Mischief Monday – She Started It!

Hey It’s Jet Here.

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Ok, let’s get this straight from the beginning.  SHE STARTED IT!  To review:

Mom put three of Ish’s eggs in a pot to boil, set the timer and then began the 6:08 a.m. morning feeding ritual for Puffy, Fluffy, JJ and I.  Because of the inclement weather, she knew that we might need a little more time to digest and gear up for a rainy walk.

I happily jumped on my part of the couch to watch Mom get breakfast ready for herself… until I heard the unmistakable sound of cracking eggshells.  Like a bullet, I zoomed off the couch to Mom’s side.  JJ joined me after Mom signaled her off the counter.  (You know how JJ loves to get up close to watch.)  Two eggs went into a small bowl on the part of the counter across from the ovens, on the way to the table.  (Jetty, I intended to cut the third and share the halves with you and JJ.) Mom needed something from the pantry at the other end of the kitchen (crackers, Jetty).  Next thing you know, the bowl was on the floor with two glorious eggs staring JJ and I in the face.

Since you know I, Jetty the Gentleman, do NOT countersurf, I did NOT relocate the bowl.  However, no one could expect me to withstand the temptation of an egg.  When Mom rushed over to retrieve the bowl, this is what she found.

Oh boy, she was NOT pleased.  She ate the remaining egg with a glass of water after she gave JJ and I the “Naughty” speech.

Another mischievous, but, oh so yummy day.

Sleepy Sundays

Hey It’s Jet Here.

I’m giving Mom the BIGGEST leeway today for posting super late.  If you’ve read the past few days posts, you’ll know about Mom’s busy week.  Mom’s work got cancelled today due to weather so, we all took an unexpected, yet welcomed three hour nap this morning.  Mom needed the extra snooze, let me tell you.

Yesterday, she walked us @ 6:30, got ready, packed the fresh and frozen food items in her car (with assistance from JJ – Little Miss Helper,) checked her recipes and packing list two more times to make sure… and off she went.  (Rachel, Mechel, and Mom’s Kitchen K9s helped pack her non-perishables and equipment the night before.)

She returned with less, albeit (vocabulary builder) good smelling grocery bags.  When I tried to investigate, Mom reminded me that my tummy did the infamous roller coaster ride for the last 24 hours (you get the picture, right?  Both ends, so to speak…) and I had to stick to this stuff called, gentle foods.

She unpacked the containers holding tidbits of Turkey Patties with Apple and Arugula as did the grill, the remains of the Bok Choy with Shitake Mushrooms in the wok, the containers with smidgens of Japonica Rice Salad, and the WORST… the Vitamix still coated with the Creamy Avocado Smoothie.  Hey, now that I think of it… where did the Roasted Salmon with Moroccan Spices go? Jetty, the group participants ate most of it and took the rest home in “doggie bags!”

Doggie bags? What’s that Mom? A doggie bag is a human term for a container holding leftovers.  You mean you gave out doggie bags and did not bring doggie bags home for your doggies?  Uh Mom? Do we need to have another discussion about “THAT’S NOT FAIR?” Sorry, Jetty, you know I always think of you and JJ, however, the groceries belonged to the Southeast Florida Cancer Control Collective  so, the leftovers in fairness, belonged to SFCCC.  Oh, I get it now, sorry for doubting you, Mom.  No worries, Jetty, glad your tummy is feeling better. 

Another great, catch up on sleep, day.

The “J” Hotel’s Princess Package

Hey It’s Jet Here.

If you read our Thursday post, you’ll know that our friends, Dixie and Miss Mary Ann had the circus come to their home.  We have terrible news to share; bad humans slashed the circus tent and did this horrible thing called burglarized Dixie’s house.  We’ve tried to support Dixie, Miss Mary Ann and Mr. Jim (Dixie’s Grandpa), since then as best we can.

Yesterday, Miss Mary Ann dropped Dixie off at the “J” Hotel early in the morning.  We offered her the Princess Package:

  • Her own Princess Room (with our very own Princess Rachel) which includes:
    • an en suite bathroom,
    • Lots of teenage stuff on the floor like plush towels and soft clothing,
    • An extra Princess (Rachel’s dear friend, Mechel), to snuggle with on the extra mattress on the floor.
    • Her personal food and water dish from home, her personal bed and blankie.
  • Tons of lovies and cuddling from surprise guests, Sabrina and Anthony, our ‘tween friends who visited us for a few hours yesterday afternoon.
  • Customized walks on her favorite routes, (since we know them.)
  • Evening lovies and cuddles on the couch with Rachel and Mechel.
  • Multiple check-ins with Miss Mary Ann to share her day with her Mom.
  • And finally… endless opportunities to hang with the property managers, JJ and ME!

Shhhh… Don’t tell Miss Mary Ann, but, Rachel and Mechel thought Dixie would look fashionable in this bonnet! (She only wore it for the picture, we promise!)

Another great hotelier day.

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Mom Did Apologize

Hey It’s Jet Here.

Mom advised me that during the next few days, her transcription time allotment for ol’ Jetty boy will shrink.  The reasons, well, I must say, they’re admirable.  As The Kitchen Counselor, Mom will teach a class to 30 people in the Cancer community tomorrow morning/afternoon.  Oh, our kitchen is aflutter in preparation.  Salmon, turkey, veggies, fruits, roasting nuts, and Japonica rice are a few of the items sending off aromas that can make a Kitchen K9 do the circular happy dance!

On Sunday, Mom will demonstrate Farmers Market goodies.  She’s not sharing those ideas yet, however I did overhear the mention of yummy cauliflower! On Tuesday, Mom will work with a diabetic support group as a member of the University of Miami Miller School of Medicine Family Health department team.  I heard rumblings of a Cinco de Mayo theme… muy bien!  (Oh, I never mentioned I’m a somewhat bilingual perro? (Spanish for dog!))

When I first met Mom, I did not respond to verbal commands well.  Mom then tried hand signals… better… then commands in Spanish and voila!  She laughed heartily I tell you!  She mostly speaks to me in English, however, my Auntie Angela, my Madrina (godmother in Spanish),  and Auntie Liz speak to me in Spanish sometimes.  And… as I’ve mentioned, my manly man friend, Giovanni, Neve’s dad, speaks to us in Italian!

Another great cultural day.

Dixie’s Very Own Flying Circus

Hey It’s Jet Here.

We passed by Miss Mary Ann’s house this morning as always and saw this.

Mom, how come the circus is visiting Dixie’s house?  Why didn’t she invite us to the festivities? JJ and I would enjoy circus acts: flying trapeze, clowns, tricks and balancing acts.

Jetty, my boy, Dixie’s house possesses flying acts alright; however, they travel under the name, THE HUNGRY TERMITES.  Termites try to EAT human houses, by eating the wood. Dixie and Miss Mary Ann would never exclude you from festivities.  When you see circus tents in the neighborhood, the humans and pets do a disappearing act, in order to make the termites disappear forever. 

Oh, that’s a good one, Mom, disappear forever!  Thanks, now I understand; that’s one circus I do not want an invitation to.

Another great, avoid those type of circus tents, day.

Wordless Wednesday: Shakespeare Season? – So Soon?

Hey It’s Jet Here.

Mom, all I did was proactively take care of the unquenchable itch on my tail, like last year.  What? You do not want to visit Dr. Shaffer for this again… Why? We love visiting Dr. Shaffer… We don’t have another $500 of biscuit money in the budget for that type of visit? We have the right medicine? Oh swell…

Time for my Elizabethan collar? You sure?

How’s this for incognito?…

As long as I do not have to play the Queen this season, I’d prefer Othello.

Another great Shakespeare day.

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Tasty Tuesday – No Indian Spiced Cauliflower Dip for Us?

Hey It’s Jet Here.

Thanks to Sugar and Kol for initiating Tasty Tuesdays, today is our third participating post! 

Well Mom’s gone and done it again.  She’s off to teach an interactive cooking class at UMiami tonight.  Check out this Indian Cuisine menu at the bottom right part of the page.  Tasty, huh?  Well guess what?  JJ and I, Mom’s LOYAL Kitchen K-9s will NOT attend.

Why you ask; because the silly humans do not permit K9s in the Herbert Wellness Center.  Huh? Don’t they know that we promote wellness?

Anyway, the spices and general groceries are ready to go.  Want one of the recipes??? I recommend the Indian Spiced Cauliflower Dip for the following reasons:

  • Miss Oprah Loves K9s.
  • JJ and I love cauliflower. (In small tidbits.)
  • I LOVE leftover yogurt and sour cream on spoons going into the dishwasher.
  • Remember, no finished product for us, too many spicy things.

Another great, except for not receiving an invitation to Mom’s class, day.