The Pesto Pasta By Far…

Hey It’s Jet Here.

Ok, I’m starting to see why some Moms get the Super Mom title.  After work yesterday, Mom hit the grocery store to purchase last minute items for my human sister, Rachel’s, cooking endeavors.  Then she returned home and reviewed over 210 emails, deleting more than 132!  Since her sleep totaled 6 hours in two days, she tried to nap for about an hour and then zipped to an appointment.  As she was leaving, Rachel and three friends arrived to resume Hunger Games premiere cooking.

Mom returned to find, hmmm… let’s see how to put this gently – PANDAMONIUM IN THE KITCHEN AND DRAMA IN THE HOUSE.  You know teenagers and their love lives.  We K9s keep it simple, we sniff, we play, we mount – JET, yes Mom?  You know I do not approve of that last action.  I know your friend Sam taught you when he constantly did that to your sister, Koko.  Oh, ok, Mom.  Anyway, Mom noted silently the slow pace of progression through the “to do” list.  She felt another late night coming on.

JJ and I sat beneath her as she attempted to work on the computer, giving her moral support while the following noises traveled down the hallway:

  • SPLAT!
  • OH NO!
  • CLANK!

Finally, Mom jumped in to the rescue, when the group numbered two: Rachel and Jesse (from 10:30 – midnight).  She helped complete the quadrupled pesto and guided Jesse on combining and storing the sauce with the pasta in Ziplocs.  Jesse worked on the last bag while sitting on the floor and the BEST worst thing happened… the bag burped and sauce went all over the floor.

No worries Mom!  I leapt off the couch and JJ bounded out of bed to clean the floor in minutes.  We doubled our clean up efforts with quality control of course.  I then proceeded to help Mom with my expert dish licking abilities as Mom loaded the dishwasher for the 2nd time of the night.

We won’t get into the hot chocolate volcano… until… well, let’s see what tonight brings!

Another great and tasty day.


9 thoughts on “The Pesto Pasta By Far…

  1. Hi Jetty – OH NO – your Mom is really amazing – she does so much and really out of her way to do extras for everyone! She is a SUPER MOM! I can;t believe the pesto spilled – good thing she had you and JJ to help clean up – I say you should get extra credit at the Scooby Doo Academy for your quality control class! I hope Mom gets to rest and catch up on her sleep and that all goes smoothly tonight with the hot chocolate volcano! (sounds yummy!!)

    Sending so many goodnight hugs and kisses to you, JJ, Super Mom!, Rachel, Fluffy and Puffy

    • Hey it’s Jet here. Hi Miss Wendy. Mom says thanks for the compliment from one SUPER MOM to another!

      Oh, Miss Wendy, it’s the least we can do as K9s of character. Yes, I believe I should submit to Scooby Doo Academy for extra credit at minimum!

      Mom mentioned that she has a jam packed week starting Sunday, so no rest for awhile.

      Sending hoof-chomping Jetty kisses and JJ hugs to you, Mr. David, Jacob, Cassie, Rex and Barkley

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