Oh What a Beautiful Morning, Oh What a Beautiful Day…

Hey, It’s Jet Here.

Mom’s got a touch of musical”itis” of late.  First she referenced the Wizard of Oz when I was working on my courage issues.  Then, she asked me to mention Singing in the Rain,  the night I had fun in the rain.  JJ and I watch Glee and SMASH with her from our spots on the couch.  This morning, Mom recommended the Annie Get Your Gun reference for our post title.  At least I know the origin of this reference… we watched Oprah’s Master Class with Reba Mcentire Sunday night.  Miss Reba starred in Annie Get Your Gun, which apparently left a little “Post It” tag in Mom’s brain.

Anyway, back to me.  I wish I could have frozen time yesterday because I would label the weather – perfect.  A cool gentle breeze, partly sunny with blue skies and puffy clouds; the reason we suffer through six months of summer!  Our friend, Angela, took JJ and I for an extra long afternoon walk.

When Mom returned from her afternoon appointment and before dinner grocery shop, she barely had time to untangle her bag, purse, phone and keys on the counter before the doorbell rang.  Two children greeted her at the door.  They introduced themselves and reminded Mom they met us while walking near Miss Mary Ann’s house.  After a few minutes, Mom’s brain lightbulb turned on and she remembered which house they lived in.

Over the years, Mom and their Mom segued during our pre-dawn walks from:

  • Good Morning,
  • To Have a Nice Day,
  • To where do you work?
  • To we like your lawn decorations,
  • To meeting her children,
  • To inviting them to visit us whenever.

Sabrina and Anthony gave JJ and I bunches of lovies and they discussed our walking schedule with Mom.  Well, as luck would have it, they met us halfway through our evening walk last night.  Sabrina walked JJ for a bit, while Anthony hung on to his basketball, which JJ found most exciting.  (She must have been a WNBA mascot before we met her!)  Mom, Anthony and Sabrina shared K9 experiences (they have a lab and have had other dogs along the way…) They gave us goodnight lovies as we reached the corner light, Mom watched them race home and we turned the corner to finish our loop.

Another great “make new friends” day.


7 thoughts on “Oh What a Beautiful Morning, Oh What a Beautiful Day…

    • Hey, it’s Jet here. Hi Miss Marg. Oh it was, it was fun. I was on extra special good behavior, except when I ate something off the ground. Great day, great day… the weather feels similar today, wish Mom could play outside with us all day!

  1. Hi sweet Jetty – sounds like such fun! Sabrina and Anthony sound like such nice kids – The weather has been so great I even got Cassie to play a little fetch the tennis ball in our backyard yesterday!

    Cassie is a child magnet in our development – really – as soon as they see her they run and yell CASSIE they get off their bikes or run over to pet and snuggle her -of course she loves it and often gets so overcome with joy that she flips right over upside down for belly rubs and wiggles happily while the kids p;lay with her! The more she wiggles the more they squeal and pet her!

    children and dogs what a great combo!!!

    sending lotsa goodnight hugs to you sweet boy and many kisses to JJ, Mom. Rachel, Fluffy and Puffy

    • Hey, it’s Jet here. Hi Miss Wendy. Yeah Cassie, Mom and I are smiling thinking of her flipping upside down for belly rubs. I LOVE children, my friend, Ruby taught me everything I needed to know about young humans.

      Sorry Mom’s transcribing my comments late, she spent about 3 hours making tomato chutney for 300-500 tomorrow afternoon/evening! She made a balsamic reduction, too. She has a few errands to run after job #1 tomorrow, before the Enviroganza event!

      Goodnight Jetty kisses and JJ hugs to you Miss Wendy. Extra for Mr. David, Jacob, Child magnet Cassie, Rex and Barkley. 🙂

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