she saved this beautiful human bracelet her prior K9 wore after she crossed the Rainbow Bridge.  When Mimi joined the family for Christmas, she carried on the tradition of wearing the beautiful bling collar.  We’re quite excited for Mimi to join our pack walks.

Mom’s friend, Eddie, turned the corner with his two new K-9s, Charlie and Lambchop.  His K-9, Yippee, crossed over the Rainbow Bridge recently, like Koko.  The humans exchanged greetings while the K9s met each other in our fashion.

Neve’s humans, then turned onto the street, returning home after dinner.  They stopped and got out to meet all the new K9s and chat with the humans.  It was a regular street party!  We made it two houses before running into Miss Cindy and Buddy the Beagle.  We get along really well with Buddy, he’s a laid back guy.  We wish we could visit him more; however, our humans’ schedules don’t match very often.

Neve came out with Miss Beverly and Mr. Giovanni as we approached our house.  We exchanged quick greetings and then went in for our after dinner Twistix!

Another great social butterfly day.


8 thoughts on “Mimi’s Got Bling

  1. Hi Jetty – wow what a fun and social day! I, like Rachel. love, love, love me some bling so I really appreciate Mimi’s stunning collar and the sweet story that went along with it! She is a adorable!

    Good for you and JJ – get all the belly rubs you can! Sounds like you have a great neighborhood and awesome friends plus your Grandpa and Neha and Ruby too! so much fun!

    We had Easter dinner here since Mr. David celebrates this holiday so I was busy making a ham, potatoes, veggies, pie, rolls etc. ( I had grilled fish!) All furbabies enjoyed a tiny bit of ham!

    Well off to bed!

    sending many goodnight hugs and kisses to you, JJ, Mom, Rachel, Puffy and Fluffy

    • Hey it’s Jet here. Hi Miss Wendy.

      Oh, you and Rachel have so many things in common and you and Mom have so many other things in common! Plus you love all of us furbabies! Would you like to live next door?

      Happy Easter to Mr. David. Wow, you sure did cook up what Mom calls “a storm.” What flavor pie might I ask? I, Jetty, LOVE pie… well, I would if Mom let me try it… I do love fruit though. Oh, I bet I would like that ham stuff too, since I’m a good protein eater!

      You deserve a great night’s sleep Miss Wendy, sounds like you worked super hard today. (Mom said the grilled fish sounds delicious and votes for that choice personally.)

      Hope you have sweet dreams Miss Wendy. Sending Jetty kisses and JJ hugs to you, Mr. David, Jacob, Cassie, Rex and Barkley

  2. Morning sweet Jetty – it was chocolate pudding pie (super easy (graham crust, chocolate pudding, whipped creme) one of David’s favortites! I’m not much of a baker so it’s my speed!! Have a pawsome day! xoxoxoxo

    • Hey it’s Jet here. Hi Miss Wendy. Drat, chocolate… Miss Wendy, how about Carob or another K9 friendly flavor? Well, ok, if Mr. David likes it… guess he gets a favorite every now and then! Mom and Rachel love to bake, so you can ask them to help you Miss Wendy. 🙂

  3. I love it when we meet friends on our walks. Last night when we walked we could see our friend Brady running back and forth in his yard, but one of his moms was on vacation and the other doesn’t walk him quite as much. And BTW, my grandkids call me Mimi. 🙂

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