Wordless Wednesday: JJ’s New Princess Pillow

Hey It’s Jet Here.

Last week, Miss Mary Ann kindly shared an oh-so-gently-tried bed/pillow that Miss Dixie did not resonate with.  As mentioned a few weeks back, JJ needed a day bed of her own, since she’s been cozying up in mine lately, so the timing was perfect.  Since Miss Mary Ann calls JJ Princess Jasmine, we thought calling the new bed (conveniently placed by Mom’s office chair) the Princess Pillow.  Until… 

Princess Pillow, Shmrincess Pillow… Puff for Puff has a better ring to it!  Oh and by the way… you’re blocking my royal sunlight!

Another great, who’s sitting on my pillow? day.

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21 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday: JJ’s New Princess Pillow

  1. Hey Jet, The HoundDogs here to stop by and say HI. Maybe if you just lay on top of her she will get the hint to share. 🙂 Have a great WW. Sniffs, The HoundDogs

  2. How nice to share the pillow. It sure does look like they are blocking your sun puddle. That isn’t right. Best they move. Take care.

    • Hey it’s Jet here. Hi Miss Margaret.

      As head of the 4 legged family members, I, Jet, took care of the situation today and relocated the pillow right beside the sliding glass door!

    • Hey Allie, Jet here.

      I shared your comment with JJ and she appreciates the solidarity!!! I guess I shouldn’t mention that I took a chew on the corner of the princess pillow the other day, huh…

      Mom giggled about the affronted look btw! She likes your sass!

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