Another Cultural Issue

Hey It’s Jet Here.

Auntie Liz invited Mom and my human sister, Rachel, to join her at a “Body Language: Percussion Consort” concert at the New World Symphony last night.  Upon arrival in front of the concert hall, they saw Auntie Liz’s dad, Benny, walking up to greet them as well.  They chatted while Mom and Rachel ate a few slices of pizza leftover from their dinner.  Several dogs, medium and small trotted around the greenspace where they sat.  STRIKE ONE:  I COULD TROT POLITELY AROUND THE GREENSPACE.

Then, Mr. Benny gave hugs and said goodbye.  The three ladies entered the concert hall.  Rachel never attended a concert there, so, Mom and Auntie Liz described the different seating options.  A few special features about the New World Symphony; the students play the instruments, the conductors/professors/professionals describe the work, the composer’s intentions and the programs vary widely.

Here’s the definition of percussion: The sound, vibration, or shock caused by the striking together of two bodies.  Here’s the definition as it pertains to music: the family of instruments in which sound arises from the striking of materials with sticks, hammers, or the hands. Mom, Rachel and Auntie Liz described the percussion sounds they heard as follows:

  • Nails on a chalkboard…
  • Was that Styrofoam the percussionist played?
  • The students probably had fun using their instruments in unconventional ways.
  • That sounded mysterious as in Hitchcock-like.
  • Parts sounded sci-fi.
  • My ears still hurt.
  • I think that sound would gather K9s from miles around.


Don’t tell, but… many people in the audience left at intermission including you know who.  Mom and Auntie Liz took Rachel to this ice cream shop called Ghirardelli’s.  STRIKE THREE:  I LIKE ICE CREAM, I WOULD HAVE ENJOYED THAT ADVENTURE…

Jetty, Jetty, Jetty.  I’m sorry you feel left out of cultural events.  The humans have not figured out how to include all of the wonderful K9s in enclosed spaces.  I know certain events outside allow K9s, however, I have not attended any this season.  Let’s see if we can find one to attend together.  Ok, I appreciate your efforts, Mom… I wish you would find one really fast.

Another great but culturally excluded day.

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20 thoughts on “Another Cultural Issue

  1. I wouldn’t be a bit surprised to fing out that ,,secretly,,,they were all afraid that you would steal the show. You didn’t miss much if they left at intermission, so the concert was no big deal,,,but the ice cream incident, or shall I say lack of ice cream for you incident,,,well, you just cannot let that pass so easily. I feel your pain, Jet.

  2. I think we should get our own percussion group going and exclude the hu-mans (well, we could let a few in). And what’s with this ice cream business? They could have at least brought you a doggy bag……

    • Hey Sage, Jet here. Excellent idea! We could SKYPE and get a group going… oh, the possibilities!

      I know, the only thing in Mom’s favor is that the ice cream shop is an hour away from home, so, doggy bag might not have worked!

  3. That Mom sure does need to find you some outside activities Jet. I bet you would enjoy getting out an about but that concert deal doesn’t sound like much fun to us. Be glad you didn’t go. Have a great week end.

    • Hey it’s Jet here. Hi Miss Marg. You know it. MOM… start investigating Mom… like NOW!

      Secretly, between you and me, you’re probably right Marg, this particular concert may not have been my cup of water!

  4. While I have always enjoyed the concerts at NWS (have been attending for several years now), I have to say Jetty, that I enjoy your “playing” much more than what we experience last night!!

    • Hey, it’s Jet here. AUNTIE LIZ! AUNTIE LIZ! You figured out how to send me comments, yippee yahoo!

      Mom said that she let her mind wander with the “sounds” as a background. The other thing she did… see if she could figure out which musician made which noise sound.

      Jetty Kisses and JJ hugs to you Auntie Liz.

  5. Thanks for visiting Jo’s World this morning! I have added you to my list of peoples who come by. Will you add me to yours? Thanks, if you will.

    I don’t know about this concert deal, my Mom takes me to the big parade in the summer if its not too hot. The people in the parade throw candy to the watchers and all the little kids go for it. But my Mom holds me on a short leash and won’t let me have any unless it lands r ight at my feets. Now I know, for sure, THAT is not fair.


    • Hey Stella, Jet here. Nice to keep in touch. I will ask Mom to figure out how to do what you requested… she’s not the sharpest technical soul!

      Oh gosh, you get to go to a parade? Wow!

    • Hey Hawk, Jet here. Auntie Liz called Mom this morning and told her about how our local grocery chain carries ice cream for K9s. I asked Mom when she plans to purchase some!

      Have a great week yourself, Hawk!

  6. Hi sweet Jetty – sounds like you didn’t miss much with this concert – I don;t like like loud noises either – but ice cream is always yummy – they make several ice cream type products for doggies- in Publix ice cream section they sell Frosty Paws – a cool creamy treat on a warm day! So nice to see tour Auntie Liz posting – YEH for Auntie LIZ!

    sending lotsa goodnight hugs and kisses to you, JJ, Mom, Rachel, Fluffy and Puffy xoxoxoxo

    • Hey, it’s Jet here. Hi Miss Wendy. Oh thank you… MOMMMMMMM… Miss Wendy said the Publix ice cream is called FROSTY PAWS. Can we get some? Can we get some? Huh? Huh?

      Jet, I will check it out next time I’m at Publix. Thanks for the heads up Wendy!

      I know Miss Wendy, Auntie Liz is now chatting with us, yipee.

      Sending lots of daylight savings time Jetty kisses and JJ hugs to you, Mr. David, Jacob, Cassie, Rex and Barkley

    • Hi Brando, Hi Bogart, Jet here. Hi Miss Christine. Wishing all of you a hopping good weekend as well. I’m kind of forgiving Mom about the ice cream… gotta fluff it off and move on!

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