Fair and Square

Hey, It’s Jet Here.

Since Mom grew up as an only dog human, and my human sister, Rachel, is an only human, and for almost five years, my K9 sister, Koko, was an only K9, Mom had to learn about sharing time, love, and attention with multiple K9s when I joined the family.

Of course, she had a smidge of practice when she adopted my feline brothers, Puffy and Fluffy almost ten years ago, but… you know those felines are an independent sort.  I think Fluffy must have a K9 gene somewhere in his DNA because he talks to Mom incessantly (vocabulary builder) and hangs out with her/us a lot.

Anyway, Mom for the most part, from my perspective maintains a pretty fair balance with her time, love and attention now that JJ has joined the family.  Case in point:  you may have read my post about meeting Miss Eileen and the woman in the moving chair.  If not, catch up here.  Well, Miss Eileen loves K9s as much as Mom and had not yet met JJ.  On the day Mom wrote the post, she felt it was the perfect time to take JJ in the car to see Miss Eileen.

Mom called Miss Eileen and said she had a surprise for her and to please call her (Mom) when she arrived in the office.  (Miss Eileen moved to a new space right off the elevator, so, no place to stay out of sight!)  Miss Eileen said ok and followed Mom’s request.  Guess what?  JJ had the same reaction to the stairwell that I did!  After Mom did a Scooby Doo Academy strategic head poke out the stairwell door to make sure no humans were there, Miss Eileen was there and exclaimed, LORI, IS THIS JJ?  SHE’S BEAUTIFUL!  They hurried in the office and closed the door.  Miss Eileen did this thing called kvel (fawn over) and Mom took pictures.

From my perspective, Mom and JJ disappeared in the car together and left me HOME ALONE.  I thought about making mischief as payback a response, however, as the good K9 I am, I took a nap. They returned after what felt like an eternity and acted like nothing happened.  I knew better, because of the new smells on JJ.  HMPH.

Three days later, according to Mom’s calendar, (we K9s can’t relate to time passage), Mom put my harness on and scooched me out the door, into the car, put the windows down and said, “Jetty, today is your day for alone time with me.”  We visited the Farmers Market and our friends Miss Amanda and young Mr. Will!

Another great, fair and square day!


7 thoughts on “Fair and Square

    • Hey Higgins, Jet here. Oh Higgins, I landed in a wonderful forever home after a life I cannot even discuss. Mom says thank you for the compliment, she did this thing called blush a little. 🙂

  1. Hi sweet Jetty – your Mom is the best – she sure is fair and square! I;m glad you both some alone time with her!

    I do the same with my furbabies – if I find myself snugglying one more than the other I go and make up for it. I (like your Mom I’m sure) believe dogs are so smart and sensitive and really know whats going on – so when I give lovies to one, the others are watching then i feel bad and love them up too!

    sending so many goodnight hugs dear Jetty and lotsa kisses to JJ, Mom, Rachel, Fluffy and Puffy

    p.s. you and JJ are so beautiful and special I don;t blame Miss Eileen for kvelling – xoxoxo

    • Hey it’s Jet here. Hi Miss Wendy.

      I had NO DOUBTS that you love your furbabies equally… I can tell by how you treated me on our one and only visit!

      Oh, Mom says thanks so much for your compliments… 🙂 We are smart and sensitive, however, we also instinctively know that you love us dearly.

      I kvel about you Miss Wendy, because you are so special!

      Lots of goodnight Jetty kisses and JJ hugs to you, Mr. David, Jacob, Cassie, Rex and Barkley. xoxoxo

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