So Long Sammy

Hey It’s Jet Here.

Mom learned some sad news this week.  My good friend and neighbor, Samson, the Goldendoodle, officially moved to Sedona, Arizona.  We patiently waited for Sam to return with my human friend, Miss Denise, to introduce all of you to our last pack member.  We waited, and waited, and waited, each time finding out from Miss Denise that Sam would return in a little while.

Sam loved my sister, Koko.  He loved her so much he virtually ignored me when we had play dates in his yard.  Oh sure, the three of us played the chase game at first, circling the clump of plants with a tree in the middle and then racing down the straightaway for about five minutes and then poof, I became invisible.  Mom and Miss Denise laughed and said that Koko must have emitted her “Cougar” pheromones, since she was his senior by about 4 – 5 dog years.

Mom encouraged Miss Denise to join the pet therapy program at Miami Childrens Hospital, which she did.  Sam soared in his therapy dog role and the children enjoyed learning that Sam and Koko were boyfriend/girlfriend!  Sam left for Arizona shortly before Koko fell ill and crossed the Rainbow Bridge.  I looked forward to introducing Sam to JJ and wondered if he would feel the same way about her as he did about Koko.

Since Sam’s yard backed up on Dixie’s yard, sometimes, Miss Mary Ann would pass Dixie over the fence to join the party, while she chatted with Miss Denise and Mom.  On an excellent day, Miss Beverly would hear all the hoopla and bring Neve over.  Miss Beverly lives next door to the right of Miss Denise.  On those special days, we created our own dog park!

With heavy hearts, we wish Sam a great life hiking the trails, chasing the herd (we learned that he hangs out on some kind of ranch at times) and loving everyone he meets.

Another great, but, slightly sad inside, day.


8 thoughts on “So Long Sammy

  1. Hi sweet Jetty – I;m sorry your friend Samson (boy he is cute!) moved away – always sad to lose a friend – I;m sure he misses you also. Sounds like he was a special dog (just like you, Koko and JJ) and I;m sure he and his human have fond memories of all the neighborhood fun you used to have together.

    Sending you a cheer up hug and kiss sweet Jetty xoxox and goodnight kisses to JJ, Mom, Rachel, Puffy and Fluffy xoxoxox

    • Hey it’s Jet here. Hi Miss Wendy. Thanks for understanding as you always do Miss Wendy. I really appreciate the cheer up hug and kiss, just what the doctor ordered. (And, if we’re being honest, the doctor would order a cheeseburger, too!) Miss Denise takes incredible photos, maybe she’ll send one of the three of us for our memory picture frame.

      Lots of Jetty kisses and JJ hugs to you, Mr. David, Jacob, Cassie, Rex and Barkley

  2. Hi there Jet, we are so sorry that your friend left. That isn’t any fun. Maybe someone else will move in that is lots of fun. Hope you have a great day.

    • Hey Mahoney, Hey Two Two, Jet here. Hi Miss Marg. Well, actually, the humans are staying, it’s just Sam that’s staying in their other location. 😦 We walked with our friends Neve and Dixie last night, so, for now, I’m ok. Thanks for caring. 🙂

  3. Neve here. I second that! I’ll sure miss my big boyfriend, Samson, too! I met him when he was just a pup and we were close to the same size. (He kind of out-grew me!) We even went into my pool together. I used to get so excited when my mom would ask me if I wanted to go see Samson. I would walk out the front door without my leash and trot straight over to his front door! Every once in a while Sam would try to tackle me, but I would put him in his place. Yep, we were pretty good friends and my mom and I will really miss him!

    • Hey Neve, Jet here. I’m SO excited you visited my blog and wrote me a note.

      I know, you two were the best of friends and neighbors, like us. We all had such fun together in the backyard.

      We’re super sad to see him go… luckily, we still have each other. 🙂

  4. Hey there Jet!
    It’s Sammie here! It’s not 100% certain that I’ll never come to Miami again, though I have almost forgotten how it is there. I am having so much fun here in Sedona, AZ. I hike every day, I am off leash and I can roam around. I am almost “the perfect dog” I listen when called, I come after mom when she whistles and I’ve stayed behind to sniff out some cool stuff, we hike with other dogs, we get to swim in the creek when it gets warm, I was able to play in the snow a couple of weeks ago and there is red clay mud! I love the mud that sticks to my paws during our hikes. It cools my pads and after we’re all done and I rest on mom’s tile floor, it dries and leaves red earth EVERYWHERE on the floor. Mom takes the broom and “swish-swoosh”, out the door it goes.
    Last week, after the snow melted, things got interesting. Every day during our hikes I “find stuff”. So far I have shown mom 1 javelina carcass and I’ve also found deer legs on four different occasions. Today there were two: one was an old one, but the other one was left behind from a fairly fresh kill and I had a hard time letting go. Mom, her friends and us dogs hike in groups these days, because there are mountain lions on the prowl, that’s why there are so many left-overs of dead wild-life. Yup, there are mountain lions, but we’ve never seen one yet. Sometimes there’s life in the bush and then I get close to mom and growl a very deep growl; promise you: you’ve never heard me growl like that! Mom says she wishes she’d know what gets me going, but I can’t describe it to her. I just know there is danger out there. But no mountain lions sightings so far and mom says that’s just as well. She doesn’t want to encounter one. So much for that!
    You have a new friend? JJ? Or is it a partner? He/she shares your kibble? Tell me more.
    Peace, my friend, maybe we’ll see each other again one of these days, but right now I’m staying here. Mom’s coming to Miami next week and I’ll stay with my groomer Barbie and her hubby, her dogs and her horses on her ranch. Yippeeh! It’s the Wild West and I love it!

    • Hey Sammy, Jet here.

      Sorry for the delay in response, however, Mom said I had to wait until she had some time to read your juicy comment to me.

      Your hiking adventures sound phenomenal; glad you and Miss Denise take good care to hike with company with those scary mountain lions out there.

      Silly Sam, JJ is my new SISTER! I bet you would like her almost as much as you loved Koko.

      Wow, Sam, you’re gonna make me look bad listening to all your commands and getting an almost perfect rating… Dude, have a heart.

      I can’t exactly picture the red clay because of course, I’m color blind, however, Mom knows all about red clay and she’s smiling!

      I’m so glad you are having such a wonderful life out in the Wild West, it’s just that… uh… we miss you.

      Keep in touch through Miss Denise. We wouldn’t mind some of her amazing pictures, either… (hint, hint)

      High Paws, Samson!

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